Yogsothoth: DigitalOcean Library which lets you handle DigitalOcean assets like CloudFormation stacks

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<p>Hi!</p> <p>Introducing <a href="https://github.com/Skarlso/yogsothoth">Yogsothoth</a>. It wraps DigitalOcean assets like, Droplets, Firewalls, FloatingIPs and more.</p> <p>Here is what it looks like to configure a DigitalOcean stack: </p> <p>```yaml Parameters: StackName: Description: The name of the stack to deploy Type: String Default: FurnaceStack Port: Description: Test port Type: Number Default: 80</p> <p>Resources: Droplet1: Name: MyDroplet Region: region Size: size Backups: false IPv6: false PrivateNetworking: false Monitoring: false Type: Droplet Image: Slug: &#34;ubuntu-14-04-x64&#34; FloatingIP: Type: FloatingIP Region: nyc3 DropletID: MyDroplet LoadBalancer: Name: TestBalancer Algorithm: random Region: nyc3 Tag: BalancerTest RedirectHttpToHttps: true HealthCheck: Protocol: http Port: 1234 Path: /health CheckIntervalSeconds: 15 ResponseTimeoutSeconds: 150 HealthyThreshold: 2 UnhealthyThreshold: 4 Type: LoadBalancer DropletIDs: - MyDroplet FireWall: Name: MyFirewall InboundRules: Inbound1: Protocol: ProtocolValue PortRange: 2345:2345 Sources: Addresses: - skarlso.io - nagios.skarlso.io Tags: - Multiple - Tags DropletIDs: - 1234 LoadBalancerUIDs: - UID1 - UID2 OutboundRules: Outbound1: Protocol: ProtocolValue2 PortRange: 1234:2345 Destinations: Addresses: - skarlso.io - nagios.skarlso.io Tags: - Outbound - Tags DropletIDs: - 4321 LoadBalancerUIDs: - UID3 - UID4 DropletIDs: - MyDroplet - 12 ```</p> <p>The main resource is a Droplet. Almost everything is moving around that. Some resources aren&#39;t tagged properly and DigitalOcean has yet to come out with their own thing that does this.</p> <p>Right now only <code>create</code> works. The rest is in progress.</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>folago: <pre><p>Someone is fond of Lovecraft.</p></pre>skarlso: <pre><p>Got me there. ? Also following their theme of having a Cthulhu named go monorepo code base. ☺️</p></pre>hell_0n_wheel: <pre><p><a href="https://www.terraform.io" rel="nofollow">https://www.terraform.io</a></p></pre>skarlso: <pre><p>Yeah it&#39;s a completely different system with a huge dependency and complex structer as opposed to this which is a really lightweight library. But yes, I&#39;m aware of terraform. :-)</p></pre>
292 次点击  
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