React server side rendering

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<p>Hi all React provide server side page rendering with node like. Facebook provide for that a lot of functions like React.renderToStaticMarkup for rendering pages on the server side.<br/> It is possible to do server site rendering on golang too?<br/> I really enjoy programming in golang and the most of my work, I wrote a webservices. When it comes to new technology like Isomorphic, it seems to be, that node.js provide to libraries and tools. I wrote webservices in node.js few years ago and javascript is really horrible for maintenance.<br/> Thanks </p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>ifross: <pre><p>Here is a github repo that gives an example of go server side rendering: <a href=""></a></p></pre>ApatheticGodzilla: <pre><p>One solution (which I&#39;ve seen with other languages) is to run a small node.js web service. You send it a JSON payload of data (including component path, route etc) and it returns a chunk of React-rendered HTML you can return directly or drop into your template. </p> <p>Although you are using JavaScript server-side, it&#39;s only a few lines of code so shouldn&#39;t be too difficult to maintain. It does require another service as well, so there&#39;s that.</p></pre>

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