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// Example 1: A single string flag called "species" with default value "gopher".
var species = flag.String("species", "gopher", "the species we are studying")

// Example 2: Two flags sharing a variable, so we can have a shorthand.
// The order of initialization is undefined, so make sure both use the
// same default value. They must be set up with an init function.
var gopherType string

func init() {
    const (
        defaultGopher = "pocket"
        usage         = "the variety of gopher"
    flag.StringVar(&gopherType, "gopher_type", defaultGopher, usage)
    flag.StringVar(&gopherType, "g", defaultGopher, usage+" (shorthand)")
// PrintDefaults prints, to standard error unless configured otherwise,
// a usage message showing the default settings of all defined
// command-line flags.
// For an integer valued flag x, the default output has the form
//  -x int
//      usage-message-for-x (default 7)
// The usage message will appear on a separate line for anything but
// a bool flag with a one-byte name. For bool flags, the type is
// omitted and if the flag name is one byte the usage message appears
// on the same line. The parenthetical default is omitted if the
// default is the zero value for the type. The listed type, here int,
// can be changed by placing a back-quoted name in the flag's usage
// string; the first such item in the message is taken to be a parameter
// name to show in the message and the back quotes are stripped from
// the message when displayed. For instance, given
//  flag.String("I", "", "search `directory` for include files")
// the output will be
//  -I directory
//      search directory for include files.
// To change the destination for flag messages, call CommandLine.SetOutput.
func PrintDefaults() {





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