A man and his family walk into a bar...

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<p>Inside of the bar, the man&#39;s youngest child sees a Native American sitting under a sign stating &#34;World&#39;s longest memory&#34;. The child walks up to sign and decides to test if this sign is true. The child asks &#34;What did you have for breakfast 30 years ago?&#34; The Native American states &#34;eggs.&#34; The child states that the native could have just made that up, and then later leaves the bar.</p> <p>Years later, when the child returns back with his own family he sees the same native at the bar. Walking up to the man, he states a stereotypical &#34;how!&#34; The Native replies &#34;scrambled.&#34;</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>TheEnKrypt: <pre><p>Well native datatypes are guaranteed to be memory safe in most programming languages.</p></pre>DaSlickNinja: <pre><p>Ha</p></pre>imreluctantlyhere: <pre><p>Encrypted </p></pre>Robo_Satan: <pre><p>Not under Theresa May! Vote Labour!</p></pre>lightningbadger: <pre><p>But Theresa May isn&#39;t labour /s</p></pre>Robo_Satan: <pre><p>I was about to explain before seeing the /s. It&#39;s good that /s exists. Good /s.</p></pre>439115: <pre><p>could you explain it anyway please? I&#39;d like to get in the loop about this</p></pre>McDrMuffinMan: <pre><p>Do you just go into every thread with the intent of shoving your ideology down people&#39;s throats? </p> <p>Fuck off to <a href="/r/politics" rel="nofollow">/r/politics</a></p></pre>Robo_Satan: <pre><p>Actually I don&#39;t. When I posted this I had just read a long article about how shitty May is, so I felt compelled to state it here. I agree, not my best choice.</p> <p><a href="/r/Politics">r/Politics</a> is for American politics only, as well. I can&#39;t post British shit there. Don&#39;t know why. But I can&#39;t.</p></pre>hypnodrew: <pre><p>We should have our own politics subreddit.</p> <p>But with blackjack, and hookers!</p></pre>Marcuscassius: <pre><p>Blackjack dealiing hookers....and fire engines</p></pre>BenjiHeil: <pre><p>The hell with fire engines, I want fire breathing dragons. P.S. I&#39;m from America but can I still come? I hate the politics here</p></pre>Robo_Satan: <pre><p>Can you make your own subrddit? I want to do that. We need British politics and blackjack and hookers and Corbyn and Farage and the pigfucker... Tell me how.</p></pre>hypnodrew: <pre><p><a href="/r/Britishpolitics" rel="nofollow">r/Britishpolitics</a> already exists</p></pre>Robo_Satan: <pre><p>Does it have blackjack and hookers?</p></pre>Crestwoods: <pre><p>Eggcrypted</p></pre>ThisUsernameIGuess: <pre><p><a href="/r/programmerhumor">r/programmerhumor</a></p></pre>TheEnKrypt: <pre><p>Actually for once I&#39;m glad my programming related joke is on a different sub. This time those guys in there seem to be having a weird thing with volume sliders and I have a feeling it&#39;s gonna last a while. </p></pre>Romejanic: <pre><p>It&#39;s just a phase mum!</p></pre>DreadWolf87: <pre><p>I just checked that sub. He wasn&#39;t joking. </p></pre>I_need_five_dollars: <pre><p>Yeah. They like beating dead horses over there. Remember the &#34;bug in code&#34; toggles?</p></pre>mericaftw: <pre><p>Or the phone number field formats</p></pre>oddark: <pre><p><a href="/r/programmerdadjokes" rel="nofollow">/r/programmerdadjokes</a></p></pre>The1TrueRedditor: <pre><p>That&#39;s one esoteric joke. </p></pre>Spamallthethings: <pre><p>You&#39;re saying the data can&#39;t be scrambled?</p></pre>TheEnKrypt: <pre><p>I prefer my data fertilized. </p></pre>laughinfrog: <pre><p>Yes. But modern languages have garbage collection and I am sure that is well past second generation garbage.</p></pre>tikvan: <pre><p>The real joke is always in the comets.</p></pre>TheEnKrypt: <pre><p>Hey! You keep Halley out of this! </p></pre>delithug: <pre><p>I used to work with a Haley. Terrible employee but a great tail. </p></pre>TheEnKrypt: <pre><p>Was she a bad employee because she showed up to work only once every 75 days? </p></pre>Glenbard: <pre><p>The real joke is always in the comments. Take my upvote.</p></pre>finalhour123: <pre><p>Take my downvote!</p></pre>IntentCoin: <pre><p>Do people take their families to bars?</p></pre>Nick700: <pre><p>It it is also a restaurant, yes.</p></pre>FreeSpeechIsCancer: <pre><p>And a strip club.</p></pre>Anagoth9: <pre><p>So a tavern then. </p></pre>dudeofch4os: <pre><p>Never been to New Orleans huh? I&#39;ve been in bars where the bartender couldn&#39;t find a babysitter, so the kids just chill in the bar for the night. </p></pre>OkiDokiTokiLoki: <pre><p>That&#39;s actually how I learned to play pinball and shoot pool</p></pre>_Barack_Oganja_: <pre><p>You must have some great stories </p></pre>Ben_ji: <pre><p>There&#39;s a Wilco song about that on thier latest album. </p></pre>Pawpatrolbatman: <pre><p>If they are cool then yeah</p></pre>Ev-S: <pre><p>Personally I go out with my parents/siblings all the time, we like catching up over drinks pretty often. I don&#39;t think it&#39;s that weird...</p></pre>Caroz855: <pre><p>The family in the story has young children. It&#39;s not a family with adult children who can drink.</p></pre>reddit4rms: <pre><p>Redneckers probably do</p></pre>dovenestedtowers: <pre><p>In jokes they do. But when you think about it, there&#39;s literally not a single reason why this needs to be a &#34;walks into a bar&#34; joke. But then again, how many of them do?</p></pre>knotchhaze1: <pre><p>&#34;How&#34; is a white mans greeting how are you, how ya doin, howdy ,ect. indians were saying hello to us in our own greeting and we made fun them for being noble</p></pre>ShouldHaveBeenThere: <pre><p>Is this really the orgin? I feel stupid for both believing it and at the same time not knowing it. Schrodinger&#39;s nomenclature.</p></pre>Socrates_Burrito: <pre><p>There were plenty of Native American languages with greeting, affirmations, etc. similar to &#34;how&#34; that were not borrowed from European languages. I&#39;ve never heard a credible source argue that it actually was of European origin borrowed by Natives and then reproduced in American pop culture. (But like you&#39;ve hinted at it &#34;sounds right&#34; and people will believe it if they don&#39;t look into it further.) Rather, Europeans tried to represent a variety of different greetings, etc. across the various Native languages and settled on &#34;How&#34;. </p></pre>BalthusChrist: <pre><p>Pffft, stupid noble natives</p></pre>Ngklaaa: <pre><p>I read this in Homers voice and chuckled</p></pre>Pawpatrolbatman: <pre><p>That&#39;s what she said</p></pre>_Riles_: <pre><p>And then you call them &#34;indians&#34; lol </p></pre>captaincheeseburger1: <pre><p>Them Injuns</p></pre>Mr_Incredible_PhD: <pre><p>George Carlin had a great take on the Native American vs. American Indian trope in his essay on Politically Correct Language.</p></pre>Pawpatrolbatman: <pre><p>Hahaha what an idiot </p></pre>Triasmos: <pre><p>This is only half true at best. The Cherokee language, my tribe&#39;s, is very literal in that when translated to English a simple question like &#34;How are you?&#34; in Cherokee (ᏙᎯᏧ?) (Dohitsu?) is the same as saying &#34;Well?&#34; and is understood. </p></pre>EloraForever: <pre><p>Do you have a source on this? Everything I&#39;ve read has said that it came from the Sioux word &#34;hau,&#34; meaning &#34;hello.&#34;</p></pre>Docbr: <pre><p>False. </p></pre>DerQuincy: <pre><p>Reading The Education of Little Tree, according to the grandpa in the book, the stereotype of &#34;how&#34; came about when white people would ask about things, like &#34;how&#39;s the corn&#34; &#34;how&#39;s the blueberries&#34; etc. And then the native people would just say &#34;how&#34; because the white people would only start their sentences with &#34;how&#34;.</p></pre>JoeDidcot: <pre><p>I tell a much longer version of this verbally. Love it. </p></pre>GlassCoconut: <pre><p>It took me a while to write this considering I say this audibly too and always add a bunch of gibberish.</p></pre>MotoAMP: <pre><p>What&#39;s the longer one </p></pre>KuntaStillSingle: <pre><p>&#34;... overeasy.&#34;</p></pre>OkiDokiTokiLoki: <pre><p>Poached</p></pre>No_Orange_Zone: <pre><p>Fried </p></pre>jim_v: <pre><p>Devilled.</p></pre>and_eazy: <pre><p>Probably got downvoted, check the cellar</p></pre>baby_gurl_age_6: <pre><p>I&#39;m 5, please explain.</p></pre>Journeyman3000: <pre><p>Username does not check out.</p></pre>GlassCoconut: <pre><p>&#34;Jokes are always better when you have to explain them&#34; -Mark Twain</p> <p>The explanation: The Joke is that the Native Remembered the question that the child, now man, asked. The response &#34;scrambled&#34; is an answer to the question &#34;how!&#34; referring to what the man had for breakfast 30 years ago.</p></pre>MasterFrost01: <pre><p>&#34;stereotypical how&#34; I don&#39;t get. Did you mean stereotypical?</p></pre>GlassCoconut: <pre><p>It is a stereotype for Natives to Say &#34;How!&#34;</p></pre>intergalactictiger: <pre><p>No offence man, but that was not a very effective explanation of the joke.</p></pre>Docbr: <pre><p>Agreed. OP&#39;s joke explanation game is weak. </p></pre>Ruffnado: <pre><p>&#34;how&#34; is a native american greeting.</p></pre>MasterFrost01: <pre><p>Ahh, I see. Thanks.</p></pre>timmytissue: <pre><p>Then shouldn&#39;t he guy saying it be he native one?</p></pre>GreenFigsAndJam: <pre><p>Not really, it is well known depending on where you grew up. You learn a little about native american culture in elementary school. Kind of like even if you don&#39;t speak Spanish people know buenos dias as a greeting.</p></pre>timmytissue: <pre><p>Well I&#39;m in Canada so I don&#39;t know how to say anything in Spanish, but maybe they don&#39;t say how here. Its hard to tell, almost all our natives are in the north or other non city areas.</p></pre>GreenFigsAndJam: <pre><p>Yea it&#39;s an American thing.</p></pre>Pawpatrolbatman: <pre><p>WRONG</p></pre>NivogMagni: <pre><blockquote> <p>The response &#34;scrambled&#34; is an answer to the question &#34;how!&#34; referring to what the man had for breakfast 30 years ago. </p> </blockquote> <p>*30 + the number of years spent before this second encounter</p></pre>But_Praise_the_Sun: <pre><p>Kid asks about breakfast. Native says &#34;eggs.&#34; Adult kid does stereotypical native &#34;how.&#34; Native remembers kids breakfast question interpreting &#34;how&#34; as &#34;how does he like his eggs&#34; and replies with &#34;scrambled&#34;.</p></pre>BenjenStarkTheSweet: <pre><p>Your name suggests otherwise </p></pre>RainbowJuggler: <pre><p>I remember hearing this from a teacher in 7th grade. Like, he went out of his way to catch me between classes and tell me. He was really a silly dude and good teacher. I always felt bad for him because most of the kids were little asshats at my school.</p> <p>Thanks for reminding me of this! </p></pre>nerd866: <pre><p>Its clever. It&#39;s not that funny but still, I like it anyway.</p></pre>TooShiftyForYou: <pre><p>That must have been in tents.</p></pre>Myotherdumbname: <pre><p>No it was in a bar</p></pre>yalik3that: <pre><p>My grandfather has been telling me this joke for years. Glad to see it on reddit haha</p></pre>SprDave70: <pre><p>This was my dad&#39;s favorite joke when I was growing up in the late 70&#39;s. No joke. I haven&#39;t heard it in years. Thanks for posting!</p></pre>DrunkAssBum: <pre><p>Ha!</p></pre>Epicxghost: <pre><p>I don&#39;t get it </p></pre>monte_ng: <pre><p>That made me laugh out loud.</p></pre>thekaz1969: <pre><p>OMG, my dad told me this now some 30 years ago.. I thought my family was the only one who knew this joke! (wait.. Dad..?) </p></pre>Pawpatrolbatman: <pre><p>And you remember it? Are you native?</p></pre>stonedbarbarossa: <pre><p>God my fifth grade teacher used to tell this joke so many years ago dude was crazy. </p></pre>ScalpelMine: <pre><p>Heh. Not bad. Have an upvote. </p></pre>birdyroger: <pre><p>Nice.</p></pre>Eggs_and_Rice: <pre><p>Pretty good. I laughed. Upvote</p></pre>TheGift23: <pre><p>Not funny.</p></pre>Pawpatrolbatman: <pre><p>I would teleport INSIDE president Obama during a major speech, I would literally explode out of him, pieces of Obama flying everywhere, brush off bits of Obama meat, and casually continue the speech like nothing happened. When shocked people started asking questions I would simply yell, &#34;Evolution Stone bitches&#34;, walk out of the room, and then drag Michelle Obama back to the Oval office by the hair, and fuck her so hard the neighbors call asking if something was wrong, all the while dripping former husband juice everywhere. Now i get to teleport, have animal sex, AND be the president.</p></pre>medokn: <pre><p>No</p></pre>My_dog_Charlie: <pre><p>If it&#39;s not in our archives, it doesn&#39;t exist.</p></pre>drunkmaster2014: <pre><p>ok you memba</p></pre>
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