Ideas for first Go project?

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<p>After spending a couple days learning Go syntax and setting up development environment, I&#39;m ready to start building something real with Go. Exciting! Except that I don&#39;t really have a good idea of what to build.</p> <p>Ideally, I&#39;d like to pick a project that can be done in less than 1 week, has some practical use, and requires minimal frontend skills. Any suggestions?</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>joncalhoun: <pre><p>I&#39;m working on a series of many mini-projects basically targeting someone like yourself. Will be 100% free and will have exercises covered in screen casts (again, free as well). </p> <p>See <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for an example exercise. Some will be shorter like that while others will be 3+ parts like build a package then use that package to build something else. </p> <p>While not every one of these will end up being reused a ton, many of the exercises could be extended to make something much more practical. Eg I use a modified version of the URL shortener code in another web app that is in production.</p></pre>bliitzkriegx: <pre><p>Are you doing a video series because I would love a link if that&#39;s the case.</p></pre>joncalhoun: <pre><p>Yep, there will be videos but they aren&#39;t published yet. Website is</p> <p>I got sidetracked last week but I should have the first few exercises live shortly. Probably tomorrow. I just need to finish up a few odds and ends on the site first.</p></pre>oh_lord: <pre><p>These look awesome. I look forward to the screencasts, too. I find watching people code to be really insightful as to how the workflow and thought process should be.</p></pre>MeditativeApe: <pre><p>This is great. Reminded me of the introductory CS class I took in college where the professor gave us interesting mini projects to solve in Python.</p></pre>forfunc: <pre><p>Cryptotrading bot. A lot of aspects of programming are covered when building one and you can even earn some money if done correctly!</p></pre>MeditativeApe: <pre><p>Good idea!</p></pre>wolverineoflove: <pre><p>Find the common paths between two wikipedia articles using goroutines to branch out the page links?</p> <p>HTTP API that translates image submissions into ASCII by utilizing a library or another process?</p> <p>I dunno. Guess the first question is what would you ULTIMATELY like to accomplish with go in the future? Work towards that!</p></pre>MeditativeApe: <pre><p>I like the Wikipedia project. What do you mean exactly by common paths? The shortest path from article A to article B?</p></pre>wolverineoflove: <pre><p>That is one option; I had a buddy do raw &#34;shortest path between two articles&#34; for a college project in C#. </p> <p>Another variation is simply mapping N depth out from an article. This is sorta vague but I feel it offers the best use of concurrency if you wanna explore that. If you found a way to share what links were already hit and cull those dead ends, that might be neat.</p> <p>Finally the last might be some variation on &#34;six degrees to Kevin Bacon&#34; where you find articles or subjects that share some strange common thread. Like how many heads of states can you find from the Holy Roman Empire page or something silly.</p> <p>Ultimately what makes a junior versus a senior developer is being able to be self directed, so pick a goal and hone that problem solving! Hope it is a success.</p></pre>paul2048: <pre><p>a FTP server</p> <p>a redis client</p> <p>a Twitter bot...</p> <p>an image converter/resizer/cropper</p> <p>Something other than just a web app.</p></pre>hudsonyard: <pre><p>Identify what area interests you the most. Devops ? Databases ? Web stack ? Then we can perhaps narrow down what could be good to build.</p></pre>poetic_waffle: <pre><p>Make a chat bot</p></pre>

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