Hound 快如闪电的代码搜索开源工具 Hound

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这是一个分享于 的项目,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。
We've used many similar tools in the past, and most of them are either too slow, too hard to configure, or require too much software to be installed. Which brings us to... ##Quick Start Guide## 1. Clone the repo: `git clone git@github.com:etsy/Hound.git` 2. Edit [config-example.json](config-example.json) to add the repos you want: `cd Hound && vim config-example.json` 3. Rename the (now edited) config file: `mv config-example.json config.json` 4. Set your GOPATH: ``export GOPATH=`pwd` `` 5. Run the server: `go run src/hound/cmds/houndd/main.go` 6. See Hound in action in your browser at [http://localhost:6080/](http://localhost:6080/) 介绍文章:[Announcing Hound: A Lightning Fast Code Search Tool](https://codeascraft.com/2015/01/27/announcing-hound-a-lightning-fast-code-search-tool/)
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4549 次点击  
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