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# gin-autorouter gin-autorouter is a middleware which could automatic mapping request url to a handler method. ## Api the project have two main functions: * AutoRouter * RouterAny ## Basic Uage ```go package main type T struct{ } func (t *T)Greet(c *gin.Context) { c.Writer.WriteString("hello from *T.Greet") } func (t *T)Hello(c *gin.Context) { c.Writer.WriteString("hello from *T.Hello") } func main(){ r:=gin.Default() r.Any("/*path",router.AutoRouter(&T{})) r.Run(":8080") } ``` you only need to register a router with pattern "/*path" view http://localhost:8080/greet, you could see "hello from *T.Greet" view http://localhost:8080/hello, you will see "hello from *T.Hello" ## RESTful Api with AutoRouter, you can create restful api very easily. ```go package main func (h *Article) Get(c *gin.Context) { articleId := c.Param("id") // search artile stuff..... article := model.SearchArticle(articleId) c.JSONP(http.StatusOK,article) } func (h *Article)Delete(c *gin.Context) { articleId := c.Param("id") model.DeleteArticle(articleId) c.JSONP(http.StatusOK,"ok") } func main(){ r := gin.Default() r.Any("/article/:id",router.AutoRouter(&Article{})) } // * GET /article/123 => *Article.Get // * Delete /article/123 => *Article.Delete ``` also, you can use RouterAny, things will be extremely easy!! ```go package main func (h *Article)Get(c *gin.Context, id int) { fmt.Println("article:",id) // output: article: 123 article := model.SearchArticle(id) c.JSONP(http.StatusOK,article) } func (h *Article)Delete(c *gin.Context, id int) { fmt.Println("article:",id) // output: article: 123 model.DeleteArticle(id) c.JSONP(http.StatusOK,"ok") } func main(){ r:= gin.Default() r.Any("/*path",router.RouterAny(&Article{})) } // GET /article/123 => *Article.Get(c, 123) // DELETE /article/123 => *Article.Delete(c, 123) ``` ## Mapping Rules the mapping is basic on *gin.Context.Param("path"). path will be exploded to several segments by '/' * if path is empty, method is request http method * the first segment is method * others will be method arguments * segments number MUST be equal or greater than method arguments number * if method is variadic, the segments mapping to last argument could be zero * otherwise, "404 not found" will be returned some examples: <table> <tr> <td>path</td> <td>method</td> <td>arguments(exclude *gin.Context)</td> </tr> <tr> <td>/</td> <td>REQUEST METHOD</td> <td>nil</td> </tr> <tr> <td>/foo</td> <td>foo</td> <td>nil</td> </tr> <tr> <td>/foo/bar</td> <td>foo</td> <td>[bar]</td> </tr> <tr> <td>/foo/bar/123</td> <td>foo</td> <td>[bar,123]</td> </tr> </table> ## License the project is under MIT license protected which you can find in [LICENSE]( file.

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