ElasticHD:ElasticSearch Dashboard Go Application. 【工具、无需安装】

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ElasticHD:ElasticSearch Dashboard Go Application

ElasticHD 是一款 ElasticSearch的可视化应用。不依赖ES的插件安装,更便捷;导航栏直接填写对应的ES IP和端口就可以操作Es了。目前支持如下功能:

  •   ES Real time data search
  •   ES Dashboard data visualization
  •  ES Index Template (在线修改、查看、上传)
  •  ES Indices Index deletion and search
  •  SQL Converts to Elasticsearch DSL
  •  ES 基本查询文档

Downloads ElasticHD

【Precompiled binaries】 for supported operating systems are available.


ElasticHD SQL Converts to ElasticSearch DSL Usage

SQL Features Support:

- [x] SQL Select
- [x] SQL Where
- [x] SQL Order BySQL
- [x] SQL Group By
- [x] SQL AND & OR
- [x] SQL Like & NOT Like
- [x] SQL COUNT distinct
- [x] SQL In & Not In
- [x] SQL Between
- [x] SQL avg()、count(*), count(field), min(field), max(field)

Beyond SQL Features Support:

- [x] ES TopHits
- [x] ES date_histogram
- [x] ES STATS
- [x] ES RANGE

Improvement : now the query DSL is much more flat

ElasticHD Basic Usage


  •  linux and MacOs use ElasticHD 
    下载对应的elasticHD版本,unzip xxx_elasticHd_xxx.zip
    修改权限 chmod 0777 ElasticHD
    可指定ip端口运行elastichd ./ElasticHD -p



  •  windows use ElasticHD 

Es version support



Contributions are welcome! Open a pull request to fix a bug, or open an issue to discuss a new feature or change.

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