[Help]New to GO, how easy is it to do synchronus http requests?

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<p>Python is pain to do this in...is it possible to do a lot of http requests easily in GO? With something similar to multiprocessing in GO?</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>lolis5: <pre><p>Short answer is &#34;very yes&#34;. The core net/http library uses goroutines for request handling, which allows for handling multiple requests simultaneously.</p> <p>Multiprocessing, at least as you know it in python, isn&#39;t really a thing in go, but that&#39;s because it would introduce unnecessary overhead.</p> <p>In Python, (cpython specifically) multi-threading is not very useful in most cases because only one thread may be running interpreted python code at a time because of a global interpreter lock. Python gets around this bottleneck by introducing multiple processes, each with its own interpreter lock. </p> <p>In go, there is no equivalent concept. Goroutines can take full advantage of multiple processors and the language itself is responsible for scheduling them. They are similar to os threads in concept, but are much lighter weight.(Almost identical to the concept of fibers on Windows).</p> <p>Hope this helps. </p></pre>Redundancy_: <pre><p>It&#39;s worth going through the tour of Go. Concurrency part 10 Exercise covers a webcrawler that does concurrent http requests: <a href="https://tour.golang.org/concurrency/10" rel="nofollow">https://tour.golang.org/concurrency/10</a></p> <p>Also: <a href="http://blog.narenarya.in/concurrent-http-in-go.html" rel="nofollow">http://blog.narenarya.in/concurrent-http-in-go.html</a> <a href="https://matt.aimonetti.net/posts/2012/11/27/real-life-concurrency-in-go/" rel="nofollow">https://matt.aimonetti.net/posts/2012/11/27/real-life-concurrency-in-go/</a></p></pre>tmornini: <pre><p>Synchronous is easy, and slow, in every language.</p> <p>What you&#39;re looking for is asynchronous.</p> <p>Go excels at asynchronous workloads.</p> <p>Take a look at goroutines and channels.</p></pre>

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