Help with gorilla/sessions?

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<p>I have a general question about sessions. I am not very seasoned when it comes to this subject. I&#39;ve tried with: </p> <pre><code>NewRediStore ( NewCookieStore NewFileSystemStore </code></pre> <p>I was under the impression that sessions could last between server restarts, hence the need for a &#39;store&#39;. While my golang backend is running, I am able to set new sessions and retrieve them for multiple users/browsers. No problems there. When I restart my server, I notice that all session access results in <code>session.IsNew == true</code>. </p> <p>In Redis, I can see all the session keys after the restart, and even verified that <code>.Get</code>ting the session results in the right ID retrieved, but <code>IsNew</code> is still set. </p> <p>I guess intuitively, this makes sense because there must be some map in memory that leads to the setting of <code>IsNew</code> but I would think that if there was any hit to the store, IsNew should not be set. Am I going crazy? Is there something easy that I am doing wrong? Is this a fundamental misunderstanding of how to use sessions?</p> <p>Please let me know if I need to include code or additional details.</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>droneprime: <pre><p>Answered this myself in case any one stumbles across it. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>Use <code>gob</code> when you put the data in <strong>and</strong> when you try to take it out.</p></pre>gohacker: <pre><p><code>func NewCookieStore(keyPairs ...[]byte) *CookieStore</code></p> <p><code>keyPairs ...[]byte</code></p> <p>changing key pairs = invalidating the sessions</p></pre>

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