How to find Senior Go Game Developer

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<p>I am in search for a Go Game Developer for the backend of our game Curve Fever. It is a fun job in our new studio in Amsterdam. Does anybody know how to find one? Full vacancy is over here: <a href=""></a></p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>kemitche: <pre><p>&#34;Senior go game developer&#34; is a very specific title.</p> <p>Given how easy it is for someone to learn Go from scratch, I&#39;d suggest dropping the language requirement - just look for a senior game developer that shows a history of being able to learn new technology rapidly.</p></pre>maciekmm: <pre><p>I second this. I&#39;d also abandon the senior prefix, it might scare potentially good mid-level programmers from applying.</p></pre>JoeDirtTrenchCoat: <pre><p>If you look at the salary and experience, there&#39;s nothing senior about the role. Combine that with the &#34;wear many hats&#34; and scrum knowledge requirements and it&#39;s a pretty good guess that they don&#39;t know what they&#39;re doing. Just my observation.</p></pre>GeertCF: <pre><p>I agree that a Senior Go developer is probably hard to find. A good medior is also fine. We updated the vacancy</p> <p>We are a small team, wearing multiple hats is essential. If a programmer is going to stick with his role only, and don&#39;t want to help out on other parts of the project, then he is not the right fit for our team.</p> <p>Scrum experience is a bit generic, I agree.</p> <p>Salary is of senior level in The Netherlands. Housing in Amsterdam is 2 times cheaper than in Silicon Valley, and health insurance costs is only 100 euro a month.</p></pre>mislav111: <pre><p>I&#39;m seconding you on this. This is a very reasonable salary in Amsterdam for an experienced dev.</p></pre>victrolla: <pre><p>The gophers slack community has a jobs chat room. Lots of European devs </p></pre>Soider: <pre><p>Wow, it&#39;s been just few minutes from my talk with a friend while which I was complaining about my willing to relocate to Amsterdam but it looks like there are no jobs except for booking or Uber.</p></pre>GeertCF: <pre><p>well, also at Hidden Monster Games haha :) Amsterdam is beautiful, you will love it</p></pre>Soider: <pre><p>I&#39;ve already applied via stack overflow:)</p></pre>mauricenonnekes: <pre><p>I&#39;m an engineer at <a href="" rel="nofollow">MessageBird</a>. We&#39;re always on the lookout for Go developers. Hit me up if you&#39;re interested :-)</p></pre>1s44c: <pre><p>I can confirm that. The Netherlands is an IT dead zone. is always looking for perl5 people but other than that it&#39;s all quiet.</p></pre>shovelpost: <pre><blockquote> <p>I can confirm that. The Netherlands is an IT dead zone.</p> </blockquote> <p>Is this true? I was under the impression that Holland had a huge amount of software companies and that there&#39;s an abundance of positions.</p></pre>1s44c: <pre><p>It has some positions, but it&#39;s a dead zone compared to the UK to the west or Germany to the east. However the cost of living in the UK is far higher. If you are looking for web or app related positions try Berlin, the job market is overheated there.</p></pre>arp242: <pre><p>I&#39;ve never had a shortage of job offers as a developer in the Netherlands. I see <a href="" rel="nofollow">plenty of jobs at e.g. Stack Overflow</a></p> <p>You could perhaps argue that the UK has *more * jobs, but that&#39;s quite a difference from &#34;being a dead zone&#34;. Remember that the UK is a lot larger. The London area alone has more than 13 million people living in it!</p></pre>tusharsingh: <pre><p>Great game, btw, really liked the multiplayer aspect for team building.</p></pre>RealJulleNaaiers: <pre><p>Well Go is a relatively new language, so it&#39;s hard enough to find a senior Go developer. A Go game developer is probably even harder to find. Most people don&#39;t program games in Go. The combination? I&#39;d bet money that you won&#39;t find anybody, let alone somebody who you could hire.</p></pre>Redundancy_: <pre><p>You won&#39;t find many who use Go for a game client, but it is starting to get some traction on the backend. I know Zenimax is listing some jobs, Riot use it for some stuff and there are other studios.</p></pre>RealJulleNaaiers: <pre><p>Do you count back end development as game development? I don&#39;t. Epic also uses Go on their backend too, but they don&#39;t advertise for game developers in their job listings. </p></pre>Redundancy_: <pre><p>Seems like a totally arbitrary distinction to me, after ~15 years in the industry. I don&#39;t see my time working on backends as a time where I was less a game developer than when I was working on graphics engines.</p></pre>RealJulleNaaiers: <pre><p>I&#39;ll defer to your judgement then since I&#39;m not a game developer.</p></pre>GeertCF: <pre><p>We write game logic in Go, so yeah, I consider that game development</p></pre>UniverseCity: <pre><p>The NYTimes Crossword platform backend is written in go. </p> <p>source: helped write it. </p></pre>cjbprime: <pre><p>Hello, I have 2000 years of experience in Go Game and my preferred frameworks are tenuki, sabaki and shicho.</p></pre>1s44c: <pre><p>That&#39;s nothing. I have 3000 years experience of windows 2000. My preferred frameworks are minesweeper and rebooting the thing.</p></pre>Ravekelder: <pre><p>Why the downvotes, I thought it was quite entertaining!</p></pre>arp242: <pre><p>I guess most folk don&#39;t play Go and didn&#39;t get it?</p></pre>: <pre><p>[deleted]</p></pre>GeertCF: <pre><p>we want 3 years of programming experience. However, if you have a killer portfolio, that is a more important requirement. At this moment we are searching for a programmer onsite only</p></pre>1s44c: <pre><p>You should consider it. Working abroad looks great on your resume.</p></pre>globalgobble: <pre><p>&#34;writing gameplay for our servers in Go&#34;</p> <p>This is a very generic requirement :). I am actually surprised you would want to write &#34;game logic&#34; in a language like Go.</p> <p>Do you have some examples of how this works for you ?</p></pre>GeertCF: <pre><p>Yes, it is our source code :) Unable to share though...</p></pre>exch: <pre><p>Go is a perfect fit for everything server-side.</p></pre>

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