What should I do for the "s := NewRuleSet ()" structure?

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<p>I wrote a structure like this --&gt; <a href="https://imgur.com/IULKNol" rel="nofollow">https://imgur.com/IULKNol</a> But there are some deficiencies. </p> <p>So how can i assignment to variable? Or How do I do this? --&gt; <a href="https://imgur.com/L9R4KVX" rel="nofollow">https://imgur.com/L9R4KVX</a> Thanks in advance.</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>tiberiousr: <pre><p>Write NewRuleSet so that it returns a struct that you can attach methods to.</p></pre>ripeassmango: <pre><p>your issue is that NewRuleSet does not return a variable</p> <p>try this</p> <pre><code>func NewRuleSet() ([]string, []string) { return []string{}, []string{} } </code></pre> <p>then in your main/test function</p> <pre><code>func main() { depp, conf := NewRuleSet() } </code></pre> <p>in Go, like many other languages, you need to explicitly declare what a function returns.</p> <p>edit:</p> <p>also, you will need to modify your AddDep and AddConflict to take in the string array as an argument</p></pre>nagai: <pre><pre><code>type RuleSet struct { depp []string conf []string } func NewRuleSet() *RuleSet { return &amp;RuleSet{[]string{}, []string{}} } func (r *RuleSet) IsCoherent() { ... } </code></pre></pre>

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