Fun GoLang Projects?

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<p>What are some fun project where using GoLang is preferred?</p> <p>On a daily basis I work with .NET (through the whole stack), but have always loved Python. A few weeks back I started playing around with Erlang, for fun (I did some courses in the language during my university years). </p> <p>Recently I started looking at GoLang, and even though the syntax will take some time getting used to, it does seem like a nice middle-ground between C#/Java, Python and Erlang (as it&#39;s so focused on concurrency). </p> <p>Could someone give me some suggestions on fun projects that I could play around with together with GO? It doesn&#39;t necessarily have to be anything difficult, more so something fun that I can keep on building on to learn more about the language.</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>mstruebing: <pre><p>What I did and can highly recommend is to write any CLI program which is already existing in go. I&#39;ve written this <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for example and learned a lot.</p></pre>throwmeacable: <pre><p>Looked over your README and I didn&#39;t get what tldr does. Just a suggestion to add a blurb about its purpose at the top</p></pre>mstruebing: <pre><p>Thx will do :) I thought the screenshot is enough. Basically: pretty prints the most common used parameters to different CLI programs.</p></pre>jackmott2: <pre><p>We are about to do a text adventure on tonight</p> <p>Also your comment about being a middle ground between C# and Python/Erlang...I think really if C#/Java and Python Erlang are on some kind of spectrum from left to right, Go is a bit to the left of C#/Java</p></pre>Kimput: <pre><p>What are you thinking about when you say that? I&#39;m in no way saying I&#39;m right, but I&#39;m interested to see what your thought process is. :)</p> <p>What I was referring to was the C# and Java (and to a part Python) being object oriented languages, whereas Erlang inherently is a functional language. </p> <p>From what I&#39;ve seen regarding Go it seems to be syntactially similar to a traditionally object oriented language, with some caveats. But it also seems to favour functions rather than objects, or a mix between them. </p> <p>I might be pulling this out of my ass, but that&#39;s the perspective I&#39;ve receieved from watching videos and reading books on Go. :)</p></pre>jackmott2: <pre><p>I dunno, you can pass functions around in C# and Java more or less the same as you can in go. Perhaps there is some similarity into the style of having more free functions in in Go/Pythong/Erlang, whereas Java/C# all functions are part of classes/structs.</p> <p>I see Go more as a middle ground between C and C#/Java really, fewer features than Java or C#, more visibility into pointers than Java, native compilation. But it has garbage collection and string support built in, and doesn&#39;t allow pointer arthimetic so isn&#39;t as low level as C</p></pre>govision: <pre><p>Yeah there&#39;s a lot different but c# will add goish features soon enough. I wonder why? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>On top of the pages of new ones...<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>I think Rob makes this point that hasn&#39;t apparently sunk into the c derivative languages engineers minds. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p></pre>Glinux: <pre><p>What are your hobbies? Usually that&#39;s an area where people have the most ideas for.</p></pre>Kimput: <pre><p>I&#39;ve been considering making an OSINT module with GO, but my idea might be too optimistic. Ie. completely out of my depth. :D</p> <p>But in reality anything that is in the realm of security or devops. Could be fun! :)</p></pre>govision: <pre><p>Maybe API&#39;s...?</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p></pre>Kimput: <pre><p>Great source of information, but wouldn&#39;t an API be a given in the current development climate? What sort of API are you suggesting that I&#39;d create? </p> <p>Not really sure why you&#39;d link that list unless you&#39;d like to have an api that serves up that information? :D</p></pre>govision: <pre><p>Well this isn&#39;t practical but it teaches a lot if you build it without a framework.</p> <p>Have files send requests to each other. Have a webpage be able to send API&#39;s and consume them. Have a request send to another go file server and process it and send it back and do more processing. Things like Google AdWords API&#39;s do this all the time. My work has to do this to make reports to enhance AdWords on their sites. </p></pre>govision: <pre><p>Actually this &#34;might&#34; be a good resource for projects even though you have to dig a little.</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p></pre>
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