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GoSublime Changes

## r13.01.06-1
* add two new 9o command `env` and `settings` see 9o `help` for more details
* 9o now supports a new scheme `gs.packages` e.g. `ctrl+shft`, left-click on gs.packages://GoSublime/9o.md will open the 9o docs

## r13.01.05-2
* added two task aliases to tskill
`tskill replay` will kill/cancel the last replay command

`tskill go` will kill the last go command (go test, etc.). as a consequence,
the 9o `go` command now acts like the `replay` command in that kills any previous instance

* added new setting autosave:
controls whether or not pkg files should be automatically saved when necessary
(e.g. when running 9o `replay` or `go test` commands)

## r13.01.05-1
* impl click-tests. i.e `ctrl+shift`,`left-click` on words that start with Test,Benchmark or Example
will run go corresponding test or bench. `ctrl+shift`,`right-click` will do the same but using only the prefix
`ctrl+shift`,`left-click` on `BenchmarkNewFunc` will run only `BenchmarkNew`:
`go test -test.run=none -test.bench="^BenchmarkNew$"`

`ctrl+shift`,`right-click` on `BenchmarkNewFunc` will run all benchmarks:
`go test -test.run=none -test.bench="^Benchmark.*"`

## r12.12.29-1
* impl 9o tskill command. see 9o(ctrl+9) "help" for more info

## r12.12.27-2
* impl `go test` in 9o run and replay

## r12.12.27-1
* introducing 9o, the new command-shell. press `ctrl+9` or `super+9` to activate it.
 WARNING: in the near future 9o will replace GsShell

## r12.12.26-1
* sync gocode: Windows-specific config_dir/config_file implementation.

## r12.12.13-2
* add a new setting: `autocomplete_filter_name`
you may set this to a regexp which will be used to filter entries in the auto-completion list
e.g. `"autocomplete_filter_name": "^autogenerated_"` will prevent any type or function
whose name begins with "autogenerated_" from appearing in the auto-completion list

## r12.12.13-1
* implement `9 replay` command that will `9 play` (build + run) the current package, after killing any previous instances.
Until it goes live, you can override the existing `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+r` binding or bind it to something else by adding
the following key binding to your user key bindings via menu `Preferences > Key Bindings - User`

"keys": ["ctrl+.", "ctrl+r"],
"command": "gs_commander_open",
"args": {"run": ["9", "replay"]},
"context": [{ "key": "selector", "operator": "equal", "operand": "source.go" }]

## r12.12.2-3
* setting `margo_cmd` has been removed

## r12.12.2-2
* setting `gocode_cmd` has been removed

## r12.12.2-1
* setting `complete_builtins` has been renamed to `autocomplete_builtins`

## r12.11.28-1
* If you have issues with env vars, particularly on OS X, consider setting the
`shell` setting. See `Packages/User/GoSublime.sublime-settings` for more details

## r12.11.15-1
* MarGo (margo0) and gocode are now bundled with GoSublime and should be in active use.
   Feel free to remove any old source from $GOPATH*/github.com/{nsf/gocode,DisposaBoy/MarGo}
   if you have no use for them in additiion to their respective binaries

## r12.11.04-1
* added new setting `complete_builtins`
 set this to `true` to show builtin type and functions in the completion menu

## r12.11.03-1
* BREAKING CHANGES ARE COMING: in the next GoSublime update support for windows-style
   environment variables will be removed.
   If you have environment variables that are not expanded before GS sees them and they are
   of the form `%HOME%`, `%GOPATH%` etc. they will no longer be expanded.
   You should transition to *nix-style env vars.

   i.e `%GOPATH%` etc. should be changed to `$GOPATH`. `$$` can be used to escape to escape`$` characters

## r12.09.22-1
* the experimental gsshell replacement codename shelly is no more.
   it has been replaced with gscommander which operates from within the output panel
   a separate instance per directory

   to activate it press `ctrl+#` or `super+#`
   proper documentation will appear as things progress but for now it works as follows:
       paths are highlighted(usually bold), pressing `ctrl+shift+[left click]` will open it.
       if the path is a file it will open in ST2 otherwise if it's a url it will be opened
       in your web browser

       typing `#` followed by a command and pressing `enter` will run that command

       auto-completion and implementation of common commands such as `cd` and `go play` will follow soon

## r12.09.16-1
* add typename-aware method definition snippets for types declared in the current file

## r12.09.08-2
* add new setting `comp_lint_commands` that allows you specify what commands comp-lint should run
   e.g to run `go vet` followed by `go install`, add the following to your user settings.
   by default the only command run for comp-lint is `go install`

"comp_lint_enabled": true, // enable comp-lint
"comp_lint_commands": [
{"cmd": ["go", "install"]}, // first run go install
{"cmd": ["go", "vet"]}      // followed by go vet,
"on_save": [
{"cmd": "gs_comp_lint"} // setup comp-lint to run after you save a file

   see `Package/GoSublime/GoSublime.sublime-settings` for details

## r12.09.08-1
* add support snippets (an alternative to Sublime Text's Native snippets)
   see `Package/GoSublime/GoSublime.sublime-settings` for details

## r12.08.26-1
* make gs_browse_files (`ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+m`) act more like a file browser.
   it now lists all files in the current directory tree excluding known binary files:
       (.exe, .a, files without extension, etc.) and an entry to go to the parent directory

## r12.08.23-1
* add experimental support for post-save commands
   a new entry `on_save` is supported in `GoSublime.sublime-settings`, it takes a list of commands
   in the form of an object {"cmd": "...", "args": {...}} where cmd can be any TextCommand
* add experimental support for `go install` on save in the form of another linter.
to activate it add the following to your `GoSublime.sublime-settings`

   "comp_lint_enabled": true,
   "on_save": [
       {"cmd": "gs_comp_lint"}

note: enabling this will override(disable) the regular GsLint

## r12.08.10-3
* `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+a` is now accessible globally

## r12.08.10-2
* `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+o` now presents a file list instead of opening a file

## r12.08.10-1
* `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+m` now list all relevant files (.go, .c, etc.)
   as well all files in the directory tree recursively (sub-packages)
   it also now works globally

## r12.08.08-1
* fix a bug which could cause MarGo to take a long time to respond (when accidentally parsing binary files)
update MarGo

## r12.07.31-1
* add platform info e.g (linux, amd64) to pkg declarations list (`ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+l`)

## r12.07.28-2
* add command palette entry to show the build output
   press `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+dot` and start typing `build output`

## r12.07.28-1
* update gocode: nsf fixed a bug that could cause gocode to hang on invalid input

## r12.07.21-2
* fix: handle filename for browse files correctly
   update MarGo

## r12.07.21-1
* add support for browsing/listing the files in a the current package
   press `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+m`
   update MarGo

## r12.07.15-2
* add basic call-tip? support
* press `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+space` inside a function parameter list to show its declaration

## r12.07.15-1
* update gocode: nsf recently added improved support for variables declared in the head of `if` and `for` statements

## r12.07.12-1
* fix: imports not sorted on fmt/save
* fix: GsDoc doesn't work correctly in unsaved files
* various presentation tweaks
* documentation comments are now displayed for types
* package documentation is now displayed
* goto definition of packages is now enabled
* various keybindings now available in non .go files
   `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+dot` - open the command palette with only GoSublime entries
   `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+n` - create a new .go file
   `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+o` - browse packages
* update MarGo

## r12.07.08-2
* new quick panel for go test
   allows easily running `Test.*`, `Example.*`, `Benchmark.*` or individual tests, examples and benchmarks
   press `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+t` to access the quick panel

## r12.07.08-1
* you can now browse packages
   press `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+o` to open the first file found in the select pkg dir
* new key binding added `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+l` to list the declarations in the current pkg in a single step
   it does the same thing as `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+a` and then selecting 'Current Package'

## r12.07.07-2
* you can now browse declarations in the current package(beyond file-scope)
     as well as all other packages
     press `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+a` to browser packages via a quick panel
     listing the declarations in the current is still `ctrl+dot+`,`ctrl+d`
* update MarGo

## r12.07.07-1
* improve GsLint detection of un-called flag.Parse()
* listing declarations now works in unsaved files
* please update MarGo

## r12.06.29-2
* GsDoc documentation now shows example functions and blocks are now collapsed
* update MarGo

## r12.06.29-1
* fix: threading that caused gslint to crash
* added initial support for per-project settings
*     a settings object named `GoSublime` in your project settings will override values
*     specified in the `Gosublime.sublime-settings` file
* added new dynamic pseudo-environment variable `GS_GOPATH` will contain an auto-detected GOPATH
*     e.g. if you file name is `/tmp/go/src/hello/main.go` it will contain the value `/tmp/go`
*     it can safely added to your regular `GOPATH` `env` setting e.g.
*     `"env": { "GOPATH": "$HOME/go:$GS_GOPATH" }`
*     this allows for seemless use of project-based GOPATHs without explicit configuration
* added ctrl+click binding for GsDoc
*     `ctrl+shift+left-click` acts as alias for `ctrl+dot,ctrl+g` a.k.a goto definition
*     `ctrl+shift+right-click` acts as alias for `ctrl+dot,ctrl+h` a.k.a show documentation hint
*     as always, `super` replace `ctrl` on OS X

## r12.06.26-2
* GsDoc now supports local, package-global and imported package variables and functions
(MarGo/doc is still incomplete, however: types(structs, etc.) are not resolved yet)
I've changed the way GsDoc works. Both mode are unified, ctrl+dot,ctrl+g will take you to
the definition but the hint( ctrl+dot,ctrl+h ) now displays the src along with any comments
attached to it (this is usually pure documentation)
* MarGo needs updating

## r12.06.26-1
* fix: file saving in gsshell
* fix: duplicating comment that follows imports when imports are modified
* fix: adding duplicate entries to the package list due to filename case-insensitivity
* the new_go_file command now automatically fills out the package declaration
* add binding to create a new go file ( ctrl+dot,ctrl+n )

## r12.06.17-1
* add support for running(play) the current file without saving it (`ctrl+dot`, `ctrl+r`)
* add support for sharing the contents of the current on play.golang.org
press `ctrl+dot`, `ctrl+dot` for a list of all commands and their key bindings as well sharing functionality

## r12.06.09-2
* MarGo now supports warning about calling flag.String() etc and forgetting to call flag.Parse() afterwards

## r12.06.09-1
* removed ctrl+shift+g keybinding, please use `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+dot` to show the list of available commands and their kebindings
* complete implementation of imports:
     use `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+p` to add or remove packages
     use `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+i` to quickly jump to the last imported package where you can assign an alias, etc.
     use `ctrl+dot`,`ctrl+[` to go back to where you were before
* MarGo needs updating and a restart of ST2 is recommended

## r12.06.05-1
* add support for configuring the fmt tab settings - see GoSublime.sublime-settings (fmt_tab_width and fmt_tab_indent)

## r12.06.02-1
* Add initial stub implementation of goto-definition and show-documentation
*     this requires the latest version of MarGo
* new key bindings and commands: press `ctrl+.`, `ctrl+.`
*     (control or super on OS X, followed by .(dot) twice)
*     or open the command palette(`ctrl+shift+p`) and type `GoSublime:`
*     to show a list of available commands and their respective key bindings
* note: currently only the pkgname.Function is supported, so types, methods or constants, etc.

## r12.05.30-1
* fix completion only offering the 'import snippet' if there aren't any imports in the file

## r12.05.29-1
* update MarGo

## r12.05.26-2
* re-enable linting

## r12.05.26-1
* start using margo.fmt, no more dependecy on `gofmt` and `diff`

## r12.05.05-1
* add support for installing/updating Gocode and MarGo




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