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<p>Hi! Iris was bought by some company, so kataras deletet most of his repositories. I&#39;m establishing a fork of it: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I&#39;m happy about any contributor. or maintainer</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>shovelpost: <pre><p>Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells... smelly.</p> <p>godofdream which at the time of writing has been a redditor for a whooping 51 minutes while this post was done 49 minutes ago.</p> <p>The github repo of the aforementioned company is called: ACQUIRED-BY-DUBAI-BASED-TECH-COMPANY/iris. Not only the name sounds obviously fishy but the account is a normal user account. Who does that!? I doubt any serious company would have a normal user account instead of an organization account and without listing the official company website.</p> <p>I am pretty sure that if we dive into this we will find more evidence that this is yet another kataras scheme. But I am not in the mood to do that. As they say, &#34;If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas&#34;.</p> <p>By the way, I&#39;ve found the perfect logo for your new <a href="" rel="nofollow">speedo project</a>.</p></pre>icholy: <pre><p>I personally think it&#39;s hilarious ... Kataras is a one man sitcom. </p> <p>Like: &#34;ACQUIRED-BY-DUBAI-BASED-TECH-COMPANY&#34;, this is gold.</p></pre>patrickob: <pre><p>I wasn&#39;t going to say anything, but after conversating with OP he types exactly like kataras does.</p></pre>godofdream: <pre><p>well I&#39;m not kataras and I&#39;m sorry for misunderstandings. I believe there are many other webframeworks with more features and faster speed. And the two you mentioned have more features for sure. But maybe it&#39;s possible to revive Iris under new name. With the Open-Source-Community in mind.</p></pre>icholy: <pre><p>^ Case in point</p></pre>dlsniper: <pre><p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p></pre>fortytw2: <pre><p>Wouldn&#39;t that make the second time the author has done this? I seem to recall another post here a few weeks back that was very similar (can&#39;t find it now though) and the general consensus was that the &#34;new maintainer&#34; was once again the original author.</p></pre>shovelpost: <pre><p>You have no idea how deep the iris rabbit hole goes. Here&#39;s a <a href="" rel="nofollow">small taste</a>. </p></pre>ppknap: <pre><p>Exactly! Moreover, godofdream(aka <a href="" rel="nofollow">msowka-ninja</a>) has only iris-related contributions. What I can smell is called schizophrenia...</p></pre>Xenepa: <pre><p>Is kataras some evil warlord among go devs? Another scheme? This sounds like some mystery</p></pre>shovelpost: <pre><p>Not really. Calling him evil warlord is giving him way too much credit. Calling him a go dev is <a href="" rel="nofollow">an offence to all other legitimate Go devs</a>.</p></pre>Xenepa: <pre><p>I have never heard of him or his project before now, thanks for the link</p></pre>godofdream: <pre><p>I like the logo you propose ;-) Yes It&#39;s the first time I created a reddit account. Please be patient.</p></pre>tech_tuna: <pre><p>Good, hopefully we&#39;ll never here about this repo again. Honestly OP, you should just dump it and go work on related projects. The Iris fiasco left a bad taste in everyone&#39;s mouths.</p></pre>godofdream: <pre><p>Yes I&#39;m dissapointed too and I hope I can revive the project under a new name. That&#39;s why go-speedo is an organisation account. I hope more people gather together.</p></pre>tech_tuna: <pre><p>That&#39;s my point, don&#39;t do that. No one wants to touch it with a 10 foot pole. I&#39;m not sure I believe that the original was even purchased. That guy is a scumbag.</p> <p>No one will contribute to your repo, so don&#39;t waste your time, that is if you really want to maintain and/or contribute to an open source project. You&#39;re getting downvoted because no one in the Go community wants to hear about Iris ever again.</p></pre>patrickob: <pre><p>Not sure why anyone would use Iris at this point, especially when there are alternatives around that accomplish the same thing without all of the crazy shenanigans, like my <a href="" rel="nofollow">ABCWeb</a> project or <a href="" rel="nofollow">Buffalo</a>. I&#39;m not seeing any features that Iris has that these other frameworks don&#39;t have (only gave it a quick scan though).</p></pre>godofdream: <pre><p>ABCWeb and Buffalo are Bootstraper Projects. Go-speedo is a basic web-framework beneath including Router, Template and some more convenient features. Iris (or now Go-Speedo) has a very low latency and has a higher throughput than many other frameworks. That&#39;s why i used it first. Now I&#39;m forking it and I&#39;m planning to add features. Basically any webframework on golang is actually a stack of technologies.</p></pre>patrickob: <pre><blockquote> <p>ABCWeb and Buffalo are Bootstraper Projects. Go-speedo is a basic web-framework beneath including Router, Template and some more convenient features.</p> </blockquote> <p>Not true, both ABCWeb and Buffalo have most (if not all) of the features that Iris has. </p> <blockquote> <p>Iris (or now Go-Speedo) has a very low latency and has a higher throughput than many other frameworks. </p> </blockquote> <p>Seems like a vague and unfounded assertion to be honest. Not to mention that I see no benchmarks on the Iris project and I find it hard to believe that Iris would bench better than ABCWeb because ABCWeb uses some of the fastest packages in the ecosystem (SQLBoiler, Chi, Zap, etc). Not sure how Buffalo benches, but again, I see no Iris benchmarks anyway.</p></pre>Rainfly_X: <pre><p>Part of the historical context here is actually that Iris used to do some very sketchy things to cheat on benchmarks - most notably, they enable caching by default, which is faster on a microbenchmark but debugging hell in a real application (not least because it&#39;s surprising behavior).</p> <p>So even if the old Iris benchmarks were still available, they&#39;d be monumentally misleading, in a similar neighborhood to how writing to /dev/null is fast and webscale.</p></pre>godofdream: <pre><p>You misunderstood me. Sorry for that. ABCWeb and Buffalo have more features than iris, I never said something else. And Yes Iris needs new benchmarks. Version 5 was the last one which was in benchmarks but somehow dissapeared from the web. It&#39;s time to write new ones.</p></pre>dlq84: <pre><p>Nice, so first he rewrites git history to make it look like he&#39;s the only contributor, then he sells it. Guess that was his plan all along.</p></pre>epiris: <pre><p>Lol... that guy was something else</p></pre>tech_tuna: <pre><p>Class act. Sorry, Type act. </p></pre>peterbourgon: <pre><p>&#34;Sells&#34; eh. Yeah.</p></pre>dlq84: <pre><p><del>I don&#39;t undestand? If someone bought it, he sold it, right?</del></p> <p>EDIT: Never mind, read the other comment in this thread (which was written after mine, btw).</p></pre>fern4lvarez: <pre><p>Why would a company buy an OSS project like this? Especially Iris. And from Dubai? &#34;From now on, Original Author owns a high position to the company&#39;s table&#34;? So many WTFs here...</p></pre>godofdream: <pre><p>Exactly. I&#39;m pretty disappointed.</p></pre>godofdream: <pre><p>After some code diving and the overall reactions I&#39;m not willing to keep this project alive. Well I&#39;ll keep go-speedo online for archiving purposes.</p></pre>nagai: <pre><p>Someone paid for this bloated PoS. Like even disregarding the fact that it&#39;s open source, and all the weird history surrounding this project, this is pretty astonishing...</p></pre>shovelpost: <pre><p>Yeah by a company named, ACQUIRED-BY-DUBAI-BASED-TECH-COMPANY. Sounds pretty legit.</p></pre>aboukirev: <pre><p>Come on, people. There are multitude of very well written frameworks and libraries (router, query parsing, middleware chaining, REST kits) out there. No shortage at all, for any taste and any complexity. </p> <p>In the early days <code>iris</code> actually looked nice and interesting but became a monstrosity (the code, I have nothing to say about the author) lately. </p></pre>godofdream: <pre><p>yeah you are probably right.</p></pre>dlsniper: <pre><p>If you look at his profile, kataras works for Docker, Inc. now... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> think what you want of it :)</p></pre>peterbourgon: <pre><p>Lol, you can put anything in that field, it&#39;s meaningless.</p></pre>dlsniper: <pre><p>Well yes, but if you look at the commits from iris now he says he just had to sell the project because he was near bankruptcy.</p> <p>I&#39;m not an expert but I thought Docker pays their people? Oh and a few months ago he was going all over on how he declined a job to maintain iris so... He really needs some professional help, I guess.</p></pre>ar1819: <pre><p>I always wanted to work on the moon researching facility. Now I can say that and my GitHub account will support that. </p></pre>

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