Is there a way to run go fmt on all files of a git commit only?

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<p>our review system keeps ask individual file needs go fmt before sending peer review. this is annoying</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>: <pre><p>[deleted]</p></pre>marksteve4: <pre><p>this is a corporation. dude</p></pre>carsncode: <pre><p>What does that have to do with it? Just format all your source files.</p></pre>VanPepe: <pre><p>Because you don&#39;t just fmt a giant repo at once in an issue unrelated. You either do it in a dedicated task or step by step.</p> <p>Who would want to review a PR with thousands of files in the diff? </p></pre>carsncode: <pre><p>No one. Who is failing to gofmt the files they change when they change them? Every editor out there will let you format on save. There is no excuse for winding up in a situation where you have thousands of files modified just for gofmt.</p></pre>VanPepe: <pre><p>out of the box not a lot run go fmt by itself. Visual Studio Code is the perfect example. If you don&#39;t have the Go plugin it won&#39;t fmt on its own for you.</p> <p>And running personally i tend to forget it aswell a lot, when I&#39;m not using the on save feature.</p> <p>So yeah there are decent excuses for that.</p></pre>marksteve4: <pre><p>you know these days. internet companies usually have a single repo for a language with all projects in it</p></pre>carsncode: <pre><p>So? Gofmt will only format .go files, and it will only format files in the directory you point it at. Whether or not you use a monorepo is just as irrelevant as whether or not &#34;this is a corporation&#34;.</p></pre>spunt41: <pre><p>Could you use a pre-commit hook? </p> <p>We use the excellent <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, which we&#39;ve configured to run go fmt (and linters, license checks, etc.) before each commit. By default, the pre-commit tool only operates on files which are included in the commit (although I share the perspective of other commenters - go fmt all the things!)</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> has some great hooks you can use out of the box, including one for go fmt.</p></pre>ofpiyush: <pre><p>Do it in a dedicated step.</p> <p>Go fmt can&#39;t break your code as it parses the source, builds AST and builds the source back.</p> <p>i.e. review isn&#39;t required on that step.</p> <p>Merge your master back into all your feature branches.</p> <p>Source: We&#39;re also a company.</p> <p>If you really want, point go fmt at individual files...</p></pre>

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