Can net/http be used with Let's Encrypt?

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<p>I mean, you absolutely can load the certificates and spin up a TLS server, but afaict there&#39;s no easy way to reload them once they are renewed. The documentation says that you must not change tls.Config. How would you do this?</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>nhooyr: <pre><p>There is a callback function <code>GetCertificate</code> in tls.Config</p></pre>captncraig: <pre><p>Yeah, I believe <a href=""></a> has an example for using their library this way.</p></pre>Vonney: <pre><p>I&#39;d look at the source of Caddy.</p></pre>captncraig: <pre><p>Or use caddy as a proxy in front of your go app. That&#39;s what I do.</p></pre>fighterjet-biceps: <pre><p>I solved this problem by serving my app behind nginx. The problem of managing certs is made less painful and you&#39;re given access to nginx&#39;s excellent feature set for caching and load balancing.</p></pre>v1rous: <pre><p>Haven&#39;t taken the time to look into baking HTTPS into a go app. However, IMO an nginx proxy is the right tool for this job.</p></pre>pyratzu: <pre><p>I made package that will handle updated lets encrypt cents</p> <p>go get -u</p> <p>pyrahttp.ListenAndServeLetsEncrypt(&#34;:7544&#34;, &#34;/home/user/cert/;, &#34;/home/user/cert/, nil)</p> <p>Post in Russian language <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>I will try to make English post tomorrow.</p> <p>I plan to release more code we use to handle lets encrypt in production with our game servers </p></pre>

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