HiPoster 0.0.9新版本发布-支持ubuntu,debian,macosx,windows10+

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# HiPoster [![GitHub release (latest SemVer)](https://img.shields.io/github/v/release/obity/hiposter?color=peru)](https://github.com/obity/hiposter/releases/latest) [![Lines of code](https://img.shields.io/tokei/lines/github/obity/hiposter.svg?color=beige)](#) [![Downloads of releases](https://img.shields.io/github/downloads/obity/hiposter/total.svg?color=lavender)](https://github.com/obity/hiposter/releases/latest) [![GPL3 licensed](https://img.shields.io/github/license/obity/hiposter.svg)](./LICENSE) HiPoster is a simple and efficient http API testing client tool. Based on Wails, Go and sveltejs. <!-- ![HiPoster](https://static.golangjob.cn/230228/2e7957e16ac00f57f77ac6d346bfee5e.png =100x100) --> <img src="https://static.golangjob.cn/230228/2e7957e16ac00f57f77ac6d346bfee5e.png" width = "100" height = "100" alt="HiPoster" align=center /> ## Live Development To run in live development mode, run `wails dev` in the project directory. This will run a Vite development server that will provide very fast hot reload of your frontend changes. If you want to develop in a browser and have access to your Go methods, there is also a dev server that runs on http://localhost:34115. Connect to this in your browser, and you can call your Go code from devtools. ## Building To build a redistributable, production mode package, use `wails build`. ```shell # Building target: darwin/arm64 • Generating bindings: Done. • Installing frontend dependencies: Done. • Compiling frontend: Done. • Compiling application: Done. • Packaging application: Done. Built '/Users/lsmiao/workspace/src/github.com/obity/hiposter/build/bin/hiposter.app/Contents/MacOS/hiposter' in 6.339s. ``` # FAQ 1. macOS系统限制,提示”提示文件已损坏”,处理方法。 sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/xxxx.app,注意:/Applications/xxxx.app 换成你的App路径。指定放行,删除com.apple.quarantine元数据文件,使您可以执行可执行文件。 2. Install on Debian/Ubuntu x86_64 ``` dpkg -i ./hiposter_linux_amd64_v0.0.8.deb ``` or ``` apt install ./hiposter_linux_amd64_v0.0.8.deb ``` 3. Install on Debian/Ubuntu ARM64 ``` dpkg -i ./hiposter_linux_arm64_v0.0.8.deb ``` or ``` apt install ./hiposter_linux_arm64_v0.0.8.deb ``` # Screen ![](https://static.golangjob.cn/230418/0cd9d73d500a5f7954163ada91b8fdd1.jpg)


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