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### gophernotes - Go in Notebooks gophernotes is a Go kernel for Jupyter notebooks. Finally, we can have a reliable and maintained way to use Go interactively and code in the browser. Use gophernotes to create and share documents that contain live Go code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. These notebooks, with the live Go code, can then be shared with others via email, Dropbox, GitHub and the Jupyter Notebook Viewer. Go forth and do data science, or anything else interesting, with go notebooks! This project came out of the Gopher Gala 2016. It is inspired by a REPL called gore and by a, no longer maintained and self-described as limited, ipython kernel call iGo. Example Notebooks (dowload and run them locally, follow the links to view in Github, or use the [Jupyter Notebook Viewer]( ): * [Simple Printing and Channels]( * [Pattern Recognition with Golearn]( * [Feed Forward, Recurrent Neural Nets]( * [Time Parsing, Formatting]( * [Stateful Goroutines]( * [Worker Pools](
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1652 次点击  
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