Management solutions like Plesk or Cpanel for Golang?

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<p>Our company creates websites and web applications. My boss assigned me a task to find a solution for Golang projects like Plesk or Cpanel. Currently our company are using php. We have dedicated servers and we use Plesk. I wonder how we can find a solution like Plesk for Golang projects?</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>SeerUD: <pre><p>I don&#39;t know of any Gophers (or in fact, anybody who deals with many other languages nowadays other than PHP) that use anything like CPanel or Plesk. They&#39;re a bit of a relic these days.</p> <p>You might want to look into things like containerisation via solutions like Docker, and then look into how you can deploy containers to your infrastructure with something like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, or Rancher, for example.</p> <p>For some of the other functions that Plesk / CPanel provide, you may want to look into alternative solutions that specifically handle the tasks you have in mind, or for things like DNS management, maybe let someone like Amazon take care of it for you. Route53 is excellent, and along with a bunch of other services you have in AWS (or even in other providers&#39; suites, such as Google&#39;s Cloud Platform) you&#39;ll have a control panel to manage these things with.</p></pre>b4ux1t3: <pre><p>To be more accurate, you likely don&#39;t see a lot of <em>greenfield</em> projects that use things like CPanel. I know for a fact that many older projects still use CPanel.</p> <p>I, for one, am kinda glad that these janky dashboards are being phased out, but it would surprise me if there weren&#39;t at least a few of them out there for Go applications. I haven&#39;t been able to find one with a quick Google search, though. </p></pre>tv64738: <pre><p>Go is just a language. Do you have a Plesk equivalent for C++?</p></pre>

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