What do you do for notifications?

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<p>I am setting up a webapp in Go that will run behind Nginx. I will have the Nginx logs that I can monitor in Elasticsearch but don&#39;t want to have to be glued to them 24x7. How do people here get alerts when traffic spikes, when errors increase, etc? I&#39;d rather have something open source/free but if there&#39;s something that isn&#39;t gonna break the bank and is good then I&#39;ll give it a go.</p> <p>I&#39;ve also thought about setting up a function in Go to email me when an error happens but that wouldn&#39;t catch Nginx errors, traffic spikes, etc.</p> <p>thx!</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>consigntooblivion: <pre><p>Check out <a href="https://prometheus.io/" rel="nofollow">prometheus.io</a>.</p></pre>habeyer: <pre><p>I love papertrail. Use it to grab all logs and then you can customize alerts. I use slack to get them.</p></pre>cjbprime: <pre><p>If you already have the logs in ES, I&#39;d use an alerting package for ES, like Watcher.</p> <p>You might also check out Logstash/Kibana.</p> <p>Another option: Riemann.</p></pre>lobster_johnson: <pre><p>Prometheus.</p></pre>Qasaur: <pre><p>AWS CloudWatch is pretty good.</p></pre>tex0: <pre><p>If you&#39;re working with Go Prometheus is a natural fit. Takes some time to grasp the concepts if your new to the domain but it&#39;s really worth it.</p></pre>barsonme: <pre><p>We use <a href="https://getsentry.com" rel="nofollow">https://getsentry.com</a> at work and like it. </p></pre>

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