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Resources related to talks given at GopherConIndia Talk Slides =========== This is the official repository for talk slides from GopherConIndia. If you create a pull request - don't forget to update this file. List of Talks ============= [Evolution of a Gopher]( | [Blog post]( by Francesc Campoy Flores [Herding Gophers]( | [Blog post]( by Aaron Cruz [Gopher from the future]( by Gabriel Aszalos [A Journey From Ruby to Go]( by Mike Gehard Go In Action - The Channel Guarantee by William Kennedy [Rely Race Code]( | [Tennis Match Code]( | [Blog post]( [Go for Front End Developers]( by Julia Poladsky [Joy of single purpose services in Go]( | [Blog post]( by Niket Patel [Go Faster: Optimising Go Programs]( by Jason Moiron [Practical Tips for Creating a Go Package Successfully]( | [Blog post]( by Keiji Yoshida [Building RESTful Services With Go and MongoDB]( | [Blog post]( by Shiju Varghese [Web development using Go and Ember.js]( by Baiju Muthukadan [Go metaprogramming]( | [Blog post]( by Beyang Liu [Concurrency by Data Structures (and nasty examples)]( - Verónica López [Principles of designing Go APIs with channels]( by Alan Shreve [Cgo: Go under the hood]( | [Blog post]( by Rajesh Ramachandran [Closing Keynote: The Roots of Go]( by Baishampayan Ghose [Opening Keynote: Embracing the Standard Library]( by Bryan Liles [EMBD]( | [Blog post]( by Kunal Powar [Concurrent, High-Performance Data-Access With Go]( by Sunil Sayyaparaju [An alternate approach to data]( by Amit Upadhyay [Bleve - modern text indexing for Go]( | [Blog post]( by Marty Schoch [Gottp: A micro backend framework in Go]( by Piyush Verma [N1QL a query language in Go. It makes "cents"]( by Sriram Melkote [High performance git infrastructure with Go]( | [Blog post]( by David Calavera [Building Internet of Things with Go]( by Lakshan Perera [Go for Simulations in Wireless Research]( by Dr. Sendil Devar [How to keep wall street chatting using Go]( | [Blog post]( by Matthew Campbell [Image Processing at scale in Go]( | [Blog post]( by Jyotiska NK [Raytracing in Go]( | [Blog post]( by Guillaume J. Charmes [Closing Keynote: Simplicity and collaboration]( | [Blog post]( by Dave Cheney Lightning Talks =============== [Henchman - Orchestration tool, inspired by ansible]( by [Sudharshan S]( [Going from C++/Python to Go]( by [Shantanu Tushar Jha]( [Project Varnam - A cross platform transliterator for Indic language]( by Jijesh [Excuse me, your crypto is showing]( by [Siddarth Mathur]( [Goroutines vs. threads]( by Krishna Sundarram [Megam PaaS]( by Yeshwanth Kumar [Instrumenting your Go code]( by Bhasker Kode [The worldwide Go community]( by William Kennedy 详情:[GopherConIndia Resources](

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