(BEGINNER). Looking for someone to do code review on my first hello-world type files (like 30 lines).

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<p>Hi everyone:</p> <p>So this is still more appropriate to a totally beginner&#39;s forum, I marked it in the title. So, I know there is a certain idiom to doing Go, so I would like to see about capturing it even in my first projects - such as hello world.</p> <p>I am just benchmarking a program using a small go script. If you are a more seasoned Go developer willing to do a code review for what I&#39;m doing, let me know. We are talking about roughly 30 lines here.</p> <p>Kindly PM me or reply here if you&#39;d be willing to review it for style and whether it is idiomatic, etc. Thank you.</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>allhatenocattle: <pre><p>Happy to take a look, but why not put the code on play.golang.org and share a link?</p> <p>There people could see it easily, and you could remain anonymous.</p></pre>metamatic: <pre><p>Just post it, we&#39;ll be gentle.</p></pre>
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