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<p>I just started with &#34;Go In Action&#34;, is it a good book?</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>nasciiboy: <pre><p>go to <strong>The Go Programming Language</strong></p></pre>euphbriggs: <pre><p>I&#39;m just getting started with Go (coming from a C#/Elixir/Elm background) and looked at this book, but it was published over two years ago. That seems like eons in CS years. Is it still relevant enough to buy?</p> <p>I wonder if a second edition will be released.</p></pre>nasciiboy: <pre><p>TGPL is really a fantastic book! It is a stimulating reading, recommended to anyone</p> <p>only small things have been added, all the code is compatible forward</p></pre>euphbriggs: <pre><p>Thanks for replying.</p> <p>I shouldn&#39;t be so surprised. Before approaching Go, I spent some time getting familiar with Node.JS. One of the big attractions to me of Go over Node was that the JS ecosystem moves too quickly in my opinion and Go decisions seem much more deliberate rather than chaotic.</p></pre>nasciiboy: <pre><p>Although I do not like their development model, but I like the decisions that are made about the language</p> <p>the language in general (having gone through c, c ++, java and lips) is a joy</p></pre>mwholt: <pre><p>Yes. I have precisely 2 Go books in my library: Go in Action and The Go Programming Language.</p></pre>joncalhoun: <pre><p>Would you like a third? ;)</p></pre>mwholt: <pre><p>I&#39;m not in the market but am willing to receive one, if that&#39;s what you&#39;re asking!</p></pre>metawalker: <pre><p>I have read it both and The Go Programming Language is much better in my opinion.</p></pre>ChristophBerger: <pre><p>The standard book on Go is surely „The Go Programming Language“. However, in comparison I find Go In Action more accessible, especially for beginners. </p></pre>kostix: <pre><p>If I could add my 2 ¢, I&#39;d recomment to also take a look on <a href="http://katherine.cox-buday.com/concurrency-in-go/" rel="nofollow">&#34;Concurrency In Go&#34;</a> (I&#39;ve read the pre-print).</p> <p>While GOPL et al surely explain concurrency, they do not really touch on more hard-core details of it, and concurrency <em>is</em> what you will work with in any &#34;server&#34; Go program of moderate complexity and above.</p></pre>kerakk19: <pre><p>Bamboozled by title ._.</p></pre>
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