Can't run any go programs

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<p>Any time i try to run .go files the program does not run and I get hung up ( blinking cursor). I think I have set my environment path variables correctly any trouble shooting ideas -&gt; I am on windows </p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>lstokeworth: <pre><p>What is the specific command that hangs?</p></pre>alexwhoizzle: <pre><p>Do you have an antivirus installed? Avast maybe? If so try disabling the DeepScan feature in Avast and see if that fixes the problem. I had this problem a while back with Avast and would stop any Go program from running.</p></pre>justinisrael: <pre><p>I think I just recently read a similar discussion like that on golang-nuts that ended with avast being the culprit </p></pre>alexwhoizzle: <pre><p>Also, something else you might want to look into disabling a feature of Avast&#39;s WebShield called HTTPS Scanning. It is basically a local MitM proxy to check https websites for malware. Unfortunately it was blocking a few websites for an unknown reason (especially sites running on Caddy webserver). You can read more here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>EDIT: clarification</p></pre>Hougar: <pre><p>I will give this a shot tomorrow thanks everyone </p></pre>justinisrael: <pre><p>You refer to &#34;running .go files&#34;. I assume that means you are trying to do something like &#34;go run &lt;file.go&gt;&#34;? Have you tried simply building your binary, and then running that? There really shouldn&#39;t be anything for you to set in your environment, other than your GOPATH. </p></pre>IntellectualReserve: <pre><p>Are you including every dependant file as an argument? E.g.</p> <pre><code> go run main.go routes.go handlers.go </code></pre> <p>or on *nix with no test files and all package files in the same folder:</p> <pre><code> go run *.go </code></pre></pre>

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