Telegram bot notifying when website goes down or up

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<p><a href="">Source code: avamon-bot</a></p> <p>My friend and I have written a small utility bot, which might be useful to some web developers. It allows us to monitor availability of our websites and receive notifications when something goes bad. It stores availability info into Redis db, so it might be used by some external client.</p> <p>This bot is designed as a library for general websites monitoring with telegram frontend attached as an external binary.</p> <p>We&#39;ve made this because we needed this utility in our job and also because we wanted to practice our skills with Go and Redis. And to have fun of course :)</p> <p>I know the idea of this project is not original. There is a plenty of monitoring tools with much more features. But having your own little utility to do the job is heart-warming :)</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>LekeH5N1: <pre><p>Thanks, I use telegram and am learning Go, so this is really interesting. </p></pre>BlackReape_r: <pre><p>Nice. One of my projects uses a discord bot as log. All the logs are send into a channel which makes them available for everyone who has access to the channel. If something bad happens the bot can tag the whole Channel so everyone gets a notification on mobile or desktop + discord has some basic markdown, so nice formatting is also possible. Sure... Thats not a enterprise solution, but it&#39;s fun and easy to program.</p></pre>

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