Hi Golangers, I’ m looking for exercices to practice Go please

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<hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>gppeixoto: <pre><p>A language-agnostic advice: I feel like I never truly learn anything code-wise until I get my hands dirty on some project. So my advice is just build a project that you always wanted to do but you never quite put the time on it. It doesn&#39;t need to even be remotely &#34;novel&#34;, <em>just do it</em>! Maybe check a repo or project that you enjoyed it and try to reimplement it your own way. Google your way through problems and internals whilst building your app and you will find yourself reading blog posts / articles regarding a problem, and then a framework or an architectural style; etc. </p> <p>A nice exercise specifically for Go is to implement something-you-want-as-a-REST-API! You will learn a lot about Go, web services, APIs and other cool stuff along the way.</p></pre>Dualblade20: <pre><p>This is really good advice. The one and only thing I&#39;ve written in Go is an IRC bot server REST API. Every time I had a new challenge, I had a REASON to learn a new technique. It&#39;s probably garbage, but it was an excellent start for me.</p></pre>iam27ne: <pre><p>Thanks man for your advice, actually I’ll need to implement a rest api at work <sup>^</sup></p></pre>expatMT: <pre><p>Try gin-gonic for that.</p></pre>iam27ne: <pre><blockquote> <p>gin-gonic it&#39;s a framework ?</p> </blockquote></pre>expatMT: <pre><p>Yes.</p> <ul> <li><p><a href="https://gin-gonic.github.io/gin/" rel="nofollow">Gin-Gonic project page.</a></p></li> <li><p><a href="https://medium.com/@thedevsaddam/build-restful-api-service-in-golang-using-gin-gonic-framework-85b1a6e176f3" rel="nofollow">Build RESTful API service in golang using gin-gonic framework.</a></p></li> </ul></pre>iam27ne: <pre><p>Thanks !!!! I visited the page yesterday but when I saw Gin Martini I close it hahhh</p></pre>qu33ksilver: <pre><blockquote> <p>Golangers</p> </blockquote> <p>Blasphemy !! :D</p></pre>iam27ne: <pre><p>Is it a crime hahhhh ?</p></pre>qu33ksilver: <pre><p>We are called &#34;Gophers&#34; if you haven&#39;t already noticed. :P</p></pre>iam27ne: <pre><p>Got it, thanks Gooopher ;)</p></pre>0x2369: <pre><p>There’s a nice collection of exercises for a lot of languages on Exercism.</p> <p><a href="http://exercism.io/languages/go/about" rel="nofollow">http://exercism.io/languages/go/about</a></p> <p>For more pure math there’s Project Euler.</p> <p><a href="https://projecteuler.net" rel="nofollow">https://projecteuler.net</a></p> <p>I like to try to do at least Set #1 of the Cryptopals challenge when I learn a new language. </p> <p><a href="https://cryptopals.com" rel="nofollow">https://cryptopals.com</a></p></pre>acepukas: <pre><p>I&#39;ve been doing the exercism ones (about 80 so far). There is no hand holding but I do like the way they&#39;ve set up their system. Very convenient if you&#39;re used to working in the terminal.</p></pre>iam27ne: <pre><p>Thanks !!!</p></pre>ChristophBerger: <pre><p><a href="https://gophercises.com/">https://gophercises.com/</a></p> <p>by Jon Calhoun, who BTW will be the guest in the upcoming <a href="https://changelog.com/gotime">Go Time</a> episode this Thursday (usually recorded <a href="https://changelog.com/live">live</a> at 12pm PST). </p></pre>timezone_bot: <pre><p>12pm PDT happens when this comment is 13 hours and 42 minutes old.</p> <p>You can find the live countdown here: <a href="https://countle.com/u166493jqy" rel="nofollow">https://countle.com/u166493jqy</a></p> <hr/> <p>I&#39;m a bot, if you want to send feedback, please comment below or send a PM.</p></pre>carleeto: <pre><p>Implement the Unix tools in Go.</p></pre>iam27ne: <pre><p>What an idea !!!!! I did this with C language and I forgot it completely hahhh Thanks !</p></pre>tiberiousr: <pre><p><a href="http://exercism.io/" rel="nofollow">http://exercism.io/</a></p></pre>iam27ne: <pre><p>thanks !!!!</p></pre>e3b0c442: <pre><p>Not specific to Go, but <a href="https://adventofcode.com" rel="nofollow">https://adventofcode.com</a></p></pre>iam27ne: <pre><p>thanks !!!!</p></pre>

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