Help on messaging/chat utility in Golang

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<p>I have few knowledge about messaging. I want to make/add messaging utility to an iOS app. There are lots of API&#39;s and some open source codes but I&#39;m having trouble to decide. </p> <ul> <li>The backend I&#39;m using is written in Go (REST API) and is in AWS (single instance no queues etc..)</li> <li>Messaging utility with group chat is preferred. But p2p is still fine.</li> </ul> <p>I&#39;d like to add a library and work on top of that but there could be better solutions. Scalability is not a problem for the matter but it&#39;d be nice to be able to modified and make it scalable. What do you suggest? </p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>AYBABTME: <pre><p>I&#39;m not quite following what your issue is. You want to broadcast messages from a single instance, in a non-distributed way? Do you care about persistence? Do you care about having to add a second instance for HA?</p></pre>QThellimist: <pre><p>Eventually yes but not for now. Like I said I don&#39;t know possible issues. It&#39;s mostly for a few hundred people but having the option to scale would be nice.</p></pre>raff99: <pre><p>If you want to add HA in the future, you need to think about how you will do it now. It&#39;s going to be hard to scale and replicate a system designed to work as a single instance.</p></pre>QThellimist: <pre><p>Could you give some heads up maybe tutorial? You can assume I know nothing.</p></pre>slawosz: <pre><p>What is usecase of messages in your app? Just chat?</p> <p>I would use Pusher for prototype and worry about scalability when it will be a problem :)</p></pre>QThellimist: <pre><p>Yes just for chat. I&#39;m checking pusher thanks.</p></pre>
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