Newbie question regarding handling dependencies.

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<p>I am working on building an abstraction over a library to enqueue jobs and came up with this initial module <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> but I feel like this isn&#39;t really idiomatic. What can be done better here?</p> <p>EDIT: pasting the code here</p> <pre><code>package main import ( &#34;; &#34;log&#34; ) // Params is used to pass the parameters for a given job to the worker. type Params map[string]interface{} // Dispatcher wraps all methods for handling the dispatch of a job. // // Dispatch sends a job to be processed. type Dispatcher interface { Dispatch(name string, params Params) error } // Job holds the enqueuer used to dispatch jobs to the worker. type Job struct { enqueuer *work.Enqueuer } func (j *Job) Dispatch(name string, params Params) error { log.Println(&#34;Enquing job: &#34;, name) _, err := j.enqueuer.Enqueue(name, params) if err != nil { return err } return nil } </code></pre>
41 次点击  
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