Datadog hiring Go Engineers

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<p>Hi <a href="/r/golang">r/golang</a>!</p> <p>We are doing a lot of hiring at Datadog to build sophisticated distributed systems here that handle trillions of data points per day. We’ve experienced significant hyper-growth over the last 18 months and are looking to scale multiple teams as quickly as possible with top flight go engineering talent. </p> <p>With offices in NYC, Boston and Paris happy to relocate people to our office and would also consider remote engineers in the US where needed/qualified. We offer great perks (open vacation policy, competitive pay, equity, gym reimbursement, catered lunches) </p> <p>Check out our GitHub (<a href=""></a>) and website (<a href=""></a>) and/or email me directly at <a href=""></a> if you’re interested in chatting. </p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>puffybunion: <pre><p>Can you go a bit into the roles/teams? Also, compensation range, etc would be really appreciated.</p></pre>WILDCIRCLEJERKER: <pre><p>They&#39;re trying to grow so fast they don&#39;t hire for specific roles. They just hire people and figure it out later.</p> <p>Source: interviewed there. </p></pre>ar3s3ru: <pre><p>Didn&#39;t work out for you? </p></pre>eikenberry: <pre><blockquote> <p>would also consider remote engineers in the US where needed/qualified.</p> </blockquote> <p>This phrasing is a bad sign for remote people as it usually means that remote working is not a priority and that you will be an outsider on your own team.</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Well about 20 percent of our tech team is remote. We do have a remote first culture but the majority are in Paris or NYC. </p></pre>eikenberry: <pre><p>Thanks for replying and trying to address the concern. I&#39;d still be wary of positions associated with that wording. A remote-first company wouldn&#39;t &#34;consider&#34; remote engineers, it would welcome them.</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Sorry for not conveying what I meant to say properly. There are circumstances when remote wouldn’t work and that would be for more junior engineers that haven’t done remote previously or people that have difficulty communicating when geographically far from a team. Outside of that, we foster a culture that is built on having a widely dispersed team — most chat is done via slack vs in office, meetings are done at times that are most conducive to other time zones where possible and done via google meet. </p> <p>Hope that clarifies things a bit. </p></pre>eikenberry: <pre><p>Thanks again for replying and expanding on your previous comment. This policy makes sense to me and I could work with it. I&#39;ve worked remotely most of my career and always have an eye out for good remote-friendly companies. I&#39;m glad I decided to ask.</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Fantastic @eikenberry. Feel free to email me direct. </p></pre>mdempsky: <pre><blockquote> <p>A remote-first company wouldn&#39;t &#34;consider&#34; remote engineers, it would welcome them.</p> </blockquote> <p>Do they call themselves a remote-first company?</p></pre>GFandango: <pre><blockquote> <p>open vacation policy</p> </blockquote> <p>Do you require people to take a minimum amount per year?</p> <p>Or is it one of those &#34;everyone takes as much as they need but somehow people need very little because we are happy little loving family&#34; scams?</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>I’ve been pushing for the former but it’s definitely not the latter. I just took two weeks and got back from Vietnam on Saturday. The CTO thanked me saying that I am doing the form a great service by taking time off which will allow me to step away from my work and come back refreshed. So anecdotally I can say we want people to take time to unwind — it makes for a better employee. </p></pre>GFandango: <pre><p>Ok thanks for your response.</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Sure. Let’s chat about that offline though re: comp. feel free to email me direct </p> <p>Team-wise most of our backend is built in go and most teams are hiring so a lot of flexibility depending on your goals, experience etc. </p></pre>VanPepe: <pre><p>There is a reply feature on reddit. You should probably use it ;)</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Ah shoot. Getting downvoted now. Sorry!</p></pre>Skylis: <pre><p>Or you could be upfront with your salary range instead of wasting people&#39;s time...</p></pre>joper90: <pre><p>We use you guys a lot, can you do a dark theme, or a dark neon theme.. the ui could look so much better..</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Per a slack message with our director of design “ha yeah that’s in the works”</p></pre>dwsr: <pre><p>Not just in the works, but in beta. My AM was able to get this enabled for us, but it&#39;s still a little rough.</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Yes. This is true :)</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Thanks! I’ll float to our UI team right now!</p></pre>joper90: <pre><p>Cheers, also the emails that get sent out could be far better, allow us to customise them, select the data shown, and allow web hooks etc. Also a iPhone app would be good, with a cut down set of options, just giving me a snapshot overview of our system. </p> <p>Cheers and keep the google work up.</p></pre>dwsr: <pre><p>There is a dark theme already in beta. Ask your Account Manager to get it enabled on your account.</p></pre>Asyumara: <pre><p>I couldn&#39;t find any details on people who are in the Reserves / National Guard at Datadog. </p> <p>Next year is my last year in the Reserves where I have one weekend a month and a month in the summer that I have to take off work for mandatory training. </p> <p>Do you hire people in the Reserves? </p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Firstly, thank you for your service. </p> <p>We’d love to consider our bravest men and women for positions at Datadog!</p></pre>iworkatastartup: <pre><p>How difficult would the transition be from an existing SaaS based monitoring company?</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>In regards to using Datadog as a customer or developing for datadog as an employee. The former is hard for me to comment on since I’m not in sales. The latter would be not difficult but depends on the person and their experience / aptitude but generally experience building a monitoring product is a big plus. </p></pre>coolthingthere: <pre><p>Are there any available internship opportunities for Summer 2018?</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>It’s a bit early to start that now but closer to then, yes we will be hiring interns. </p></pre>PM_ME_DOG_PICS_PLS: <pre><p>Hey Ryan, I submitted an application for a summer 2018 internship about a month and a half ago and didn&#39;t hear anything back. Given what you&#39;ve just said, can I be hopeful and assume that no one&#39;s looked at it yet?</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Yeah. It’s a bit early for our intern processing. </p></pre>PM_ME_DOG_PICS_PLS: <pre><p>Ok, thanks! I&#39;ll keep my fingers crossed haha. </p></pre>pengusdangus: <pre><p>You guys are the best, hope you find someone awesome!</p></pre>ryanthelion4444: <pre><p>Thanks for the sentiment! We are growing like crazy and I’ve aged quite a bit as we’ve gone from under 100 to over 500 in less than 2 years, with amazing talent nonetheless. :)</p></pre>
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