What do you SWEAR you saw, but don't have any proof of?

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<hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>Novacryy: <pre><p>As a child I touched some weird pest plant in our garden, I think it stung me. Then I saw everything in inverted colors for short time. And then back to normal. I was in such a shock, I couldn&#39;t explain it to my mom. I just went to her crying. </p></pre>binjafuller: <pre><p>You probably touched a Brugmansia. They are loaded with scopolamine and can cause you to see things that are not there. Inverse colors are a common hallucination from them. Brugmansia are a very common garden flower, despite their effects, because only small children will be effected by contact alone. Did you have big orange flowers that hang downwards in your garden?</p></pre>bobbybac: <pre><blockquote> <p>The author Christina Pratt, in An Encyclopedia of Shamanism, says that &#34;Brugmansia induces a powerful trance with violent and unpleasant effects, sickening after effects, and at times temporary insanity&#34;. These hallucinations are often characterized by complete loss of awareness that one is hallucinating, disconnection from reality, and amnesia of the episode, such as one example reported in Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience of a young man who <strong>amputated his own penis and tongue after drinking only 1 cup of Brugmansia tea</strong></p> </blockquote> <p><a href="https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brugmansia">https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brugmansia</a></p> <p>e: format</p></pre>vunderbra: <pre><p>Well, I think you just discouraged a lot people from experimenting with it.</p></pre>Mr_Annette: <pre><p>I was reading through like damn this sounds kinda cool maybe I&#39;ll tr-oke nevermind maybe we&#39;ll leave chowing down on hallucinogenic garden plants for another day...</p></pre>SGT_Chowdown: <pre><p>Brugmansia are terrifying! Not two days ago I read a &#34;trip report&#34; about some dude who took Brugmansia tea he made out of TWO LEAVES <em>AND</em> TWO FLOWERS (one leaf per 32oz+ of water is MORE than enough), and the guy ended up crashing knee-first through a plate glass window and then ripped the back door to his house off its hinges with his own two hands. Shit is terrifying.</p></pre>bixiethewitch: <pre><p>You may be interested in this:</p> <p>&#34;A very rare sequela to bee or wasp stings is optic neuropathy. Goldstein et al. reported the first bee-associated case in 1960 and we have found only two in connection with wasp stings.&#34;</p> <p>Optic neuropathy and orbital inflammatory mass after wasp stings <a href="https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1079588/">https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1079588/</a></p> <p>Optic neuropathy doesn&#39;t have &#39;inverted&#39; colors specifically associated with it, but it does have color vision effects.</p></pre>phdcandidate: <pre><p>My friend and I were watching basketball in the early days that Charles Barkley was a panelist. He was apologizing for calling a team &#34;midgets&#34; and saying that he now knew it was offensive. But as they were going to commercial, we both heard him say over a hot mic &#34;Besides, they shouldn&#39;t hate me, they should hate God.&#34;</p> <p>My friend and I were amazed, and convinced he would be fired. But not only did we never hear about it again, the clip doesn&#39;t even exist online anywhere. It&#39;s as though we had a double delusion. </p></pre>RollerRagerMD: <pre><p>Funny enough, yesterday I was reading a thread about satellite TV. Back in the day, you could pick up the satellite feeds that broadcasters sent to local TV stations. Like, if NBC was covering a basketball game, they&#39;d have a satellite truck set up at the arena beaming up to space. The satellite would then beam that down to Earth, so that your local NBC station could pick it up and transmit it across its broadcast area. It was up to your local station to then put in advertisements during breaks and whatnot.</p> <p>However, if you had big dish satellite, you could sometimes pick up those raw feeds. Supposedly you&#39;d end up hearing the commentators just BSing, the cameraman aiming at random things, etc.</p></pre>VanillaBear321: <pre><p>I think this is still possible occasionally? I remember last year when WWE broadcast from the UK someone picked up the raw feed and streamed it live online and you could sometimes hear the commentators during commercial breaks. It&#39;s fun to watch. </p></pre>RollerRagerMD: <pre><p>I think it just depends on whether the feed is scrambled. Most of it is these days :(</p></pre>binjafuller: <pre><p>Can confirm. Saw it too. I was being babysat at an uncles house and he had a Super Nintendo that I desperately wanted to play, but he insisted on watching sports. I distinctly remember hearing that quote. </p></pre>Totally_Not_Anna: <pre><p>When I was about 6, my entire family was helping to build my grandparents a new house. I was helping my dad move some really long 2x4s from the lumber pile when a mouse ran out from under the board I had moved (out in the middle of the woods, mice were no big deal to any of us.) I did a double take though because THE MOUSE WAS FREAKING BLUE. I don&#39;t mean the sun reflected off its fur and it had a blue sheen to it, I mean a brilliant, royal blue. He was running fast but I got my dad to notice it too and he agreed that the mouse <em>really was royal freaking blue</em>. We&#39;ve told multiple people, my mom included, and no one believes us. But we know what we saw.</p></pre>Climinteedus: <pre><p>You should have caught him. They evolve into Radicate when they level up.</p></pre>WolfGirl94: <pre><p>In 1994, on a farm in the southern Midwest US, five year old me had this huge yellow lab, sweetest dog in the world, who one day suddenly lost her shit barking and ran outside. Being 5, I followed her and watched her run out into the cow pasture (where the cows were suspiciously nowhere in sight) and went toe to toe with a fucking grey wolf. </p> <p>That area at that time was definitely not wolf country. Coyote sure, but there is no way it was a coyote. Thing towered over my lab, and I&#39;d seen plenty enough coyotes before to know that this thing was not that. My lab barked her damn head off right in his face, and after about a minute he tilted his head and then just turned around and disappeared into the woods. Found all the cows at the opposite end of the pasture circled around the two calves we had. They were never that terrified of coyotes, and they had no fear of domestic dogs (my lab literally climbed over them when they laid down and would tug on their tails - cows gave no fucks). </p> <p>I will go to my damn grave saying it was a wolf I saw, but nobody believes me of course. I&#39;ve spent years researching wolves and wolf hybrids but every picture I&#39;ve seen of both the animal and the paw prints he left behind says it was very very very much more wolf than coyote or dog or even a mix.</p></pre>AsaTJ: <pre><p>I saw a wolf near my aunt and uncle&#39;s property outside of Divide, CO in 1994/95, when there weren&#39;t supposed to be any wild wolves in the state of Colorado. I&#39;ve seen thousands of coyotes in my life. And huskies, and malamutes, and every kind of big doggo you can think of. I know what those look like. This was a wolf. Not sure if it had escaped from somewhere or what, but it looked straight at me for a very long moment, then wandered away. No proof, since people didn&#39;t really carry cameras around back then.</p> <p>EDIT: Thanks to google maps, I can show you almost precisely where the sighting happened. </p> <p><a href="https://goo.gl/maps/TUmTT97chPR2">https://goo.gl/maps/TUmTT97chPR2</a></p> <p>It was even less built up then than it is now.</p></pre>rssnlsn: <pre><p>Join the club. We&#39;ve had a cougar in our backyard on several occasions and it has been seen around the other houses outside of town. People have pictures of the tracks but the DNR constantly says it&#39;s &#34;just a big coyote&#34;. There have been a handful of farm animals mauled in the area. </p> <p>This is in central Wisconsin so it&#39;s not unlikely that it&#39;s actually a cougar. </p></pre>shardcommondale: <pre><p>I&#39;m in line at a cafeteria. The guy in front of me is holding a pudding cup. Someone walking by stumbles and falls into pudding cup guy, knocking his pudding cup out of his hand. While everyone is looking at stumbling guy, the pudding cup goes a good two feet straight up in the air. Pudding cup guy is totally focused and at the last second turns and catches the pudding cup behind his back. He looks at me, smiles and that was that. No one else saw it.</p></pre>aDuckSmashedOnQuack: <pre><p>Spiderman? </p></pre>SheepishEffect: <pre><p>When I was around 10 years old I went down to a lake when I was on holiday. When I get down there I vividly remember a massive ball of lightning just hovering and then it struck the middle of the lake. I never ran so fast in my life back to the litte house we were staying in. </p></pre>LiverNeedsBoozeBadly: <pre><p>Our house was struck by lightening one night and my mom says she saw a hovering ball of lightning. Apparently it&#39;s something that can happen.</p></pre>KaikesPokeCards: <pre><p>Yeah, its called ball lightning. It can pass through windows, and is SCARY SHIT.</p></pre>vsmile13: <pre><p>When I was about twelve, I was riding in the backseat of the family car. I looked over and the car next to me had three people sitting in the front (this was in the 1980s) and it was a man, woman and man. In that order. At the stop light, the woman leaned down and the two men leaned in and started making out.</p> <p>This was the first time I had seen anything like this. I was so dumbfounded, I couldn&#39;t even tell my family.</p></pre>uselessnamemango: <pre><p>Woman was probably polishing shafts down there</p></pre>thegoldisjustbanana: <pre><p>I was so excited the first and only time I caught somebody giving road head. Looked over and the guy was alone behind the wheel, staring straight ahead. Then something caught my eye. It was the sight of a slight pony tail bobbing up and down. I gave them a thumbs up and the girl emerged with the most horrified look on her face, and she immediately tried to hide.</p> <p>Edit: judging by the numerous PMs and comments, no, this was probably not you that I saw! It seems that road head is very popular, multiple people probably get caught every day.</p></pre>subie_grandad: <pre><p>I looked over and watched a guy rub his girlfriends back while she threw up all over one time</p></pre>16letterd1: <pre><p>You know it&#39;s true love when they pat your back while you puke </p></pre>WildxYak: <pre><p>I was at the airport and saw a businessman with a carry on wheely bag get off the escalator.<br/> He turned the corner, broke into a sprint carrying the bag by it&#39;s small strap handle on top.<br/> He swung the bag forward and let go of the strap handle. While it was in mid-air he grabbed the currently unextended extending handle, pressed the button and on the back swing extended the handle and landed it on its wheels and continued sprinting, all without breaking stride.</p></pre>tututututodayjr: <pre><p>Brb gutta try something</p></pre>arguing-wharf: <pre><p>Its been one hour since he left.</p> <p><strong>HE DED</strong></p></pre>slaght: <pre><p>You obvious that you did not see any old businessman, but THE businessman from which all other businessmen are born.</p></pre>Turakamu: <pre><p>And his profession? Business.</p></pre>Kernath: <pre><p>This is what I came to this thread for. Normal &#34;everyday&#34; shit that you were the only person to see. </p> <p>Instead I find out that nearly every redditor on the site has seen a ghost, alien, or pterodactyl. </p></pre>poopellar: <pre><p>I saw a bunch of crows, around 20+, gather around in a circle. I was like wtf and took a closer look to see 3 other crows in the middle of the circle, all on their backs. And some crows from the circle would hop in and try to peck at the 3 crows, while they cawed and tried to defend themselves with their feet. I know crows are smart and all but didn&#39;t expect this level of social behavior. It went on for a while before a kid ran in and scattered them all. </p></pre>Tamany_AlThor: <pre><p>We (people in southern Appalachia) call that a Crow Court. I&#39;ve seen it happen too, just with one in the middle. While it definitely does happen, apparently no-one knows why. We all know that corvids are crazy smart, so I think the idea of a Crow Court isn&#39;t far off. Maybe the crows in the middle did something to endanger the Murder, or they&#39;re sick or something. Either way it really is surreal</p></pre>ymmajjet: <pre><p>Crow mob justice </p></pre>EricWNIU: <pre><p>We&#39;ll need an expert in bird law</p></pre>rosekayleigh: <pre><p>Maybe they have a lottery, Shirley Jackson-style.</p></pre>3lectricpancake: <pre><p>My biology teacher in 7th grade told me she came across the same thing. Called it crow court and said that crows who broke the &#34;law&#34; were tried by others. The crimes were stealing food from young crows or mothers and killing defenseless crows. She said that sometimes they would just rip out a few feathers from the tail so they couldn&#39;t fly for a while and sometimes they&#39;d kill it, depending on the severity of the offense.</p> <p>Of course she also used a rock for deodorant and brought a bunch of animals to class without permission so who knows.</p></pre>Teh-Piper: <pre><p>So Bird Law is real</p></pre>GilesDMT: <pre><p>At the end of the day, you win some, I win some.</p> <p>I think I&#39;ve made myself perfectly redundant.</p></pre>ravensteel539: <pre><p>You could say it&#39;s &#34;Caw and Order&#34;</p></pre>Chamale: <pre><p>Crow court! They&#39;re extremely rare and some ornithologists consider it a myth, would have been amazing if you got a video.</p> <blockquote> <p>The crows collect in great numbers, as if they had been all summoned for the occasion. A few of the flock sit with drooping heads, others seem as grave as if they were judges, and some are exceedingly active and noisy, like lawyers and witnesses; in the course of about an hour the company generally disperse, and it is not uncommon, after they have flown away, to find one or two left dead on the spot.</p> </blockquote></pre>UpBoatDownBoy: <pre><p>I mean, one of the first results on YouTube for crow court surely has to prove that it exists. <a href="https://youtu.be/7liZdySa-IU">Like this one. </a></p> <p>NSFW: I&#39;m pretty sure the crow dies. </p></pre>setadoon177: <pre><p>LOL THE LADY &#34;does anyone wanna go....break this up&#34;</p></pre>squishy404: <pre><p>Holy shit. The one just continuously pecking the other in the head. Don&#39;t fuck with crows man.</p></pre>bcmonty: <pre><p>crow fight club?</p> <p>1st rule of crow fight club = caw caw motherfucker</p></pre>hardspank916: <pre><p>Yeah but this breaks rule 3 and four.</p> <p>Only two crows to a fight and only one fight at a time.</p></pre>I_AMA_Cyborg_AMA: <pre><p>I read this as cows at first and was seriously impressed.</p></pre>Sickened_but_curious: <pre><p>Me too. The picture of cows laying on their backs, trying to defend themselves with their feet was also very absurd.</p></pre>Rombl: <pre><p>So you&#39;re saying you witnessed a murder of crows?</p></pre>AvatarWaang: <pre><p>&#34;for the watch&#34;</p></pre>Dotman_95: <pre><p>While I was playing poker with a few friends, I was dealing and somehow managed to deal a royal flush on the board, giving every person a royal flush. This was well into our game and the cards were definitely well shuffled, and don&#39;t forget I&#39;d also placed the burn cards down. The odds of this are so astronomical that, apart from the friends I was playing with, no one would believe it happened and would assume I&#39;m just a liar. </p></pre>Superbead: <pre><p>That is neat. I can&#39;t come close, but, in around 2001 I was playing online poker (hold &#39;em) on dialup. I&#39;d been dealt AK suited, played it moderate cool, then the flop came up giving me an instant royal flush. Immediately my connection dropped, and by the time I got back online I&#39;d been timed out and we were on the next hand. It took all I could muster to not put my monitor through.</p> <p>That was the end of online poker for me, but over the last sixteen years of casual kitchen table games I&#39;ve never seen it since.</p></pre>Brenvol: <pre><p>Late to the party, but I&#39;ll post my story. When I was about 7 or 8, I was at my grandmother&#39;s house in WV to spend the night, along with my brother and sister. It was Friday night and we were watching old school TGIF. There was a knock on the door and I jumped up to answer it (my grandma was in her bedroom and didn&#39;t hear it. I wasn&#39;t supposed to answer the door by myself, but I really liked to do it). </p> <p>I opened the door and no one was there. I stepped out and looked to the left and right. To the right, beside the door, my grandma kept a small table. Sitting on that table was a Mandrill. One of those primates like Rafiki from the Lion King. I don&#39;t remember it moving, I just saw it sitting there staring at me. </p> <p>I freaked out and slammed the door. My grandma came running out and I told her there was a monkey outside. She ran out my brother and sister ran to the door to see the monkey. I&#39;ll never forget when I ran out and that table was empty. My grandma told me I shouldn&#39;t tell tall tales and not to open the door when she wasn&#39;t around. </p> <p>That&#39;s been over 20 years ago and my brother and sister still make fun of my for &#34;seeing a monkey.&#34; I&#39;ve done google searches about Mandrills escaped from the zoo in rural West Virginia, but no such luck. It is still so clear in my mind I am sure it was there, though.</p></pre>naivehat: <pre><p>Perhaps someone&#39;s pet escaped?</p></pre>QuelqueChoseRose: <pre><p>There&#39;s also lots of small, barely-regulated zoos in Appalachia. It&#39;s far from certain that they&#39;d report something like that.</p></pre>Bingochamp4: <pre><p>When I was 5 I liked to mix various liquids... playing chemistry, I guess. My grandma let me play with all her bathroom stuff. I mixed her shampoos and creams and cleaning products, etc. (I just realize now this might have been dangerous if I had mixed ammonia and bleach, for example). I swear I created a white liquid that produced a single black bubble that would come to the surface and pop at a regular interval. No one believes me, or maybe no one cares. I guess it&#39;s not that cool. </p></pre>SkillsDepayNabils: <pre><p>George&#39;s Marvellous Medicine?</p></pre>Tamakazee: <pre><p>Investigate this! Surely theres a science subreddit who can explain? </p></pre>MonaganX: <pre><p>I&#39;m no liquidologist, but if you had two very viscous liquids, the less dense of the two being black, and you poured the white liquid on top of the black liquid, I figure this could happen.</p></pre>hardspank916: <pre><p>They will need the year this happened to research known substances available at the time, possibly any name brands and any measurements OP might recall.</p></pre>wingmasterjon: <pre><p>Also if there was some reactive contaminant in the mixing vessel...which he probably wouldn&#39;t have known of.</p></pre>Jman7188: <pre><p>When I was in Zion, hiking bright angles trail, I swear I saw a pair of California condors. I know they&#39;re rare as fuck, which is why I was so surprised.</p> <p>EDIT: it&#39;s just been pointed out to me that the trail is Angels landing, bright angels trail is Grand Canyon....my bad. I thought angels landing was just the summit.</p></pre>grunt9101: <pre><p>Well according to wikipedia one of the only two places they were naturally reintroduced was Zion national park, so I believe you. </p></pre>unsexme: <pre><p>Wow! Big guys, huh?</p> <p>edit: I was NOT making a Dumb and Dumber reference</p></pre>Jman7188: <pre><p>Yeah, they were massive. I&#39;m not aware of any other birds that size that are black. I&#39;ve seen picture of condors since, and I&#39;m sure they&#39;re what I saw.</p></pre>stillusesAOL: <pre><p>Just googled it. They are straight up Turkeys with Eagle wings. </p> <p><a href="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d5/Gymnogyps_californianus_-San_Diego_Zoo-8a.jpg/1200px-Gymnogyps_californianus_-San_Diego_Zoo-8a.jpg">https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d5/Gymnogyps_californianus_-San_Diego_Zoo-8a.jpg/1200px-Gymnogyps_californianus_-San_Diego_Zoo-8a.jpg</a></p></pre>captain_ion: <pre><p>I think there might be a few out there because when I was in zion I saw one and I got a video their wing span is insane like 10 ft!</p></pre>bike_rack: <pre><p>One time when I was really young, maybe like 10 years old, I came home after school and was making myself a salami sandwich. I pulled the bag of salami out and took out two slices. I smacked the two slices together, and suddenly they became one. I tried my hardest to separate them, but there was no seam or anything that I could split them up with. I even showed it to my mom but not a single person believed me when I told them. I had fused two pieces of salami together.</p></pre>TrueFinalBossKony420: <pre><p>The power to fuse and manipulate deli meats. Looks like X-Men is real and you are the Magneto of our reality.</p></pre>Vickle57: <pre><p>Magmeato</p></pre>OneBadHarambe: <pre><p>Coldcut welding.</p></pre>throwban: <pre><p>A cat impaling a roasted chicken on a fence and eating it while on said fence!</p></pre>aildhe: <pre><p>That&#39;s fucking Metal. </p></pre>Darken_Rahl1: <pre><p>Fences you can impale things on usually are. </p></pre>RabidRoosters: <pre><p>I saw my neighbor walking down the road in a red party dress around 3am. I wasn&#39;t fucked up or on anything. He denies it and the rest of the neighborhood thinks I&#39;m making it up. I saw you Tim. You and I both know.</p></pre>TheWilsonJeffrey: <pre><p>A fat squirrel in a tree threw a piece of fried chicken at me. </p></pre>oldchilidog: <pre><p>I was walking to class and passed by a trashcan with a domed lid. On top was a bottom piece of a bun. As was walking by it, a squirrel came out of the trash can and put a Chick-fil-A chicken on top of the bun, then went back inside the trashcan. I assume it was to get the top bun. I really wish I took a photo of it.</p> <p>Another instance was a squirrel with a cigarette butt in its mouth.</p></pre>smileedude: <pre><p>I saw Tom Jones in a back street in Santiago, Chile, going in the back door if a club.</p></pre>klendathu22: <pre><p>It&#39;s not unusual.</p></pre>themurphysue: <pre><p>As long as it&#39;s preceded by 7 What&#39;s New Pussycats</p></pre>BygRw: <pre><p>NOW YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO LIVE IN MY BRAIN</p></pre>vrosej10: <pre><p>In the 1990s, I was such an exercise freak. At least 4 hours a day walking and hillclimbing. I was getting cut off from current events, tv news etc. </p> <p>One day I&#39;m on my way home, around 3pm.I&#39;m crossing the street in front of our local grocery store and there&#39;s this guy on the other side of the street. His hair is a mess, standing on end. His clothes are all over the place, not ripped, but disarranged. Like he walked out of a bomb blast but he cleaner. He&#39;s looking around, silently, clearly confused. Homeless people were really uncommon in my area then and tended to be couchsurfers rather than streetsleepers. He looked too well to be a street sleeper plus he didn&#39;t seem to have a clue where he was but he turned left and wander off the my left before I crossed the road. </p> <p>That night, local news comes on. That afternoon a school teacher a couple of towns away had drowned. They flashed his picture up. It was the dude I saw. I&#39;d swear to it. </p> <p>Edit: detail I forgot. They never found the dude&#39;s body. </p></pre>ikat_cosmonaut: <pre><p>How did they rule it as a drowning if they didn&#39;t find a body? </p></pre>vrosej10: <pre><p>He was fishing with mates. They saw him go overboard. </p></pre>cr4by: <pre><p>Holy shit, maybe you missed some follow up story or something?</p></pre>vrosej10: <pre><p>I may have but I actually found myself at the guy&#39;s memorial plaque about 10 years ago which was a surreal experience. My child was competing at the school he was teaching at when he died. I felt awkward looking at the memorial.</p> <p>Edit: missing word </p></pre>NotSoOldSchool: <pre><p>A monkey jumping from car to car on a busy street. I could probably draw a sketch of it even though this happened about 5 years ago. Definitely one of the most odd things I saw. Unfortunately everyone thinks I am telling a bad joke when I explain what I saw, or they just nod it off and continue not giving a fuck.</p></pre>cuddlemycat: <pre><p>I was having a secret smoke one night and when I was finished I went to put the ashtray in my hiding place on the top of a high cupboard in my kitchen.</p> <p>Instead of getting the footstool I was on my tiptoes and stretching up to put the ashtray up there when I lost my balance and the ashtray slipped out of my fingers and fell down to the floor. </p> <p>I ducked out of the way so I didn&#39;t get covered in ash or get hit by the heavy glass ashtray and I heard it hit the ground behind me loudly and then clatter as it rolled. </p> <p>I sighed as I knew I&#39;d have to clean up ash from the floor and was annoyed at myself for being clumsy. </p> <p>But then when I turned around to where I had heard it land there was nothing there.</p> <p>I honestly spent about thirty minutes looking all over that kitchen for the ashtray or even a trace of ash on the floor but there was nothing. It and its contents had simply vanished into thin air.</p> <p>I went to bed totally freaked out that night and had another look the next morning but it was still gone and I&#39;ve never seen it again since. </p></pre>shweef: <pre><p>All the atoms lined up perfectly and fell into the floor</p></pre>sahArab: <pre><p>And so soon after the cue ball? Dammit, quantum tunneling. Your supposed to be statistically impossible.</p></pre>crizto: <pre><p>It clipped through the map</p></pre>AussieGooner01: <pre><p>Is your ashtray by any chance actually a guitar pick?</p></pre>narcolepticPriest: <pre><p>Nah, one sock</p></pre>Voodoogumbo: <pre><p>LOL, and of course it&#39;s the guitar pick you juuuuuuuuuuuust bought.</p></pre>spoonfair: <pre><p>I feel like with the amount of picks I have purchased throughout the years, my bedroom floor would be covered in them. But I can&#39;t find a damned one of them. </p></pre>weedful_things: <pre><p>Did you recheck the top of your cupboard? I bet it&#39;s there and maybe you dreamed or hallucinated dropping it. It&#39;s worth a shot.</p></pre>cuddlemycat: <pre><p>Yes. Also the kitchen was recently redone and it still never turned up. </p></pre>TheGinofGan: <pre><p>Right into the black hole that cars have next to their seats huh?</p></pre>Radvila: <pre><p>This one is easy, portals.</p></pre>rmos11: <pre><p>Just a heads up... if no one in your house smokes, putting an ashtray full of ash in your kitchen is the worst idea ever. the non smokers 100% smell that. Hate to break it to you, but you smoking is no secret in that house.</p></pre>hyperstorm: <pre><p>It&#39;s probably an open secret, or like, secret from the kids or something. My friend who used to smoke would always tell her then-4yo kid, &#34;Mommy&#39;s just going outside for some fresh air.&#34; </p></pre>janus_marine: <pre><p>Holy fuck for some reason the start of this triggered a memory of something for me.</p> <p>Talk about fuckin bug out....</p> <p>Secret solo smoke sess out front of my house at like 2am in quiet suburban town. Finishing up when over the treeline comes a helicopter flying somewhat lower than you might expect. Being a stoner I of course immediately am like Iiiii better pack this show up n go inside.</p> <p>Now I like to imagine if I were w someone theyd have been like what dont be so paranoid, but sure fuckin enough as it gets closer the fucking search light clicks on and points directly on me. Like full flood light. I didnt know what else to do so I just slowly waved at it. After what seemed like forever the light switched off and it continued overhead and past me. I was left sitting there like wtfffff</p></pre>sexinariverwithu: <pre><p>I wasn&#39;t walking about 2 blocks from my house to 711 one night when a very low helicopter shone its light on me like that. A voice over the loudspeaker told me to get back inside immediately. I guess they were looking for someone dangerous. </p></pre>RedheadsAreNinjas: <pre><p>Where do you guys live? I want to make sure I never go there.</p></pre>chesterstone: <pre><p>They must live in Los Santos Tryin to make a change :-\</p></pre>JarlaxleForPresident: <pre><p>They were searching for someone, just not for you. I&#39;d&#39;ve been freaked the fuck out, too. Good for you for playing it cool, though.</p></pre>theSchmoozer: <pre><p>My house shares a dead end alley with a brewery. Real cool guys, great beer. Not a bad neighbor!! Their kitchen does good work too. One of the neighborhood squirrels has figured this out. He got a taste for the chicken bones (wings is a recurring menu item). So I&#39;ll see him go into the garbage, fetch a chicken wing, then go over to the grease dumpster which is the most foul thing in human existence, and that little fucker will dunk that chicken bone in the grease and start tuckin&#39; into it like it&#39;s his favorite thing. I&#39;ve seen him do it a few times. Nobody believes me. Womp womp.</p> <p>Oh yeah, that squirrel is roided out, too. He looks like one of those buff kangaroo photos. Has huge nuts. Sometimes will perch on my garage roof to take a leak.</p> <p>I think he&#39;s organizing a gang in the alley.</p> <p>edit: I am installing vid cameras on my property for general security purposes, and plan to try to get him on camera doing this.</p></pre>outroversion: <pre><p>Omg please get a picture of this squirrel!</p></pre>hardspank916: <pre><p>Or at least photoshop a squirrels head in a buff kangaroo with a buffalo wing.</p></pre>PickerLeech: <pre><p>And huge knackers</p></pre>UnculturedLout: <pre><p>Doesn&#39;t need to be <a href="http://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/attachments/lounge/108361d1423071702-giant-squirrels-squirrel.jpg">shopped</a></p></pre>fenney: <pre><p>Gonads and strife...</p></pre>i_dont_shine: <pre><p>Now there&#39;s something I haven&#39;t thought of in a while. </p></pre>vrosej10: <pre><p>There&#39;s a mother Austral Raven who visits our bird bath when she has young. She brings bread chunks stolen from the nearby high school and dunks them in the water. She then feeds them to her newly fledged. She always turns up when the babies are about the same age. </p> <p>Edit: autocorrect is a dick</p></pre>NEEEEEEEEEEERD: <pre><blockquote> <p>Squirrel is roided out... has huge nuts.</p> </blockquote> <p>HMMM...</p></pre>SeraphTwo: <pre><p>Not Test then, eh... Maybe there&#39;s GH in the chicken grease.</p></pre>discogeek: <pre><p>I was at my mom&#39;s side when she passed away. I swear, seconds before she departed, I heard her and my grandmother (who had died in the 80s) behind me. Mom said &#34;I really look awful,&#34; and Grandma said &#34;It&#39;s time to go.&#34; I turned around but the sun was coming in through the window so a little bright. It was at that very moment that mom passed away.</p></pre>iftherewasanotherway: <pre><p>I don&#39;t believe in Alien invaders. I&#39;m sure there&#39;s life on other planets, seems ridiculous that we&#39;d be completely alone, but I&#39;d imagine you couldn&#39;t keep a visit from interplanetary species a secret.</p> <p>That said, I swear to god I saw a tall thin, long armed, long legged thing walk from one wheat field across the road, in front of my car and over into the other. I thought my eyes were just playing tricks on me so I didn&#39;t say anything for a second but the. My friend in the seat next to me said &#39;...wait... did you see something just now?.&#39;</p> <p>No idea what it was but I saw.... something.</p></pre>anonymous-audrey: <pre><p>Some skinny, tall farmers feelings are hurt by this. <em>I&#39;m not an alien guys!</em></p></pre>CopernicusJones: <pre><p>One night when I was driving to work at about 2 am, I saw this bright light out of the corner of my eye. I looked to see what it was and it was a pale blue ball of light floating straight down slowly. </p> <p>I rubbed and blinked my eyes to make sure I wasn&#39;t seeing things, but it was still there. It was coming down over a field about half a mile away. I wondered if it could&#39;ve been a flare but I&#39;m not sure if there are flares that are light blue and fall that slowly.</p> <p>Anyways, I freaked out that it was an alien ship and called my cousin to go investigate it because he lived close by and I couldn&#39;t be late for work. I had to hang up on him because I freaked myself out even more thinking that the aliens knew I saw them and were going to come get me, so I pulled over to the side of the road to vomit then rush to get away from there. </p> <p>Needless to say my cousin didn&#39;t find anything and any time I tell someone about it they&#39;re just like &#34;oh, that&#39;s weird&#34;. </p></pre>Girl_you_need_jesus: <pre><p>oh, that&#39;s weird</p></pre>Yodiddlyyo: <pre><p>Now, in the post above people just said how using the &#34;ball lightning or swamp gas&#34; are used as excuses for these unexplained things, but in your case, that actually sounds exactly like ball lightning.</p></pre>TheGlitterMahdi: <pre><p>Slenderman?</p></pre>Sirrockyqo: <pre><p>Nah, it&#39;s He Who Walks Behind the Rows.</p></pre>builditup123: <pre><p>Watched a white light hover in the distance between two mountains, then it moved up, then down.</p> <p>At that point I called my buddies outside to watch it. We witnessed it move side to side, then in a perfect clockwise circle, then anti clockwise. Next it started doing tight figure eights one way, then back the other way. We watched it then move diagonally to the left then back to centre, diagonally right and then back to centre. </p> <p>During this we discussed the possibilities of what it could be, a helicopter, a skilled pilot, a series of spotlights? The speed at which it moved and the fact it didn&#39;t waver slightly and the fact the motion was so fluid left us without an explanation.</p> <p>As we discussed and watched the movements, the light moved even faster up, down and diagonally. It the sped off to the right at a speed we could barely focus on. It was now about three kilometers on the other side of the mountain and then suddenly it took off straight up and out towards the stars till it was gone. </p></pre>hardspank916: <pre><p>Going by the way it was moving I&#39;d say experimental air craft or teenage aliens doing their version of donuts around the locals.</p></pre>hablocomogringo: <pre><p>Once when I was a teenager I was watching a movie by myself. The tv room then had two chairs separated by a couch. I was on the chair to the right, and at one point I laughed really hard at the movie. I heard someone else laugh and saw what seemed to be a girl my age double over in laughter in the other chair. The weird thing is it didn&#39;t startle me; it just felt nice to share laughter. Then I realized that I was alone in the whole house and the chair was empty. So I turned off the tv and went outside lol. </p></pre>lilyhasasecret: <pre><p>There&#39;s nothing like the laughter of a child.</p> <p>At 3 am.</p> <p>When you don&#39;t have kids.</p></pre>john6map4: <pre><p>That was you from a different universe. </p> <p>Only the alternate you sat to the left. </p></pre>MelSchlemming: <pre><p>Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.</p></pre>_Parzival: <pre><p>That could&#39;ve been the start to a real touching Rom-com or maybe even a drama, but you fucked it up. </p></pre>Token_Black_Cock: <pre><p>More like a horror. OP wouldn&#39;t be living to tell this story if he decided to fuck with whatever freaky ghost bitch decided to join him. He did the right thing. </p></pre>LtKraftKrackers: <pre><p>Do we really have to assume that all ghosts are murdering assholes? Why cant they just be chilling watching game of thrones with us once in a while.</p></pre>evdog_music: <pre><p><em>&#34;Since I&#39;m haunting the place, can I get your Wi-Fi password?&#34;</em></p></pre>no__egrets: <pre><p>Once as a kid, my parents took me to a carnival. I was four years old, and at the time an only child. I got in line for one of those rides where you sit inside a plastic dragon and spin the wheel to rotate yourself faster. Climbing into what I assumed was an empty dragon, I was startled to see another girl already waiting for the ride to start. She looked exactly like me. We spun the wheel and stared at each other in silence, without blinking, for the entire duration of the ride. When it ended, we got mixed up in the shuffle and my parents started to walk away with this other little girl. I yelled for them to wait, and they turned back and saw me twenty feet behind them. They both went ghost white, and when I caught up, my doppelgänger was gone. To this day, we never ever speak of that trip to the carnival. </p></pre>DidItForTheStory: <pre><p>HOW DO YOU NOT SPEAK OF IT?! </p> <p>Seriously, so often people experience something strange and then say they never spoke of it again. If that was me I would still be talking about it to this day trying to figure out what happened. I mean how can you never mention the time an exact copy of you was mistaken to be you by your own parents and then vanished into thin air while nobody was looking? </p></pre>rayofkeywork: <pre><p>A man dressed as a confederate soldier walking down my street as I was heading home from work. There was a school bus coming and he stopped on the other side of the road, as if to let the bus pass before crossing, and I stopped at the stop sign. We looked at each other, the bus passed, and then he was gone. </p></pre>Neuroculus: <pre><p>Are you in North Kansas city? Theres a guy in my girlfriends neighborhood that dresses up in a civil war uniform 3 or so times a week and walks his dogs. We finally saw him walk past her house the other day. Very strange, we even Googled to see if there were any reenactments near by but found nothing. He&#39;s a doctor of some sort so I suppose he just has a passion or heavy interest in that sort of thing and has the money to make or buy those uniforms.</p></pre>12_Horses_of_Freedom: <pre><p>Not from KC, but I live on that side of the state. You sure it&#39;s a civil war uniform? There&#39;s a fort around that area that does a living history thing. He could volunteer there, or he could volunteer at a museum or in Lecompton. That area, especially Lawrence has a pretty deep, significant history in the civil war as well as in the territorial era.</p></pre>PiratePegLeg: <pre><p>When I was a little kid, about 9/10, I was sat on the bay window in my room and saw an object in the sky. It was moving straight up and was covered in little dots of coloured lights, some of the colours I didn&#39;t recognise. I jumped off the bed to grab a pair of those shitty binoculars everyone had as a kid, but in the 5ish seconds that took, it had moved out of the angle my window let me see.</p> <p>The 2nd, I was in the car with my mum when I was 15ish. We were just driving down the street and as we drove past a bus stop, there was a woman sitting there. She didn&#39;t have a lower jaw, it was just missing. Her tongue was just flopping about. I have no idea if people can be without jaws, but I&#39;d just watched The Ring and it freaked me the hell out. </p> <p>Another I&#39;ve just remembered, when I was 13ish, our 1st family dog died, he was a Jack Russell, mostly black, with a white chest and a few brown markings and he used to sleep in my parents room. I was on the computer chatting on MSM, the computer room was next to my parents room. The way the PC was located made it so I could see the door, but only out of the corner of my eye. I saw a black shadow, a similar shape and size to the dog run past the door into my parents room. I like to think it was his last time visiting us before sleeping and going wherever he was going next.</p></pre>PM-SOME-TITS: <pre><blockquote> <p>about 9/10</p> </blockquote> <p>Damn you must be very good looking.</p></pre>nocsha: <pre><p>A kangaroo, and we don&#39;t live in Australia, there was something stuck in my grandmother&#39;s garage crashing all over the place. I opened the door saw it and went to tell them it came through the door and ran/jumped across the field. </p> <p>Everyone thinks I was making it up but nobody else was there to see it.</p></pre>WotTheFox: <pre><p>Kangaroo&#39;s do have a tendency to escape from travelling circuses. That&#39;s the only real explanation I can gather</p></pre>Cazmeister44: <pre><p>I was walking home one night with my brother and a friend. All of a sudden, there was a streak across the sky, a distant boom, and the whole sky lit up fluorescent green. I brought it up with my brother a couple years ago and he doesn&#39;t remember it. I haven&#39;t spoken to my friend in years (he moved and we fell out of touch), and no one else noticed. It was at about 9pm in a fairly rural area.</p> <p>Of course, my 8 year old brain immediately assumed aliens. I reckon it could have been a meteorite or something burning up on entry, but not knowing for sure kills me. I wish someone else saw it so that I could rule out that I just hallucinated.</p> <p>EDIT: It&#39;s comforting to know a lot of other people have seen the same thing. I&#39;m pretty convinced now it was a meteor burning up on entry (if it was going fast enough when it hit the atmosphere it would have made a boom, and there are a few minerals which burn with a green light). Still, super cool, and it freaked me right out when I was a kid.</p></pre>protojoe1: <pre><p>While having a picnic at dusk by an airfield in San Antonio in 96 or 97, my girlfriend and I saw a space shuttle land and quickly get taken away with out anyone else around. </p> <p>I was thinking the air traffic was pretty light and was bummed because normally there were a lot of of big air force transports that would land there, but this particular evening there was nada. </p> <p>And then I saw something coming in very fast and very steep. I could tell it was a shuttle before it touched down. </p> <p>It was an unidentified space craft... literally... it had no markings that I recall. It was met by one of those tow truck rigs and was taken immediately to a hanger. The doors were promptly closed. No press. No nothing. </p> <p>It wasn&#39;t until later I read about the CIA blue space program. </p></pre>djfutile: <pre><p>What&#39;s the CIA blue space program?</p></pre>NationalDenbt: <pre><p>Sounds like something to do with Project Blue Beam.</p> <p>The conspiracy is that &#34;they&#34; would simulate an alien invasion or second​ coming to unite the world and roll out the NWO.</p> <p>A lot of the theory involves the use of reverse engineered alien tech from Roswell or whatever.</p></pre>cyborgdad: <pre><p>I slipped on icy stairs last winter and swear I saw my own butt crack as I fell. No one believes me.</p></pre>willstuh: <pre><p>I was snorkeling in Hawaii once, and I swear I saw something that looked like a clear chameleon, but as soon as I got close it buried itself in the sand. I still vividly remember discovering a new species. </p></pre>Aksi_Gu: <pre><p>It was like a moth or something that looked like it, was a good couple of feet long. It was dark ish, on a main road, saw a few normal moths fly past me and as I turned my head watching them fly past I swear I saw this giant goddamn moth sat in the road; it was in the darkness between some street lights and looks like it sort of flew off further into the dark.</p> <p>Was a pretty bizarre experience tbh, not even like I was drunk or high or anything.</p> <p>I&#39;m wondering if I saw the <em>Moth</em>ership</p></pre>moth_man_AMA: <pre><p>Yeah, sorry about that, I was pretty hammered so I had to take breaks every few minutes of flying. Thanks for not running over me or something.</p></pre>wanttoseemycat: <pre><p>Watch the mothman prophecy. Do it now. </p></pre>ponderGO: <pre><p>Google: mothman</p></pre>RandomUsername600: <pre><p>Dude, you saw the Mothman !</p></pre>Laurcus: <pre><p>One time when I was playing billiards with a friend, the cue ball passed right through one of the other balls like one of them was made of thin air. We both saw it, we both freaked out. For reference, the cue ball was teetering on the edge of a pocket, and was physically blocked off by the other ball. There was no possible way to strike the cue ball without hitting the other ball, yet somehow, the cue ball went through it like it wasn&#39;t even there.</p> <p>I like to attribute it to a glitch in the Matrix. More seriously, I wonder if we weren&#39;t suffering a hallucination from something like carbon monoxide poisoning, but it was a public building and there was never any strange incidents of that nature there as far as I know, so that seems an unlikely explanation.</p></pre>archkyle: <pre><p>The Ghost paradox. A ghost can pass through walls but does not fall through the floor.</p> <p>Just think of that next time you think you see something similar. I don&#39;t claim to have an explanation but it&#39;s most likely an optical illusion caused by any number of things. Our senses can be deceiving and friends can sometimes be easily influenced.</p></pre>RAFFST4R: <pre><p>I doubt you both would hallucinate the same thing at the same time</p></pre>Toxicitor: <pre><p>But they could both be in a foggy mental state and susceptible to suggestion.</p> <p>adam: OMFG I JUST SAW THE CUE BALL GO THROUGH THAT BALL!</p> <p>bob: OMFG ME TOO!</p> <p>both: AAAAAAAAHHHH!</p></pre>sh05800580: <pre><p>When I was 10 I liked to stare at drivers on the highway from the backseat. One time I was looking out the back window I swear I saw a semi driver that looked like Bob Marley driving with one foot on the wheel while eating a cup of yogurt. edit: changed mirror to window</p></pre>Masterxploder07: <pre><p>After reading about 10 creepy ghost sightings before bed, this one was exactly what I needed.</p></pre>deathkazoo: <pre><p>This happened when I was around 4. I was sitting on my grandparents&#39; porch alone. There was a little piece of rubber sitting on the floor (imagine a rubber circle that had been cut in half). I was completely sure that I had seen it stand up and walk away. I started screaming and crying, completely inconsolable. I remember this so vividly but no one else was there to see it. </p></pre>ymgve: <pre><p>Insect?</p></pre>mordeci00: <pre><p>Probably a person, insects can&#39;t type.</p></pre>DROCITY: <pre><p>Honestly, when i was 4-6 I also saw some weird shit, I remember seeing a man with a hoodie walking around with his dog.. I approached him from behind and asked if i could pet it, when he turned around i swear to the LORD that when he turned around there was only a black hole where his face were supposed to be.</p> <p>There was also a cartoon character, It looked like he was made of clay that lived in my neighbourhood that would chase me with his dog that was also cartoon-ish and scared the shit out of me</p> <p>EDIT: The guy who was chasing me that i described to be made of clay actually looked something more like <a href="https://www.resume.se/globalassets/bilder/genrebilder/boxerrobert.jpg">this</a></p></pre>NEEEEEEEEEEERD: <pre><p>TIL 4-6 year olds are all on acid</p> <p>EDIT: This is my first Reddit comment, and first post on Reddit in general, to receive more than 1000 updoots. Good job reddit. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCaXycaYDhQ"><em>Slow clap</em></a></p></pre>foxymcfox: <pre><p>Their brains are in the process of &#34;pruning&#34; connections. So they experience things and make connections we never could because their brains are just over wired at that point. So they have a hard time separating fantasy from reality and dream from wakefulness. It is especially noticeable because their brains have pruned enough to begin to conceptualize things similarly to the rest of the world, but enough of these old connections exist that when their brain uses one of those pathways, it feels just like real life.</p> <p>There&#39;s a reason why imaginary friends occurs at that age...and why children swear they can see them. (Hint: the explanation is never paranormal)</p></pre>mitch-cant-drive: <pre><p>UFOs. I dont mean I think I saw aliens, I mean on several occasions when I was younger my parents and I saw various flying crafts that we could not identify as any current technology. My money is on secret military tech. </p></pre>Aphid61: <pre><p>My husband and I each saw strange aircraft while living in New Mexico (though we were both alone each time and the things we saw were not similar).</p> <p>What I saw was silver-ish, very narrow and hovered a hundred feet above ground; what he saw was bit higher, moved at high speeds and insanely sharp angles.</p> <p>Neither of us have seen anything like it before or since, have since moved away and the topic doesn&#39;t come up much. But once you mention &#34;New Mexico&#34;, everyone thinks it&#39;s a joke anyway.</p></pre>ballsaggoth: <pre><blockquote> <p>Neither of us have seen anything like it before or since, have since moved away and the topic doesn&#39;t come up much. But once you mention &#34;New Mexico&#34;, everyone thinks it&#39;s a joke anyway.</p> </blockquote> <p>I don&#39;t think New Mexico has aliens, but it is where they developed the Atomic Bomb and there&#39;s still tons of rocket scientists and military people out there. Who knows what&#39;s going on at Los Alamos. </p></pre>nagumi: <pre><p>I mean, Area 51 (Groom Lake) is real. It&#39;s a facility for developing and testing advanced aircraft.</p></pre>Back2Bach: <pre><p>After my grandmother died, she left her rocking chair that she had rocked me to sleep in as a little boy. I kept it in my bedroom as a reminder of her.</p> <p>Not long after she passed, I would wake up and see her quietly sitting in the rocker, smiling. We&#39;d have a conversation, just as we did when she was alive.</p> <p>This recurred regularly, night after night, with all sorts of discussions - until one night, when she &#34;disappeared&#34; from the rocking chair right before my eyes, never to return.</p> <p>I can&#39;t prove any of it, of course. But <em>if</em> those nightly visitations were all dreams, they were hands down the most vivid series ever. The sad part is that after she stopped &#34;appearing,&#34; that rocker seemed very empty - and I realized how much I missed her.</p></pre>SparklySpunk: <pre><p>I&#39;ve had similar experiences of this too, only with smells. My gran used to wear this cheap perfume that can only be described as old lady perfume. She was the only person I knew who wore it. </p> <p>I have moved house a lot since her passing, but every time we get moved in and semi-settled the smell of that perfume comes drifting through the house, my partner also smells it but he never knew my gran. I like to think she&#39;s just checking the place out and tutting to herself.</p></pre>who-reddit: <pre><p>This is so sweet and so sad at the same time, much love my man. </p></pre>DeliverinSigma: <pre><p>I work for the Department of Corrections in my state in one of the oldest cell blocks in the country. There&#39;s a sprite in the 1940&#39;s guard uniform that strolls throughout the cell block. Dozens of us have seen him. He had even shown up on camera from time to time (live speed, when we rewind it, he&#39;s not there). We all know what we saw, but we decide it&#39;s best not to tell many other people because it&#39;s pretty unbelievable. </p></pre>LinearLamb: <pre><p>So what does a Sprite look like?</p></pre>marlon_brando_diet: <pre><p><a href="https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?attachments/sprite-soda-png.8784/">https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?attachments/sprite-soda-png.8784/</a></p></pre>CSC160401: <pre><p>Goddamnit I don&#39;t know what I expected </p></pre>Yzre: <pre><blockquote> <p>sprite-soda-png</p> </blockquote> <p>Still clicked</p></pre>Floppydlop: <pre><p>I was watching a football game a couple of years ago, and in one of the shots where they panned over the crowd I saw a girl look straight at the camera and mouth my name. Scared the shit out of me, but when I rewinded it the seat was actually fucking empty. Maybe I just need to find someone to fill that seat.</p></pre>Jruel: <pre><p>When my Grandfather died (god bless his soul) my 12 year old self was quite upset. I asked my dad for two dimes, I know it&#39;s odd. I put one in his breast coat pocket and held one myself. Years later my whole family has been finding dimes everywhere in random spots. They attributed this to &#34;Grandpa looking over us&#34; kind of turned into a thing. On that token, my dad forgot about the double dime I requested at gramps funeral, I brought up what happened at family dinner recently and they think I made it up. I hope they have reddit. </p></pre>bcmonty: <pre><p>should have asked for a few 20s</p></pre>seahawks666: <pre><p>One night I was sleeping at my grandparents place. I woke up around 3am needing to pee. I raised my head slightly and looked at the base of the mattress I was lying on and saw a gown just floating there near the wall at the height it would be if a person was wearing it. I froze for a couple of seconds before quickly rushing to get my phone to shine the light on it. By the time I did there was nothing there. Safe to say I was scared out of my mind when I finally worked up the courage to get up to pee. </p></pre>Potatoguy123: <pre><p>This one I can imagine is legit. Just not real. I used to get very real hallucinations right as I was waking up. 99.9% of the time it was seeing a spider or spiders climb up a wall or across the ceiling. Like, huge spiders. Sometimes bigger than could ever exist in nature. I used to go literally flying out of the bed, scared outta my mind (huge arachnophobe). But then one day I stared at one, too afraid to move, and it slowly faded away as it crawled. Still happens once in a while now- I just ignore it until it goes away. Anyway, it seems very similar to what you described.</p></pre>danivus: <pre><p>Yeah I get that, only it&#39;s always the shape of a person I see.</p> <p>Doesn&#39;t even end up being shadows, just a blank wall my mind somehow generated an intruder on. </p></pre>Belthazare: <pre><p>Return the slab</p></pre>Hermione82: <pre><p>That&#39;s called a hypnopompic hallucination. Not uncommon when one is very tired. Basically happens because your brain is between sleep and waking. </p> <p>Can happen when falling asleep too - hypnagogic hallucinations. </p></pre>nurseag: <pre><p>A giant. This guys feet were as long as a pillow, and his hands made a newspaper look small. My friends think I exaggerated how large he was. I don&#39;t. </p></pre>__EXTRATERRESTRIAL__: <pre><blockquote> <p>This guys feet were as long as a pillow</p> </blockquote> <p>I love this comparison</p></pre>shadowgathering: <pre><p>The bouncing DVD symbol land perfectly in the corner of the TV screen. </p> <p>Did Jim tell you I didn&#39;t see it? I SAW IT!</p></pre>Zero_Fux_2_Give: <pre><p>When I was living in Missouri in 2012 or 2013, I was feeding my chickens when they started acting very strange and ran inside their coop. I looked up and I swear to God, I saw a <em>pterodactyl</em>. I watched it as it glided over my property, then my neighbor&#39;s, then across a small valley, and until it was completely out of sight.</p> <p>There is no way it could have been anything else. As plain as day, it was a pterodactyl.</p> <p>Very few people besides my wife and parents that I have told believe me, so I don&#39;t tend to talk to many people about it. I even started doing research on pterodactyl sightings and emailed a subject matter expert; apparently they (sightings) are not as uncommon as most people think. </p> <p>And before I start getting blasted: I&#39;m not a crazy person, I&#39;m a perfectly sane 34 year old man with no history of mental problems who has been holding down a solid career for the past 10 1/2 years.</p> <p>I saw a pterodactyl, and that is a fact. I simply have no proof other than my word.</p> <p>EDIT </p> <p>I just checked the email I sent and it was on 2 January 2013 at 215 PM.</p> <p>EDIT 2</p> <p>It was a <em>pterosaur</em>, not specifically a <em>pterodactyl</em>, due to the diamond shape at the end of its tail which I mentioned later, someone else mentioned, and I confirmed through the above-mentioned email.</p></pre>outroversion: <pre><p>I read about cryptzoology every now and then and I&#39;m convinced there&#39;s something in all thr thunderbirds/pterodactyls/pteranodon stories.</p></pre>alsoaVinn: <pre><p>Years ago, when my mom was pregnant with me she saw a monkey in the tree outside her house. She went to tell everyone but no one believed her, &#34;Sure, pregnant lady.&#34;</p> <p>But sure enough the news that night had a story about Zoo break out.</p></pre>nintendolad: <pre><p>A learner driver in a Ferrari. </p></pre>Romanopapa: <pre><p>Saw what I think was a ghost. </p> <p>I was maybe 14 at that time and walking with my uncle and cousin around midnight-ish. To our left was a school but with a tall concrete wall between us. About 100 meters in front of us was this man wearing all white walking perpendicular towards the school. Not minding it much we kept walking and I shit you not I saw the dude walk right pass the wall and just like that he was gone. My cousin I think saw it too but didn&#39;t say a word, I just saw him hold on to his dad. Me, I closed my eyes and held on to my uncle&#39;s hand until we passed the school. </p></pre>ChivalrousBasterd: <pre><p>I&#39;ll go ahead and tell one of my more intense ghost stories. Little backstory: Grew up in a house built in 1885 in Small-town, OH. House was haunted as shit. Even had a tombstone of a baby from some unspecified time tucked away underneath our garage. Anywho, so I&#39;m 17 and chilling with a girl in my room right at twilight-ish hour and the lights were off. Unfortunately no make out time for me that night. I had hardwood floors and a sweet drafting table with a swivel chair I had gotten for Christmas a couple years prior. So we&#39;re sitting there on my bed and my door was like half closed. It sways open. Could be a draft because windows and summer. The door is louvered so it never slammed shut from wind through the windows. It then proceeds to slam shut. Weird. Then my chair starts spinning slowly and then proceeds to roll across my floor. #nope. We both freeze because what the actual fuck. Then my bed (situated in the corner of the room against the walls. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES) My fucking bed jerks up off the ground and gets abruptly pulled a good foot away from the walls. Like, imagine a large and surly fellow angrily grabbing the corner of the bed and yanking it. With 2 teenagers on it. </p> <p>Ran downstairs and hung out in the well lit living room until her ride showed up to take her home. Definitely seared into my head for many moons to come. </p> <p>Also, I guess when my mom was growing up in that same house she would hear a baby crying from that room quite a bit. Needless to say she went white when we discovered that tombstone I mentioned earlier. </p></pre>Anonymoushipopotomus: <pre><p>I was surf fishing at night with a friend when I was about 15. A hurricane was forming down south so the jersey shore was very rough tonight. We saw lights appear out over the water and move towards shore, it was rotating so the lights along its edge could tell us how fast it was spinning. It came toward us and was hovering a few hundred feet offshore, while the lights starting speeding up. It started moving north slowly, but spinning faster and faster. All of a sudden it just took off at an insane rate of speed. When it finally disappeared over Barnegat Lighthouse we went back to check our poles. When we started reeling in our lines, both of our lures were on the beach behind us about 30 yards down the beach. We were using striper lures as well so they needed probably 3 ounces of weight, So there&#39;s no way when we casted the wind blew it back behind us and onto the beach. I also remember the clock said 11 30by the time we got home, and I didn&#39;t think we spent 5 hours down there fishing. We used to talk about that all the time when he&#39;d come visit the shore house, my parents would just laugh at us. Unfortunately he killed himself a year and half ago so I can&#39;t get any more details. I&#39;ll never forget it though, one of my best memories with him. Rip Jay </p></pre>BringBackByzantium: <pre><p>When I was at my family&#39;s cabin when I was like, 10, and It was the middle of the night, but me and some of my friends were just dicking around outside. Then, I swear we saw a blue flame on the water. Not just a light, it was actually fire.</p></pre>Ignus7426: <pre><p>Could have been a Will-O&#39;-Wisp especially if it was over a lake. The theory is certain gases like methane and phosphine are either ignited by lightning or chemically react and release light creating what looks like a floating light.</p></pre>
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