Jobs: Looking to add another Go developer to our team

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<p>We are an established startup looking to add another Go engineer to our team. The initial core focus of this position will be on implementing improved distributed load and scenario testing for our various systems.</p> <ul> <li>At least an intermediate knowledge of Go - you should be familiar with all fundamental concepts</li> <li>Experience interacting with REST APIs</li> <li>Experience working with websockets</li> </ul> <p>Big pluses:</p> <ul> <li>Thrift</li> <li>gRPC</li> <li>Designing distributed testing</li> <li>Lua experience (we are currently utilizing Lua to define scenarios)</li> </ul> <p>We&#39;re flexible on this position. We have an office in San Francisco, as well as many remote employees. Fully remote is OK. Full-time is preferred, but part-time options would also be considered depending on the person and skillset.</p> <p>Contact me directly for more information.</p> <p>EDIT: To add a bit more information, the company is <a href="">Layer</a>. We have historically used Go for nearly all of our devops and infrastructure toolchain. We have reached a size it&#39;s important to have dedicated load testing engineers, and this is the first of that position.</p> <p>Our server stack consists of containerized Docker services, written primarily in Scala and Erlang. These are the services you&#39;ll be writing testing tools against.</p> <p>Depending on the specifics of the relationship (part-time, full-time, or contractor) we do offer full benefits.</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>dominikh: <pre><p>Wouldn&#39;t hurt to actually mention the name of the place.</p></pre>makechan: <pre><p>Hi, it looks like we crossed paths (I just updated with more details). I was hoping to have a link to our job board by now, but in lieu of that I added more details. Let me know if you have any other specific questions I can answer.</p></pre>carleeto: <pre><p>Out of curiosity, why Thrift and gRPC and not Protobuf and gRPC?</p></pre>makechan: <pre><p>We have long used Thrift on our transport APIs and for general RPC. gRPC and Protobufs have been used for some other Go testing tools (specifically for master/slave coordination), and I personally prefer that combo. We didn&#39;t see enough of a performance difference to move all RPC to Protobuf and maintain both protocols in a large part of our code base.</p></pre>carleeto: <pre><p>Fair enough. Figured it had something to do with a legacy.</p></pre>metaldrummer610: <pre><p>I would have applied if I wasn&#39;t starting a new job in a few weeks. Damn timing! :)</p></pre>stevokk: <pre><p>Not a Go developer but just wanted to say the product looks fantastic!</p></pre>jediorange: <pre><p>Interesting. I might be interested, but I don’t know. I’ll have to learn more about the company, and think about it.</p> <p>I’m in Livermore, currently commuting to Sunnyvale for one of the big tech companies. I’m not so sure I would want to increase my commute even more, though. </p></pre>daenney: <pre><p>Doesn&#39;t seem like you would have to though, unless you don&#39;t want to be remote:</p> <blockquote> <p>We have an office in San Francisco, as well as many remote employees. Fully remote is OK.</p> </blockquote></pre>ethyn_bunt: <pre><p>I&#39;m still a student but I&#39;m learning Go on my own pretty quickly, building my own project. I don&#39;t know what your hiring timeline looks like though, I graduate in May.</p></pre>nohoudini: <pre><p>Sounds cool, too bad I&#39;m from europe. Good luck =)</p></pre>makechan: <pre><p>By no means a disqualification. Feel free to contact me if still interested.</p></pre>
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