What are some biological life hacks that actually work?

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<hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>TheBoredBanker: <pre><p>I might be late to the party, but if you mildly hurt yourself like a stubbed toe, or a paper cut, pinch yourself elsewhere and focus on that feeling. Your body assumes it&#39;s more painful and stops feeling the pain from the other spot as much. It helps lessen the length you have to deal with the pain of the injury. I don&#39;t think this will work for gunshot wounds, or decapitations, but I haven&#39;t had the chance to test it...</p> <p>Yet.</p></pre>jptmhde123: <pre><p>My teacher in grade school used to literally kick us in our shins if we said we had a head ache. Worked great n everyone loved her.</p></pre>Sir_Fappleton: <pre><p>Lol what the fuck</p></pre>Help_Im_Under_Water: <pre><p>I&#39;m sure those little fuckers were guilty of something. They had it coming.</p></pre>snowman334: <pre><p>It&#39;s a good cure! After the first few kicks, the entire class stopped having headaches! </p></pre>Berrybeak: <pre><p>If you have a blocked nose right now try this: </p> <ul> <li><p>exhale completely out of your mouth until your lungs are empty. Do not breath back in yet. </p></li> <li><p>pinch your nose with thumb and forefinger. Don&#39;t breathe yet. </p></li> <li><p>tilt your head all the way back, and then all he way forward. Do not breathe in yet. </p></li> <li><p>repeat the head tilting exercise for as long as you can hold your breath. When you can&#39;t hold it anymore let go of your nose and breathe in a nice lungful. Your nose will be clear - at least for long enough to use some Nasal spray and clear it properly. </p></li> </ul> <p>This is awesome! You look a total dick and I&#39;ve no idea how it works. But it does. </p></pre>Nah118: <pre><p>Cause eons of evolution killed off those who would die from lack of oxygen because they had a common and otherwise harmless virus, and now our bodies clear our sinuses if we won&#39;t let it get oxygen in another way.</p></pre>MowMdown: <pre><p>I can only imagine the first of humans (or whatever they were) slowly dying because they can&#39;t breathe through their noses...</p></pre>Merry_Pippins: <pre><p>I believe the term &#34;mouth breather&#34; exists for this reason... </p></pre>ThunderTubs: <pre><p>... proceeds to steal eggos.</p></pre>MokitTheOmniscient: <pre><p>I wish those eons had been a bit more selective.</p> <p>I still think it&#39;s retarded to dispose of waste through the airways when we have a fucking asshole. Not that i&#39;m bitter because i have a cold or anything...</p></pre>-Reddit_Account-: <pre><p>Isn&#39;t mucus needed to clean the nasal cavity anyway?</p></pre>natkingcoal: <pre><p>It&#39;s more to trap foreign particles I think. Most mucus gets swallowed or coughed/sneezed out. Although that&#39;s just in general when you don&#39;t have a cold.</p></pre>Zcamper: <pre><p>Yea but, could you imagine every time you had a cold you&#39;d have to worry about anal leakage.</p></pre>bakemeawaytoys: <pre><p>Haha...ha..ha. Yeah, that would be, ah. That would be terrible if that crazy thing that I don&#39;t have happened regularly to me.</p></pre>RepublicanScum: <pre><p>&#34;Pardon me. I have to go blow my anus&#34;</p></pre>Utkar22: <pre><p>It works</p></pre>xanthraxoid: <pre><p>I could have really done with this a couple of days ago - the stinking cold is abating, now...</p></pre>hrkristian: <pre><p>Think positive; it could always come back!</p></pre>xanthraxoid: <pre><p>Yay! :-)</p> <p>Statistically, the chances of me outliving my next inter-cold period are good...</p></pre>Bubsing: <pre><p>I recommend people READ your whole comment BEFORE trying this. I looked a total dick (dickshit?) doing this and reading the instructions at the same time</p></pre>Thrumpledenoozitty: <pre><p>Haha, I did it too. &#34;When... will I... be allowed... to breathe...&#34;</p></pre>Senor_Ding-Dong: <pre><p>You can also just breath with your nose and do vigorous activity like non stop push ups, keeping your mouth shut. Sinuses will clear up to let you breath.</p></pre>Warphead: <pre><p>I&#39;m not in the mood for vigorous exercise when I have the flu.</p></pre>TomStrange76: <pre><p>Rolling around and stretching on the floor for 5-10 minutes helps to relieve a huge amount of body aches/soreness for me. It&#39;s something I&#39;m doing fairly regularly now because it works miracles when I&#39;m physically spent at the end of a long day. </p> <p>Highly recommended! </p></pre>Laidback36: <pre><p>Do you follow guided routines or should I just channel my inner spaz? </p></pre>Jovial-Microbe: <pre><p>If you need to draw a straight line without a ruler, draw two dots, and put your pencil on one of them. Stare at the other dot and draw your line without looking anywhere else.<br/> Our brains will automatically make your hand go to where you are looking creating a straight line.<br/> Edit - thank you kind stranger for my first reddit gold! </p></pre>morgrath: <pre><blockquote> <p>Our brains will automatically make your hand go to where you are looking creating a straight line.</p> </blockquote> <p>This extends to driving, too. Shoulder checks are great but looking off to one side for more than a moment will cause you to start to drift to that side. Unless you knowingly compensate for it, then you&#39;ll probably start to drift the other way accidentally instead. </p></pre>munstre: <pre><p>There&#39;s actually an easy fix for this as well! When merging and looking over your shoulder you can move your hand from wherever you tend to place it on the wheel while driving, and instead grab the wheel at the bottom (if the wheel was a clock, it&#39;s at the 6 position), with your palm facing up. This tends to prevent any drifting while your checking the shoulders.</p></pre>reughdurgem: <pre><p>Just tried it, what the hell... It&#39;s like I&#39;m not even controlling my own hand.</p></pre>Jovial-Microbe: <pre><p>Weird huh? It&#39;s a trick my dad taught me when I was a kid. He was a draftsmen before computers and everything was drawn on paper. </p></pre>themitchapalooza: <pre><p>I took a drafting class in high school, and it was half CAD and half hand drawn drafting. Completing a draft by hand like that is a serious sense of accomplishment and pride </p></pre>dbence18: <pre><p>I completely agree. I did drafting for theatre in university, and we weren&#39;t allowed to use CAD in the first year. I still have a bunch of my old drafts, and it&#39;s awesome to pull them out and see them sometimes. </p> <p>Edit: autocorrect is the worst </p></pre>reughdurgem: <pre><p>I&#39;m glad you decided to share this though, I have a feeling that this could come in very handy someday (given I don&#39;t forget before then)!</p></pre>Execute13: <pre><p>This doesn&#39;t seem to be giving me any better results than beforehand. And more information?</p></pre>Jovial-Microbe: <pre><p>It loses efficiency the longer the line is you&#39;re trying draw.<br/> Also try drawing away from you instead of left to right. Start with your pencil close to your body, and draw to the dot farthest from you while keeping your eye on the dot.<br/> Hope this helps :) </p></pre>polyminder: <pre><p>And use your elbow, don&#39;t bend your wrist. </p></pre>SurprisedPotato: <pre><p><a href="http://imgur.com/gallery/VP15F">What am I doing wrong here?</a></p> <p>Edit: <a href="http://imgur.com/gallery/lvijw">Thank you for your suggestions!</a></p></pre>Jovial-Microbe: <pre><p>I&#39;m not sure but it is a straight line </p></pre>sreddit: <pre><p>I feel like this is one of those times where we find out someone has a rare undiagnosed disorder of some sort </p></pre>Rivkariver: <pre><p>I&#39;m sorry, your son has straight line boneitis. </p></pre>ForeverDays: <pre><p>Have you tried drawing the opposite direction? When I go left to right (and my right eye is taking the lead) I miss the dot like you, but when I go right to left with my left eye being dominant it works. </p></pre>Merendino: <pre><p>Looks like your calibration is off. Power down and reset. Then when back online check your settings and make sure to recalibrate. </p></pre>TehSalmonOfDoubt: <pre><p>fish</p> <p>fish</p> <p>fish</p> <p>fish</p> <p>fish</p> <p>fish</p></pre>pretentiousprincess: <pre><p>Ok this was freaking awesome. I tried it way too many times. An architect thanks you for the ability to draw nicer sketches lol!</p></pre>Jovial-Microbe: <pre><p>You&#39;re welcome! Glad to help! </p></pre>silver-moon-7: <pre><p>I must have a defective gene. It doesn&#39;t work for me. </p></pre>Rojaddit: <pre><p>Add to this. Rotate the paper so you are drawing a line away from your body. Position your bodyweight over the surface where you are making a mark and move fast and smoothly. </p> <p>Draftsmanship is a skill and if you commit to practicing drawing straight lines where you want them to go, you can get really good at it. Even with computers, people still draw a lot of stuff freehand for industrial design because the best human draftsmen are still way way way faster than the best CAD artists. Your car, your Nike sneakers, were probably both dreamed up by some guy with a sheet of paper and some Prismacolor markers.</p> <p>If you really get interested take a draftsmanship or technical drawing class at a local college. Until then, some more exercises: Once you can draw straight lines, try drawing a series of straight parallel lines. Then draw lines that all converge to the same point. Once you feel good about lines (1000 lines in or something) start looking up how to draw circles and ellipses. </p></pre>sailorj0ey: <pre><p>Maybe I did something wrong but I tried it and the 2 lines I drew with this method looking at the end point came out squigglier then the line I drew watching the pen. </p> <p>Edit: they were about 5 inch long lines, and I drew them top to bottom coming towards me. </p></pre>generousking: <pre><p>That&#39;s absolutely trippy dude</p></pre>Brisecou: <pre><p>I feel like I suddenly have superpowers.</p></pre>AtTheEolian: <pre><p>If you want to make yourself sneeze, try staying in a dark place for a while and then going out into the sun. For 18 to 35% of people, that&#39;ll induce a sneeze due the photic sneeze effect, or Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome (ACHOO). Because scientists especially love a good acronym. </p></pre>fireworkslass: <pre><p>Thank you!! I am one of the 18-35% but nobody else at work is apparently because everyone acted like I was insane when I told them to look at the sun if they need to sneeze. Glad to hear this is a real thing. </p></pre>FlyingBadgerBrewery: <pre><p>Fun story time. I was recovering from having septoplasty done and was driving into the Dr&#39;s office to get things checked out. Due to the surgery, I couldn&#39;t wear sunglasses and the bright sunlight made me sneeze. Blood. Blood everywhere. The inside of my truck looked like that scene from Pulp Fiction where they shoot Marvin in the car. </p></pre>theanti_girl: <pre><p>You&#39;re mistaken. They shot Marvin in the face.</p></pre>Debutchery: <pre><p>I hate how hard that made me laugh</p></pre>therearesomewhocallm: <pre><blockquote> <p>everyone acted like I was insane when I told them to look at the sun </p> </blockquote> <p>Yeah you shouldn&#39;t actually look at the sun. That&#39;s bad for your eyes.</p></pre>burgerbarn: <pre><p>I recently found this to be helpful: if you feel that &#34;tickle&#34; of a sneeze that won&#39;t come, sniff lightly through the nose just deep enough to make that tickle a little worse. Stop as soon as you feel that area. Repeat 3-4 times and the sneeze will come. Works about 80% of the time for me. If you breathe in too fast or deep it&#39;ll kill the sneeze but the annoying tickle can persist.</p> <p>The sunlight thing rarely works for me.</p></pre>hotfirebird: <pre><p>Shit, I&#39;ve got this and passed this trait onto my two boys. My wife thinks we&#39;re weird. Every damn time I go outside and it is sunny.... ACHOO!</p></pre>Plastonick: <pre><p>If you get up to go to the toilet at night, close one eye and keep it closed while the lights are on. When you turn the light back off, the closed eye will still be adjusted to the dark. </p></pre>Epluribusunicorn: <pre><p>I just wear an eyepatch to bed and switch it around after I&#39;ve swabbed the poop deck.</p></pre>hates_poopin: <pre><p>ಠ_ಠ</p></pre>ScorpionTNT: <pre><p>Username checks out</p></pre>ahappypoop: <pre><p>How dare you</p></pre>RayRay_special: <pre><p>That was the concept behind pirates and eye patches. </p></pre>dipsta: <pre><p>Wasn&#39;t it so they could see below deck?</p></pre>AFemaleProtagonist: <pre><p>I think so. Mythbusters did a really good episode on this, one of my favorites, actually.</p></pre>nmzuc: <pre><p>TIL! </p></pre>RayRay_special: <pre><p>Yea, it was dark so they would try and keep one eye adjusted if they had to run back and forth</p></pre>NeonCookies41: <pre><p>I just don&#39;t turn on any lights. Toilets don&#39;t move, so I can find the toilet and pee in the dark just fine. Sometimes finding the soap dispenser is a little tricky, but eh. Usually there&#39;s enough light coming from elsewhere in the night that it&#39;s not a huge deal. </p> <p>Those light-sensing night lights are also good for this. We have one in the basement bathroom and it&#39;s more than enough to see by without being blinding.</p></pre>AtTheEolian: <pre><p>If you have a bit of acid reflux, sleep on your left side. However, if you experience it frequently, talk to your doctor. </p></pre>regdayrf2: <pre><p>Walking each day for a certain amount of time increases your mental capacities. </p></pre>LeftHandBandito_: <pre><p>How does that work?</p></pre>regdayrf2: <pre><p><a href="http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/Walking-Your-steps-to-health">Here</a> is a summary done by Harvard University describing the benefits of Walking. </p> <blockquote> <p>walking improves cardiac risk factors such as [...] mental stress. And if cardiac protection and a lower death rate are not enough to get you moving, consider that walking and other moderate exercise programs also help <strong>protect against dementia</strong>, </p> </blockquote> <p>It reduces mental stress. A reduction of a negative aspect for your mental health is an improvement to your mental capacities. If your mind has less stress, it can use it&#39;s capacities on other topics more efficiently. </p> <p>Furthermore, it protects against dementia, which is another very harmful disorder for your mind. Another reduction of a negative aspect. </p></pre>TankSpooners: <pre><p>I&#39;m a Postman. I walk 8-9 miles a day 6 days a week, why am I not a genius yet?</p></pre>Fez_Mast-er: <pre><p>Oh my god I have been accidentally doing this for years. Bored? Pace around the house thinking about random things. Small amount of exercise, and you can sort out your thoughts.</p></pre>AtTheEolian: <pre><p>If you get a lot of mild headaches that feel like they might be caffeine headaches, or maybe tension headaches, try drinking more water. They could be caused by dehydration. </p></pre>Nah118: <pre><p>Also if you&#39;re tired.</p></pre>MechanicMonkey: <pre><p>Or stressed</p></pre>PM_ME_GLUTE_SPREAD: <pre><p>Or haven&#39;t had caffeine in a while</p></pre>poopellar: <pre><p>Or a compliment...</p></pre>ermine: <pre><p>You have a very sensual mouth and feet.</p> <p>How&#39;s your headache now?</p></pre>All_of_the: <pre><p>It&#39;s moving lower</p></pre>drinkermoth: <pre><p>Tired, stressed, caffinated? So I should just reshape my existence then because of a head that can&#39;t hack it? /s</p></pre>propanololololol: <pre><p>Or if you slept too much.</p></pre>duckducksheep: <pre><p>I always tell people this, it&#39;s amazing how much dehydration can fuck you up. </p></pre>CallMeTheCunch: <pre><p>Dehydration can also cause an increase in heart rate and dizziness. Thought I was getting sick/having a bad reaction to medication... Nope, severely dehydrated and was hospitalized for it. </p></pre>germdragon: <pre><p>I swear I tell my girlfriend this once a day. She always complains about a headache later on in the day and when I ask if she&#39;s drank any water at 3 pm she says no. Drink water people. Since I started pounding back 4-6 L a day it&#39;s incredible how great I feel and how much I notice it when I don&#39;t get enough. </p> <p>Edit: I don&#39;t recommend everyone drink the amount I do. It is very possible to drink too much water and it can even be dangerous. I am 6&#39;2&#34; 220lbs and live a pretty active lifestyle always outside or in the gym so I find that amount works for me. Also, your body gets used to the pee thing pretty quickly and I don&#39;t need to go any more than the average person. </p></pre>Shimakaze4: <pre><p>If you&#39;re laying in bed and half your nose is blocked, roll to the side where the clear nostril is against your pillow and you&#39;ll find that within about a minute, your blocked nostril will open and you can breathe easy.</p></pre>theRealPadster: <pre><p>And then in a few minutes the other one is clogged, so repeat the process</p></pre>Shimakaze4: <pre><p>It might give you a few minutes to fall asleep. Works for me anyway.</p></pre>JarveyJenkens: <pre><p>If someone else has hiccups, ask them when the last time they saw a white horse was. They&#39;ll think about it for a split second, then give you some sort of answer, then their hiccups are gone. </p> <p>Sometimes I do this to random people and not even tell them why I asked. They usually walk away thinking I&#39;m some sort of weirdo, but hey, their hiccups are gone.</p></pre>Versk: <pre><p>Doesn&#39;t work if they are currently looking at a white horse</p></pre>JarveyJenkens: <pre><p>&#34;The hell is wrong with you, there&#39;s one <strong>HIC!</strong> there&#39;s one right there.&#34;</p></pre>HailToTheThief225: <pre><p>For some reason I read that in Rick Sanchez&#39;s voice.</p></pre>rydan: <pre><p>My school counselor said &#34;give them to me&#34;. And they were immediately gone. Then she explained you just have to do something and it will go away. Since then I&#39;ve gotten rid of them immediately with just my mind.</p></pre>JarveyJenkens: <pre><p>That&#39;s cool, I&#39;ll have to try that.</p></pre>fireworkslass: <pre><p>My hiccups thing is to sit still, take the deepest breath you possibly can, and then hold that breath in for as long as possible. Someone told me this rebalances your diaphragm or something, no idea if thats a real thing or just a placebo but it usually works for me!</p></pre>Elaquore: <pre><p>I do this, but when you restart beathing you have to do it as slowly as you can. </p></pre>HampsterUpMyAss: <pre><p>Also you DO have to restart breathing. I didn&#39;t do that step and died</p></pre>MacheteDont: <pre><p><strong>Another</strong> hiccup trick that (sometimes) work for me: Take a deep breath, hold it, <em>while</em> swallowing a few tiny sips of water three (or more) times.</p></pre>geak78: <pre><p>I used to bend all the way over and drink upside down, which forces you to hold your breath anyway.</p></pre>chomputer: <pre><p>I&#39;m now tempted to put a small notebook labeled &#34;White Horse Spottings&#34; into my backpack.</p></pre>kerouak: <pre><p>How does it work?</p></pre>AtTheEolian: <pre><p>There is a type of visual persistence phenomenon where you look at an image for a certain number of minutes, and the aftereffects can last for months. It&#39;s called <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCollough_effect">The McCollough effect</a>, and there are sample images on that Wikipedia page.</p></pre>zealous_curator: <pre><p>That&#39;s pretty fascinating. I&#39;m tempted to try this, but I&#39;m afraid I&#39;d regret it within 5 minutes if the effects are really pronounced. </p></pre>ToAlohaOverlord: <pre><p>It&#39;s actually pretty subtle, just did it and was confused why it wasn&#39;t working until I actually LOOKED at it for a moment.</p> <p>You know that paint on the wall or ceiling is white, but if you got a paint store they&#39;ll tell you it&#39;s some random shade? After I did the induction thing, the new whites just had a SLIGHT red or green shade. </p></pre>RedBullRyan: <pre><p>I just did it. The effects aren&#39;t that pronounced and the picture on the wiki is now the only thing I&#39;m seeing differently.</p></pre>ButternutSasquatch: <pre><p>Is that a hack or a glitch?</p></pre>Laphroaig18Lover: <pre><p><a href="/r/outside">r/outside</a> </p></pre>arcticphoenix81: <pre><p>I remember getting one of these at church as a kid. You stared at this random image for a while, look away, and saw Jesus. </p></pre>EngineeringNeverEnds: <pre><p>Different effect. </p></pre>Toxicitor: <pre><p>The pinhole effect</p> <p>If you&#39;re short or long sighted, then take off your glasses and make a tiny, TINY hole with your hand. Look through it and read something you normally couldn&#39;t.</p></pre>photolouis: <pre><p>For photographers: doing this serves to reduce the aperture, thereby increasing your depth of field and putting more things in focus. </p></pre>lluckya: <pre><p>Or squint. </p></pre>AtTheEolian: <pre><p>For amputees experiencing phantom limb pain, a potentially effective treatment involves looking at the existing limb in a mirror, so that it looks kind of like the missing limb is there too. It sort of allows patients to &#34;move&#34; the phantom limb or relax it. </p> <p>There isn&#39;t a ton of research on it, but it&#39;s pretty promising and has worked wonders for some folks. I&#39;m kind of crap at explaining it, so here&#39;s the <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_box">Wikipedia article</a>. </p></pre>Kryshta: <pre><p>There was a Dr. House episode on this.</p></pre>Bluedystopia: <pre><p>Grey&#39;s anatomy too.</p></pre>Spin737: <pre><p>And Venture Bros. </p></pre>radioactiveneuron: <pre><p>This treatment was created by VS Ramachandran MD, PhD. He also has a Tedtalk if anyone is interested in other strange syndromes. Synaethesia, capgras delusion, phantom pain, etc. Cool guy!</p></pre>HintOfAreola: <pre><p>The Dr who came up with this, Dr Ramachandran, wrote an <em>excellent</em> book called, &#34;Phantoms in the Brain,&#34; all about different neuro issues he has studied. It&#39;s very accessible (I&#39;m a dummy and I could follow it) and completely fascinating.</p></pre>burba: <pre><p>Sometimes in the morning before my shower I&#39;ll sit on the toilet to pee rather than stand. When I&#39;m done peeing I&#39;ll continue to just sit there and read the news or whatever on my phone. 7 times out of 10 I&#39;ll end up pooping if I sit there long enough. This prevents that horrible situation where you shower then as soon as you get out you have to poop. I&#39;m not a morning person so perhaps if I got up a little earlier and had a cup of coffee things would progress naturally, but this works for me.</p></pre>bAZtARd: <pre><p>LPT: Sit to pee. Cleaner toilet, more comfy + you maybe get the chance to poop.</p></pre>scentofwater: <pre><p>This is only uncomfortable with morning wood</p></pre>strikerhawk: <pre><p>Not much easier standing that way either though. Unless you have a urinal. </p></pre>dgamr: <pre><p>If you drink caffeine in the morning, just a small amount should get things moving (or sometimes just the smell). </p></pre>khalam: <pre><p>Reading from my morning pee poop. I agree.</p></pre>FallingExpert: <pre><p>Okay, so I&#39;m female and I was like, what the hell are you doing normally? Does she mean crouching? Can she teach me how to stand and pee?</p></pre>phasePup: <pre><p>On a serious note, my girlfriend can teach you... I&#39;ve seen it... Many times.</p></pre>Justinwc: <pre><p>Stay golden ponyboy.</p></pre>Zouea: <pre><p>If you take a warm shower before you get in bed, your core temperature will drop as you lie in bed (because it rose in the shower) which your body reads as a stage of falling asleep, leading you to fall asleep much faster.</p> <p>I&#39;m an insomniac, most prescription sleep meds don&#39;t work for me, but this plus better sleep hygiene has helped me a ton.</p></pre>inthefishtanks: <pre><p>From one of those, &#34;what the fuck did I just read&#34;, moments. Females, when constipated, could apparently, move their fecal matter , by inserting their fingers into their vaginas and guiding it out of their anus. </p></pre>banananamous: <pre><p>The male method is to push your &#34;taint&#34; area close enough to your anus to feel the poop that is trapped in your colon. By bearing down gently and pushing (gently!) on the poop you feel through your peri-anal area, you can also guide it out.</p> <p>Before I learned the vagina trick, I was doing the male version. The male version is actually my constipation go-to...but if that won&#39;t work it&#39;s time to take it further...</p></pre>DoubleDroz: <pre><p>How... How often are you constipated?</p></pre>partanimal: <pre><p>Your comment says 67 minutes ago. The person you replied to is an hour ago.</p> <p>Are you magic?</p></pre>DoubleDroz: <pre><p>Indeed, I am from the future. </p> <p>Fidget spinners are still popular here. </p></pre>HarryIsNotEmo: <pre><p>Dear god... Why?</p></pre>UnpaintedHuffheinz: <pre><p>Don&#39;t worry, he&#39;s only 7 minutes into the future.</p></pre>FluffyMustache: <pre><p>I just had to do a double take on those comments.</p> <p>What. The. <strong>Fuck?</strong> </p></pre>leviathanqueen: <pre><p>My friend has told me she&#39;s done this for years. I&#39;m glad to know its a thing, not that it makes it better or anything. </p></pre>TeaPartyInTheGarden: <pre><p>As someone who is, as my husband puts it, a &#39;serial constipationalist&#39;, this little hack has been a lifesaver over the years. </p> <p>In addition, learning how to give birth has improved my pooping technique no end. </p> <p>Now, if someone knows a hack for haemorrhoids my bottom will be extremely happy. </p></pre>loliaway: <pre><p>just push &#39;em back in.</p></pre>SolidGold54: <pre><p>Yo, seriously, start getting exercise. That shit works. Go hard, go beyond what you expect you can do. You&#39;ll feel great.</p></pre>shinkouhyou: <pre><p>I feel like I must be exercising wrong... I&#39;ve never experienced anything like an &#34;exercise high.&#34; I just feel tired, bored and sweaty no matter what I do. I keep doing it because I know it&#39;s healthy, but it never stops feeling like an unpleasant chore. </p> <p>Meanwhile my coworkers talk about running like it&#39;s cocaine and I don&#39;t understand at all.</p></pre>Octarine_: <pre><p>I understand you, everybody seems to love it but for me exercise sucks. Where&#39;s the fun of getting tired running around or lifting heavy things when i could be doing something really fun?</p></pre>ctwohfiveoh: <pre><p>It does sound like an &#34;everyone&#39;s different&#34; sort of thing, but I feel like the harder I exercise... like especially to the point I feel temporarily miserable (like heart rate above 180)... the better I feel the NEXT DAY. I used to get sort of that high they talk about from lifting weights- more of a euphoric feeling great about myself, but I think that was more so when I worked out very regularly.</p></pre>paw3lekka: <pre><p>try doing something you really like. i could play basketball for like 2 hours straight and get dead tired but will be happy afterwards</p></pre>shinkouhyou: <pre><p>What if I don&#39;t like any exercise, or if the exercises that I do like aren&#39;t possible to do on a daily basis? For instance, I enjoy hiking in the mountains in the fall/winter when it&#39;s not too hot, but I live in the city and I hate being outside in hot weather. I don&#39;t like group sports, and even if I did, my schedule is too variable to commit to a team. I&#39;ve tried a lot of exercises that I can do in my area, from weightlifting to dancing to biking to swimming, but none of them are <em>genuinely</em> fun. They&#39;re just slight variations on an unpleasant chore. </p></pre>AtTheEolian: <pre><p>If you get brain freeze, either breathe with your mouth open for a few seconds and power through, or try to use your tongue to warm the roof of your mouth. </p></pre>IconOfSim: <pre><p>A friend suggested inducing a brain freeze when you have a migraine to cure it. </p> <p>I went blind and had tears streaming from my left eye while i was in incredible pain. I dont take his advice anymore </p></pre>raaldiin: <pre><p>Probably the same type of friend who would tell you that lemon juice helps cauterize cuts </p></pre>IKnowUThinkSo: <pre><p>I have a mild migraine/extensive headache right now and even thinking about getting a brain freeze made me wince. That sounds like terrible advice.</p></pre>Garfield-1-23-23: <pre><p>My father had a knee replacement a few years ago and tried to tough out the post-op period at home without any opiates. This led to one incident of pretty severe pain (he doesn&#39;t normally beg us to kill him) which made him finally pop some Percosets, but before the drugs kicked in he was still thrashing around in agony.</p> <p>To take his mind off it, I started asking him about his college apartment in all kinds of elaborate detail, like what kind of carpet was on the floor, what color shower curtain did they have, what sort of dishes and on what shelves were they kept etc. etc. It forced him to focus his attention on his memories of this place and not on the pain he was currently experiencing. It was successful, at least long enough for the drugs to start doing real work on the problem.</p></pre>AtTheEolian: <pre><p>Vertigo can sometimes be treated by a series of particular movements of the head. This is because it&#39;s caused by tiny crystals in your ear floating in the wrong place. There are even <a href="http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/self-help-videos-to-stop-vertigo-work-for-some-not-all-201208065110">videos on how to treat it yourself.</a> </p></pre>Zabulonian: <pre><p>For those times when you need to get rid of your pesky gag reflex:</p> <p>Take your left thumb, fold it in to your palm, and hold it firmly in your left fist.</p> <p>Continue to hold it as you take your right index finger and press it on the middle of your throat. Continue to hold your left thumb in your left fist until the job&#39;s done. Voila, you&#39;re freed from the limitations of your throat, at least for a little while.</p> <p>;)</p></pre>TroopBeverlyHills: <pre><p>For some reason this totally works. I didn&#39;t know about the right index finger thing, but holding my left thumb has helped me to stop gagging when brushing my back teeth.</p></pre>nuwuwu: <pre><p>Get adequate sleep.</p></pre>StandupGaming: <pre><p>Do you have any life hacks on how to do that if you&#39;re a chronic insomniac?</p></pre>greasy_bacon: <pre><p>My friend used to be a semi-insomniac (never properly diagnosed but often had completely sleepless nights) and after developing a proper workout routine it helped immensely.<br/> Working out for 20/30 minutes each day will help you, but even if it doesn&#39;t cure your insomnia it has immense benefits in other areas! Everyone owes it to themselves to work out regularly. </p> <p>or bud</p></pre>WrathOfTheHydra: <pre><p>Several people I know with insomnia worked in an office setting. Once they started walking a few miles a day, they started being able to sleep. Like, it sounds like a duh, but if you expel practically no energy the entire day, you&#39;re going to have some during the night time.</p></pre>dvdanny: <pre><p>Also I&#39;m pretty sure it&#39;s been proven indoor lighting really fuck​s up our sleep cycle. Office buildings are just the worse at this. I have to wake up at 5am Monday to Saturday to work out before heading to work. At first I was worried I couldn&#39;t do it as I always get shitty sleep (takes me 2-3 hours in bed before I would fall asleep). Once I started working out, boom best sleep I&#39;ve consistently had in decades. Once 930pm hits my body just tells me to go the fuck to sleep. I&#39;m knocked out within 30 minutes of going to bed now. I also have way more energy during the day now.</p></pre>bassdome: <pre><p>0.66667 of a minute workout? Finally a goal I can reach.</p></pre>Insert_Gnome_Here: <pre><p>Stay off the drink, avoid blue light, take diphenhydramine.</p></pre>djmarcone: <pre><p>Yes blue light. My latest phone update added a blue light reduction option. </p></pre>Emperor_of_Alagasia: <pre><p>I have an app called twilight that does the same thing for those who don&#39;t have that option (android btw). I love it.</p></pre>BurningBright: <pre><p>You can get f.lux for your laptop. It&#39;s the exact same idea. </p></pre>Venom0923: <pre><p>For hiccups, take a deep breath, swallow twice, then exhale slowly out of your nose. </p> <p>I have no clue why it works, I just had hiccups yesterday and googled how to get rid of them and this worked. I&#39;ll definitely be using it next time. </p></pre>FlawsAndCeilings: <pre><p>I tell myself to hiccup again, and get all stressed with myself, go on, hiccup again, and the pressure of trying to force an involuntary action seems to prevent further hiccups. </p></pre>shocktribe: <pre><p>You make the hiccup awkward.</p></pre>bdfull3r: <pre><p>For Tinnitus, stolen from another sort of thread. </p> <p>&#34;Place the palms of your hands over your ears with fingers resting gently on the back of your head. Your middle fingers should point toward one another just above the base of your skull. Place your index fingers on top of you middle fingers and snap them (the index fingers) onto the skull making a loud, drumming noise. Repeat 40-50 times. Some people experience immediate relief with this method. Repeat several times a day for as long as necessary to reduce tinnitus.Dr. Jan Strydom, of A2Z of Health, Beauty and Fintess.org.&#34;</p></pre>arabidopsis: <pre><p>Mawp.</p></pre>Y00pDL: <pre><p>Yeah I heard about this... Does not work for me.</p></pre>splunke: <pre><p>Same, just makes it more noticeable since I&#39;m now thinking about Tinnitus</p></pre>FireproofFerret: <pre><p>Holy shit, that worked instantly for me.</p> <p>Thank you for sharing!</p></pre>my_name_is_gato: <pre><p>You can help loosen a plugged sinus by alternating pushing on the roof of your mouth with your tongue or thumb, then using your other hand to push just above the bridge of the nose. </p> <p>Also, a finger up the rectum is the best hiccups cure. I&#39;m serious. </p></pre>samfringo: <pre><p>Hmm, no wonder why I never get hiccups</p></pre>AtTheEolian: <pre><p>Although, if you want to sort out the blocked sinus, try a neti pot with the right solution though. It&#39;s incredibly weird at first, but works like a charm. </p> <p>The second cure I will not comment on. </p></pre>The_Finglonger: <pre><p>My only familiarity with netti pots is that story about that woman who got an amoeba in her sinus, and it ate her brain. </p></pre>bluskale: <pre><p>Yeah... just be sure to use distilled or boiled (and cooled) water for this and you&#39;ll be fine.</p> <p>That amoeba is resistant to standard chlorine levels used in municipal water treatment, so it has been an occasional issue. Mostly infections are associated with some sort of outdoor water play in non-chlorinated water. <a href="http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/08/28/491482319/a-young-woman-dies-a-teen-is-saved-after-amoebas-infect-the-brain">NPR link</a></p></pre>NZT-48Rules: <pre><p>The hiccup cure is a result of stimulating the vagus nerve. Irritation of the vagus nerve is a common cause of hiccup.</p> <p><a href="http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hiccups/symptoms-causes/dxc-20320115">http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hiccups/symptoms-causes/dxc-20320115</a></p></pre>Josh_From_Accounting: <pre><p>If you stop eating, drinking, and sleeping long enough, you are freed from all suffering!</p> <p>Life hack!</p></pre>gimmebleach: <pre><p>Nice try BuzzFeed</p></pre>iDarliegirl: <pre><p>Every thread like this</p></pre>FreeRangeHumans: <pre><p>YOU WONT BELIEVE #45!</p> <h1>45: if you have a stomach ache, you might have to take a dump</h1></pre>Jacky_de_Ripper: <pre><p>Conserve ammo by shooting enemies in the head.</p></pre>MVPVisionZ: <pre><p>Switching to your sidearm is faster than reloading</p></pre>dalebrower: <pre><p>You mean conserve ammo by stabbing enemies with a knife, Jacky? </p></pre>Jacky_de_Ripper: <pre><p>When a knife is not available you may have to resort to unarmed combat</p></pre>We_Are_The_Romans: <pre><p>CRISPR genome editing</p></pre>Air_Hellair: <pre><p>I was at my dermatologist&#39;s when I had a hay fever attack. He asked if it was bad and I said yes, I get hay fever at the start of spring every year and it lasts until fall.</p> <p>He told me that allergies were the body&#39;s mistaken overreaction to impurities in the environment. Pollen doesn&#39;t actually do any harm in and of itself, but your body sees these small particles and does everything it can to throw off these invaders, hence the waves of mucus (to wash them out) or watery eyes, sneezing, what have you.</p> <p>So, he said, when you feel an allergy attack coming on, use your mind to tell the rest of your body, &#34;It&#39;s probably just pollen, which is mostly harmless. I can handle this, I&#39;m brain, I&#39;m pretty smart.&#34; Then go drink some water, blow your nose, and go on with life.</p> <p>I tried it and it has greatly reduced my hay fever suffering. He also told me that the histamine effect (that&#39;s the body creating mucus and watery eyes to throw off invaders) is counteracted by <em>antihistamines</em> (of course) which are basically artificial stimulants similar to adrenaline. This was because in ancient times, if a sabre tooth tiger was coming after you, you didn&#39;t have time to deal with a bunch of sneezing and watery eyes, you needed all your faculties. So if you find yourself having a hay fever attack and don&#39;t want to take antihistamines, you can <em>think</em> about being chased by a sabre tooth tiger (or other stressful things -- I think about my bills lol) and your body will produce adrenaline which can counteract the attack.</p> <p>It&#39;s been nearly 30 years since I learned about this. I&#39;d say hay fever season is at least 80% better for me. Maybe it will help you!</p> <p>Side note: He was a shit dermatologist. Removed a cyst from my arm, gave me no after care instructions, I guessed at what to do, wound up with sepsis in my arm, had to go to the ER and get powerful antibiotics. 4/13, would not recommend.</p></pre>reg3nade: <pre><p>If you are overheating or feel really warm ( from workout, or if it&#39;s really hot outside), put cold water on your wrist or neck to cool down faster. </p> <p>These are some pulse points where the blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin.</p> <p><a href="http://lifehacker.com/5571072/know-your-bodys-cooling-spots">http://lifehacker.com/5571072/know-your-bodys-cooling-spots</a></p></pre>skye_fury: <pre><p>If you get a stitch in your chest (usually from running or just random) that bothers you when you breathe in past a certain point, you have to brace yourself and breathe in all the way quickly. The trick is to do it like the lung equivalent of pulling off a bandaid. </p> <p>As soemone who gets these all thw godsamn time, 80% of the time it&#39;ll be gone immediately. </p></pre>PM_ME_YOUR_MEAL_PREP: <pre><p>Raising your feet and lean forward when pooping, Imagine a downhill skiers body position.<br/> No straining due to mimicking the action of squat toilets.<br/> Or just...use a squat toilet. </p></pre>Lone_wolfe143143: <pre><p>Or purchase a &#34;squatty potty.&#34; I&#39;ve seen these on the market now &amp; am thinking of having my husband make one.</p></pre>thrustingreatbacon: <pre><p>I have one, its fantastic</p></pre>FlyPenFly: <pre><p>Hate running? Try changing your stride to lots of smaller shorter steps. Went from 3 miles being a monumental hurdle to twice a week 8 mile runs feeling great. Its a lot easier on your knees and feet too. Also, audiobooks help with the boredom. Run outside, not on a treadmill.</p></pre>I_Stink: <pre><p>Jerk it befoee making big decision.</p></pre>-ScottishNinja-: <pre><p>What about while making a big decision?</p></pre>Ibn_Khomeini: <pre><p>Got back with an Ex one time because I didn&#39;t take this advice </p></pre>Gr1pp717: <pre><p>Not sure if this fits here, but vinegar is super useful. In a lot of ways... </p> <p>I&#39;m a very greasy and sweaty person. And sometimes my BO builds up to the point where I can still smell it fresh out of the shower. I also tend to get jock itch and athlete&#39;s foot pretty often... And have tried tons of things to fix these problems, including prescriptions, but ultimately found vinegar to be the best. </p> <p>Just spray some on the problem area, wait a few minutes, and hop in the shower. The vinegar kills the bacteria which cause the issue. It kills odor so well you&#39;ll probably be able to get away with not using deodorant for a few days after, even. (not that you should, though...) </p> <p>It&#39;s also a great antihistamine, instantly soothes itching. Which also makes it great on sunburns and insect stings (particularly apple cider vinegar). Not only does it make the sunburn stop itching, but it stops the pain as well, and seems to temper the sunburn into a tan. Minimizes peeling as well... I really can&#39;t emphasize enough how well it works on sunburns. More soothing and helpful than aloe, for sure. </p> <p>It stinks, but only for about 5 minutes. And you you&#39;ll eventually get over the shock of the smell. (oh, and the first time on the scrotum will sting a little...) </p></pre>
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