using protobuf data structures embedding,

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<p>What is the best practice for using protobuf as a serialization format in go?</p> <p>If I use json I can just specify struct tags to marshal/unmarshal into my project data structure (and implement methods on these)</p> <p>But if you use protobufs the code is generated so this no longer works?</p> <p>Two strategies I can think of:</p> <p>• Embed the protobuf structs • Map the protobuf structs to go structs after unmarshalling and vice versa • [insert other here]</p> <p>What strategy do you use?</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>tv64738: <pre><p>Either copy between the protobuf structs and your business logic structs, or use the protobuf structs for your business logic. Latter doesn&#39;t work 100%, former is more work.</p></pre>
54 次点击  
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