Anyone using as editor for Go and find it constantly crashing?

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<p>Anyone using as editor for Go and find it constantly crashing? </p> <p>What amazes me i that I tried it on 3 different machines, and every now and then, the editor just dissappears (crashed). In most cases, I would not bother as this might happen with software, and it might be a particular setup I have that triggers it. But on 3 machines?? This has remained for 7 months now, but fail to see anyone else having the same problem. </p> <p>So how is Atom working out for you?</p> <p>PS. No did not find anything in the logs</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>coder543: <pre><p>Seconding VS Code. It has great integration with the Go toolchain, and I haven&#39;t missed Atom even a little since switching about a year ago.</p></pre>wrywolfcalledel: <pre><p>When I first opened a go file in vscode it automatically suggested and installed all the required extensions (1st Wow) .Then when I was using some go package in the code, it automatically inserted the <em>import</em> statement and ...I was instantly in love.</p> <p>It&#39;s looks as clean as sublime (with a minimap ;)) but has ide features. My fav is the integrated terminal.</p></pre>alexaandru: <pre><p>The 2nd part I have in Atom and Vim both (auto insert imports).</p></pre>: <pre><p>[deleted]</p></pre>alexaandru: <pre><p>I did change something for Vim (vim-go plugin):</p> <pre><code>$ grep goimports .vimrc let g:go_fmt_command = &#34;goimports&#34; </code></pre> <p>and it looks like &#34;goimports&#34; is the default for Atom (go-plus plugin). So unless you changed that (&#34;Format Tool&#34;) yourself, it should work out of the box on Atom (well, if you install that plugin, that is).</p></pre>spaghetti-in-pockets: <pre><p>I love it too, but it has a serious CPU hogging problem on Mac at the moment.</p></pre>pysouth: <pre><p>I have had absolutely zero problems with Atom, though I do a lot of work with Go in vim, so maybe I just haven&#39;t been using it with the language enough. I pretty much use Atom for all of my normal development with Python/Django though, and I love it.</p> <p>I have seen nothing but good recommendations for VS Code though, so I might have to give it a shot.</p></pre>Handofmidasau: <pre><p>For a MS product, it sure looks great. Still baffled by the fact that it is only in 32-bit for windows. Guess it is no real problem</p></pre>pysouth: <pre><p>I&#39;m on Mac or Ubuntu mainly, so I&#39;ll have to give it a shot. </p></pre>sin2pifx: <pre><p>I&#39;m on OSX, so it&#39;s 64 bit, but I have to run 32 bit node on Windows from time to time, and the only difference I&#39;ve noticed is that it uses much less memory: almost 50% less.</p></pre>tmornini: <pre><p>I agree. Atom on Mac OS X with Go Plus is rock solid for me.</p></pre>burnaftertweeting: <pre><p>Anyone using <del>as editor for Go</del> and find it constantly crashing?</p> <p>FTFY</p></pre>darkmagician2: <pre><p>Atom aka Slow-tom is dead, everyone switched to VS Code. See you there :) <a href=""></a></p></pre>itsamemmario: <pre><p>Trusty old vim hasn&#39;t let me down yet :)</p></pre>geodel: <pre><p>Don&#39;t you like using 500MB RAM for 5KB file editing?</p></pre>bonekeeper: <pre><p>Chrome was eating 22GB of RAM+5GB swap a couple days ago, even though its &#34;Task Manager&#34; didn&#39;t show it. Welcome to the 21st century!</p></pre>itsamemmario: <pre><p>At work we have a stack with python as a back-end and react on front. I use vim but a colleague uses webstorm and pycharm. And our development environment is a 2gb vm. Needless to say he is often waiting for swap. </p></pre>darkmagician2: <pre><p>Vim is awesome :) but the population who used atom has almost entirely switched to VS Code. If you wanted to try it out there&#39;s a vim bindings extension :D</p></pre>gentleman_tech: <pre><p>I love Vim, and got halfway good muscle memory on the commands.</p> <p>Which became a problem. I would find myself hitting Escape all the time when typing anything. A lot of editors do bad things when you hit Escape in them, like closing the editor. If you hit Escape and then type &#34;:w&#34; or any of the other Vim commands, a lot of editors do even worse things like totally cancelling your previous edit and starting a new one with &#34;:w&#34; as your text.</p> <p>I decided to go back to vanilla typing and forego the excellence of Vim until the world decides that we will always use Vim commands for everything :(</p> <p>I use VSCode for Go now. It&#39;s smooth. I tried Atom. It wasn&#39;t.</p></pre>itsamemmario: <pre><p>I&#39;m with you there. Whenever I need to write anything in another editor, like a quick mail in Gmail, or a jupiter notebook, i have 20 sec where I have to adapt. And on many occasions I&#39;ve send my friends &#39;jk&#39; in chat, not to say joke, but because I&#39;ve configured that to be escape. I have some hope for neovim to be available anywhere. If only w3c would embrace a modular design where the &lt;input&gt; tag when the environment variable $EDITOR is set it uses said editor for the input. Or in neovim&#39;s case even better, uses a headless neovim instance, and sends all keyboard events to it. And loads the buffer into the input field on change. </p> <p>The plan9 operating system had this figured out with something like an event based filesystem which you could configure however you wanted to connect programs together. But alas Unix won the Unix wars. </p> <p>Anyway a man can dream. Im sometimes temped to switch to an ide as well. But I&#39;m damn happy when I have to work in remote server that I haven&#39;t. But with the amount of time I&#39;ve spent configuring my setup just right, I&#39;m not sure I&#39;ve come out on top.</p> <p>Edit: some spelling errors, I don&#39;t have vim on my mobile phone. :p</p></pre>Handofmidasau: <pre><p>I switched to VS Code temporary, but now it might be permanent. It seems very good indeed!</p></pre>bonekeeper: <pre><p>running vscode on linux, it crashes too from time to time... but seems lighter than Atom.</p></pre>victrolla: <pre><p>I saw vs and cringed but clicked the link anyway. I had no idea it runs on Linux now. I&#39;ll be checking it out. </p> <p>Btw, atom doesn&#39;t appear to have the same sluggishness it did. If you&#39;re ever wanting to try it out again I definitely recommend upgrading. </p></pre>darkmagician2: <pre><p>Sorry friend, VS Code is better in everyway and I won&#39;t be looking back :) We&#39;ll happily let you onto our train tho!</p></pre>carsncode: <pre><p>I got so fed up with Atom that I switched to VS Code for Go development. Neither is perfect, but Atom is so slow it&#39;s painful, and it crashes regularly. VS Code also has much better Go debugger integration. I would recommend turning off Go reference counts in CodeLens; there&#39;s an open defect right now because it eats the CPU alive if it&#39;s on.</p></pre>DigitalCthulhu: <pre><p>I&#39;m using Atom and no crashes (Windows10 on G4400/8GB/1TB). But Atom is very slow and I&#39;d like to have function list (not mini-map).</p></pre>tmornini: <pre><p>With Go Plus on Atom, command-Click will take you to definitions.</p></pre>jussij: <pre><p>You could try out the Zeus IDE. </p> <p>It&#39;s fast, very stable and the support for Go includes automatic code formatting, code navigation and function lists.</p> <p><strong>NOTE:</strong> Zeus is shareware, is <em>Windows only</em> and was created by me.</p></pre>pierrrre: <pre><p>it works fine for me</p></pre>lgbanana: <pre><p>Visual studio code</p></pre>shomali11: <pre><p>I love the Gogland IDE from Jetbrains. Love their products.</p></pre>doot: <pre><p>Yep, the EAP came out just as I started writing a lot of Go. It really is great.</p></pre>hairy_manbeast: <pre><p>I haven&#39;t tried writing Go in Atom, but Atom does keep appearing to leak memory while I&#39;m editing HTML+Javascript. I used Sublime for a little while which seemed alright.</p> <p>If you&#39;re comfortable with vim, give the vim-go plugin with neosnippets a try</p></pre>cookie_80: <pre><p>I tried Atom for a month or so as an alternative to Sublime, and found it too slow and buggy for my taste. A colleague tried it on Windows and it crashed. Atom is better now, but I haven&#39;t looked back. </p> <p>Doing web development and some minor Go projects in VS Code now, and I&#39;m loving it. It&#39;s the best editor around. Sublime comes second, and Atom doesn&#39;t really rate high enough with me for me to pick it up again. </p></pre>victrolla: <pre><p>I&#39;ve had this issue a lot in the past. It upset me enough to trace it down and what I found was those stupid linter/auto complete plugins are leaking terribly. The python plugins all leak enormous amounts of memory. </p></pre>90bpm: <pre><p>Use vim instead. There is an awesome vim plugin for go called vim-go here : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>It&#39;s not just awesome and also very nice tool to bring up some productivity together. Even the most of go coders are using it.</p></pre>H1Supreme: <pre><p>On Windows (32 bit Windows 7), yes. On Mac (haven&#39;t ran it for while) and Linux, no. </p></pre>bonekeeper: <pre><p>Yes, crashes for PHP and Go, both vscode and Atom crashes constantly. Must be an Electron thing. Running Linux.</p></pre>caarlos0: <pre><p>I switched to VSCode because I think Atom is too slow and the Go plugin for vscode is better.</p></pre>markole: <pre><p>A couple of months ago I was using it for a project, in a Windows 7 VM. It crashed every couple of hours. The project was cancelled shortly after.</p> <p>Now I&#39;m using vim/VSCode on Fedora 26. Atom is too heavy for my taste.</p></pre>victrolla: <pre><p>I use atom with the excellent go plus plugin. I currently have no issues and recommend it frequently to friends. There&#39;s been some problems along the way. </p> <p>I did have issues a year or two ago because atom was using a single synchronous thread for doing operations outside of atom. So it would freeze up occasionally on build test and got operations. Since upgrading to the latest no issues. </p> <p>I also had an issue where I was mucking around with my X settings during a video card upgrade and like a moron &#39;sudo atom&#39; which chowned ~/.atom and caused a lot of glitchy behavior. </p> <p>I&#39;ve had extremely frustrating issues caused by plugins. Like a history/snapshot plugin going nuts in the background locking the editor. Sometimes I get bored and look at all the cool sounding plugins and install them and regret it instantly. </p> <p>Lastly, atom is a bit memory hungry so I have issues on my older MacBook that is memory constrained. Removing useless plugins seems to help. It&#39;s primarily because I have go-plus running go test on every save. So sometimes if I&#39;m refactoring a lot, I can get a little ctrl-s happy and pile up go test in the background. On my main desktop machines, memory and io are non-issues. </p></pre>lloiser: <pre><blockquote> <p>I can get a little ctrl-s happy and pile up go test in the background</p> </blockquote> <p>Does this only affect the performance of atom or is the whole machine slow? If atom only, feel free to open an issue at (go-plus)[<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>]! Maybe this can be improved ;)</p></pre>mhausenblas: <pre><p>Using Atom on macOS for Go, now on 1.18 and never had any serious issues, bit of RTFM resolved things usually.</p></pre>alexaandru: <pre><p>I use it for about a year, works fine for me. Used Vim for many years before this, now I use them 50/50.</p></pre>

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