sFtp SSH Question 3 : PPK key to openssh key

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<p>Hi all!</p> <p>I know it&#39;s more of a SSH related question, but I don&#39;t really know where to find help for this and people on this reddit seems to have good knowledge about it.</p> <p>So my company use a .bat file to connect to a sftp.</p> <p>I have to remake it in Golang.</p> <p>To connect to the server via sFTP, I need to use a private key. The only private key I have, is a .ppk and is a private key generated with puTTy.</p> <p>My issue is, with crypto/x/ssh in Golang, I can use my private key. When I try to parse it, I get key not found.</p> <p>I tried to convert it to openssh with puttygen, but sitll doesn&#39;t work. I tried every convert type with putty.</p> <p>Is there a way to use the putty private key with crypto/x/ssh and sftp module in golang?</p> <p>Or Can I convert my key? Do I have to ask the server for a new key in pem format?</p> <p>Thank you!</p>
46 次点击  
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