Anyone tried Sublime Text 3 with golang?

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<hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>GentooMonk: <pre><p>I used it for the longest time, but sadly gosublime is buggy/unmaintained so I switched to vscode + vscode-go and never looked back.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p></pre>anacrolix: <pre><p>Glad to know I&#39;m not the only one who finds Gosublime buggy</p></pre>mcouturier: <pre><p>I went from Atom -&gt; VS Code.. but seeing the speed and efficiency of Sublime 3 I was temped to try gosublime. Thanks for the heads-up. </p> <p>I think I will keep Sublime installed for a general purpose editor when my vi skills are not enough.</p></pre>F41LUR3: <pre><p>Same, I started out with Gosublime, never really had major issues with it (some minor ones but not critical), but when I saw that there was a visual debugger with vscode-go, having been so accustomed to that style of debugging from my days in VB.NET/C#, I was excited to give it a try. Haven&#39;t gone back. Then the other features like easy git integration, peeking definitions, better autocomplete.</p> <p>Only problems I&#39;ve had with vscode-go are symbol rename doesn&#39;t ever seem to work, and the slight pain of keeping the underlying tools updated.</p></pre>mcouturier: <pre><p>I find the symbol rename working only when the file is properly compiling. As of updating the tools, you can <code>cmd+shif+p</code> then <code>Go: Install/Update Tools</code></p></pre>F41LUR3: <pre><p>Oooooh neato, didn&#39;t know that.</p></pre>nhooyr: <pre><p>Yup, but switched to Gogland!</p></pre>cmdrNacho: <pre><p>Also prefer gogland</p> <p>link for anyone interested <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p></pre>twek: <pre><p>I love all jetbrains products</p></pre>nhooyr: <pre><p>Same. Only criticisms I have is that the battery life on my laptop with Gogland isn&#39;t the best and that I get some random cursor bugs but all I have to do is click and it&#39;s fine again so no big deal.</p></pre>twek: <pre><p>I&#39;m a linux guy, so I&#39;m used to shitty battery life haha. I haven&#39;t had any cursor bugs on Ubuntu yet hmm.</p></pre>nhooyr: <pre><p>I&#39;m on macOS so maybe that&#39;s why.</p> <p>It&#39;s not shitty, it&#39;s just not as good as Sublime. I don&#39;t have exact numbers to share though. Just something I&#39;ve noticed. Also, my laptop gets significantly hotter.</p></pre>twek: <pre><p>I have a mac at work and I personally feel like the whole OS likes to lock up for like no reason fairly regularly haha. Lots of people have been praising VSCode lately... </p></pre>robvdl: <pre><p>I love Jetbrains products too, but here one is an IDE and does constant code analysis in the background using up CPU time, the other is an editor and doesn&#39;t do much of that unless through plugins that is why one runs significantly hotter than the other, even though both are Java apps it&#39;s like comparing apples and oranges.</p></pre>nhooyr: <pre><p>There is nothing wrong with comparing IDEs to text editors. Each has their own set of benefits/drawbacks. I was just clarifying that Gogland isn&#39;t perfect.</p></pre>robvdl: <pre><p>Ok fair enough. I just had a discussion a few weeks back (related to Python) involving vim vs PyCharm and the reason I like IDEs so much is because I notice just how many mistakes vim users make in my teams because they don&#39;t get the constant feedback from the code as you go. Even just the typos alone, code riddled with hundreds of typos because no checking is going on. Now I suppose with Go it is a bit different because most of the little issues are generally picked up by the compiler anyway (not typos off course), but with PyCharm the constant feedback I get from static analysis is invaluable to me and helps me produce higher quality code. And I know Gogland/PyCharm aren&#39;t perfect but I would gladly trade up some extra CPU time and RAM to produce higher quality code with fewer problems.</p></pre>nhooyr: <pre><p>Agreed.</p></pre>qu33ksilver: <pre><p>The only issue is with gosublime. It takes a decent chunk of memory and sometimes the function signatures stop showing in the status bar.</p> <p>But ST3 is great in itself. Shifting to another editor will be too painful to me right now. So sticking with ST3+GoSublime for now. </p></pre>SilentWeaponQuietWar: <pre><p>I thought so too, but moving to VSCode was about as seamless as possible. I miss a handful of plugins, but for the most part have no desire to use Sublime unless its to just open a text file real quick.</p></pre>lienmeat: <pre><p>Tried, and gave up. The tools integrations just weren&#39;t very good. Using gogland by jetbrains currently, and like it pretty well. I tried atom too, but its debugger kept breaking after updates.</p></pre>__crackers__: <pre><p>Yup. It&#39;s okay for brief sessions (Sublime is my main editor), but VSCode and (neo)vim are way better for Go.</p></pre>logrusorgru: <pre><p>I&#39;m using ST3 + GoSublime. No problems detected. Kubuntu, Go 1.8.3</p></pre>aboukirev: <pre><p>For those using gosublime, there is <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> that talks to the same language server that <code>vscode-go</code> uses and is generally OK. I switched completely to VSCode personally for many other reasons including many fun and useful ways to extend it.</p></pre>justinisrael: <pre><p>I have to try this!</p></pre>jostyee: <pre><p>Combined some Go plugins to work together ![](<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>)</p> <p>happy with it.</p></pre>sh41: <pre><p>It&#39;s the editor I&#39;ve been using since I started using Go (4~ years ago).</p></pre>justinisrael: <pre><p>I really love Sublime for all things, so I always want to try my hardest to stay with it as my only editor. I&#39;ve used GoSublime for a long time and more recently used AnacondaGo. I&#39;ve had issues with both. GoSublime has had slow semi-abandoned maintenance and I have had pain trying to contribute. It also sometimes has flaky doc resolving. When I switched to AnacondaGo, it was really fast, but then started having all these issues with having to scan the packages, and complaining about talking to its json server process. I&#39;m at the point where I am getting sick of the half working Go env in Sublime and finally tried Gogland. It just plain works. Honestly I just want something that solidly works when I need it so I don&#39;t have to dick around figuring out why I can&#39;t jump to defs or load docstrings. I may be using Gogland now unless that LSP plugin I just saw for Sublime works flawless. </p></pre>
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