How are various routers are "faster" than each other?

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<p>As far as I understood all of the golang routers (mux, chi, gin etc.) are based on the native golang http package but they claim to be faster than each other.</p> <p>How is this possible given that they are all based on the same package?</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>shovelpost: <pre><p>Please do not obsess over routers. Their difference in speed, if any, is negligible compared to the network and disk IO of a standard web app. Just pick one and move on.</p></pre>HugoWeb: <pre><p>Its about how the router stores the patterns on startup and, when running, does the pattern matching needed to dispatch an incoming request.</p> <p>&#34;The router is optimized for high performance and a small memory footprint. It scales well even with very long paths and a large number of routes. A compressing dynamic trie <em>(radix tree)</em> structure is used for efficient matching.&#34; (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>)</p> <p>&#34;chi&#39;s router is based on a kind of <em>Patricia Radix trie</em>. The router is fully compatible with net/http.&#34; (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p></pre>TheMerovius: <pre><p>Spoiler alert: They aren&#39;t. All of them are, for all intents and purposes, infinitely fast.</p> <p>(routing cost, while not being zero, ends up being completely negligible, no matter what scale you are running at and basically no matter how naively you are doing it. Don&#39;t worry about it)</p></pre>dtfinch: <pre><p>I was getting 20k requests/second to a small vps with just the builtin ServeMux, while updating a database with each request. That was enough for the few urls that I had to handle. I&#39;ve never come close to needing something faster.</p> <p>The problem might come if I had lots and lots of url patterns, or other special needs. If you&#39;ve got 1000 patterns in ServeMux, that&#39;s has the potential to be 1000x slower, if it has to check requests against all of them. You&#39;d want something more specialized that can handle them in o(1) or o(log n) time instead of o(n).</p></pre>shark1337: <pre><p>Most of the times you don&#39;t even need a router.. Just use a switch case on the req.Path and you&#39;re all set up.</p></pre>

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