Drugged and Raped. Eventually got them back.

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<p>Ok, here is the story I was never going to tell, save for some wonderfully nice people on an AskReddit thread. There were a few comments speculating that I made the whole thing up, to which I hope those people read this story and I can convince them with what really happened, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you believe this or not.</p> <p>I’ll try and keep it to the point. I admit my post of the AskReddit thread was a little vague. It read like I was a secret vigilante on a vendetta. In truth, the real story is less ‘The Dark Knight’ and more just persistence with a good serving of luck.</p> <p>Backstory: I was 19, housesitting for some family friends in my home town. The neighbours were away, so their teenage kids were having a party. The classic type where there were heaps of people there, loud music, and not everyone knew everyone as the guest list had gotten out of control. Ages would have varied from 15-20.</p> <p>As I was feeding the dogs of the home I was sitting, some guys saw me and started chatting to me over the fence, asking me to join their party. I had zero interest, but the conversation lasted long enough that 2 ladies joined the group chatting to me. As a young (still in the closet) lesbian, one of the women was gorgeous! I eventually got talked into going next door, blinded by teenage hormones. </p> <p>Anyway, the party was ok, I had a few drink but nothing major. The lady in question was in a committed straight relationship (hey, had to try!) Throughout the night, 2 guys kept pestering me. I did my best to let them down gently, but they persisted. </p> <p>Enter douchebag #3, offering me a drink. My mistake, I shouldn’t have taken it, but I did. Within 15 minutes I was really struggling. I left the party, stumbled back home. I was sick, throwing up, and everything was starting to spin, but I had enough brain power left to turn on my laptop and start up my video journal. (Yes, I used to keep a video journal. Yes, it was as cringey in hindsight as it sounds).</p> <p>Anyway, I don’t remember anything after that for a couple hours, except waking up to the three guys in the room with me having their way with me. I cry out, tell them to get off me, try to push them away, but I was drunk and or drugged so that didn’t work well. Eventually I woke up enough to put up enough of a fight that I got held down by two of them while one did his thing, then they rotated.</p> <p>When I woke up again the next morning, I cried, called the police, went to the station, did a Sexual Assault Kit with a female officer. The conclusion was I was sexually assaulted, but no convictions made because I didn’t know who the three guys were. Investigations ensued, with statements from the neighbours, but they didn’t know who they were either. The case was held as Pending from then. </p> <p>The video on my laptop caught audio only, as I closed the screen when I was going to bed, but the audio kept recording. Police and I listened to the recording, but no identifiable names or phrases were used. </p> <p>Anyway, my parents believed me, and we moved cities. I got therapy, eventually came out of the closet, had a relationship or two, and nothing came of it for 5 years. </p> <p>Along comes the love of my life. We fall head over heels for each other. Eventually we move in together, tell each other everything, (hadn’t told her this story yet, it had successfully been repressed), happy relationship and all sunshine and rainbows. Eventually during a lovemaking session she got a bit more dominant than I was used to and Pandora’s box was suddenly opened. I freaked out and broke down. </p> <p>She was very supportive, helped me to calm down and clear my head. She was furious and wanted revenge more than I did. Eventually (months later) she talks me into going back to my old city to ‘look into it’. </p> <p>We eventually take time off work, head back to my old city, me sceptical, her determined. We start with every old girlfriend and old friend I had or knew of. Our plan was to ask for old school photos, those kinds with the whole class in them with everyone’s names? When it all started, I was only 2 years out of school, so I might recognised them.</p> <p>After 3 days of catching up with people, and ‘reminiscing’ over old photos, pure luck was finally on my side, as I found a school picture, with all three Dick-noses standing side by side with goofy fucking grins. Holy shit. I still can’t believe that bullshit idea worked. Suddenly I had their names.</p> <p>Facebook stalking came next. We learned everything we could about each of the three arseholes. One was married, one had divorced and had kids, and one was studying PreMed at a University one city over.</p> <p>Revenge time.</p> <p>Dick #1 –</p> <p>The easiest was the one that was married. A Facebook enthusiast who posted everything online. I found his wife, discovered she was going to a hens night (bride-to-be-party… might have a different name where you are in the world) on a coming weekend. Her husband was therefore doing a boys weekend at the same time.</p> <p>I spent the weeks leading up to it learning more about them both, and just trolled Facebook until she inevitably put up pics of the hens night at various bars and clubs. As did the husband. My partner, lets call her Ally, headed for the husband, while I went for the wife. Finding her was easy. Using knowledge I had from her facebook, and waiting for helpful photos I found the hens night. I pretended I was an old school friend from her primary school she just didn’t recognise. Eventually I was invited to join them. Spending a small fortune, I eventually bought them enough drinks that I was their new bestie, and by the end of the night, talked them into coming back to my hotel for more champagne.</p> <p>Ally meanwhile was dressed in her sexiest gear, found the guy in question at his own party, flirted hard enough with him, had drinks enough with him that eventually, being the dick he was, didn’t care he was married and agreed to do whatever nasty ass things Ally had promised him back at her place.</p> <p>So me, the bride to be, the wife, a few other ladies, and I were all suddenly shocked when my ‘friend’ came home with Dick #1 with his pants halfway off while making out with Ally pushing through the front door. I excused myself to the other room lest I be recognised, but the entire hens party unleashed upon him. Luck again was on my side as the couple had apparently been on the rocks already, and with my straw, I successfully broke the camel’s back.</p> <p>Dick #2 – </p> <p>This one wasn’t directly my actions, but I did help. Dick #2 was studying PreMed at the time. My partner recently graduated Medicine and was at the time an intern. When we discovered that Dick #2 was studying medicine, she asked her colleagues, some old professors and a few of her higherups if they knew anything about the university he was studying at. Eventually a lead paid off, and I discovered that to get his academic score/entry grade high enough, he had first completed a degree in science, and that he also had an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) from an unrelated class in German.</p> <p>Eventually, as this guy was a whole other city/state away, and my plate being full from Dicks #1 and #3, I figured I could at least try to throw a spanner in the works for him, and emailed the faculty anonymously, saying I knew that many of Dick #2’s science papers were in fact highly plagiarised from German sources, and translated to avoid detection. I attached the evidence I had that he had German proficiency.</p> <p>Expecting it not to go anywhere, I refocused my attention to Dicks #1 and #3, vowing to return my attention to Dick #2 later.</p> <p>Surprisingly, (or unsurprisingly giving his arsehole nature) my claims were not without merit, and his enrolment was put on hold pending further investigation. More on that in a moment.</p> <p>Dick #3 – </p> <p>This one was the scariest. After finding out the guys involved names, I thought long and hard about contacting the police straight away with new information. I should have, but didn’t just yet. A lot of investigation and calling around, eventually I managed to find his address. Or at least his Ex’s address. I went for the cold approach. I was terrified, but hoped due to their divorce I could at least get an audience with her. </p> <p>Anyway, I explained the situation to her, and she invited us in and told us her story. She had divorced him because he had been cheating on her for a long time and had recently found all of the evidence on their laptop. Apparently, he liked taking photos of himself with various ladies. After telling her that it was not consensual, she agreed to get the laptop and let me go through the pictures and videos if it helped bring me justice. Well what do you know. Load the big folder full of sex pics to sort by date, and there I am. 8 pictures, me obviously drugged. One great one of me trying to force a guy off me, at least one photo with each of their faces in it in the background. I was blown away as I had no recollection of a camera being used. I asked the woman if I could contact the police and show them the photos, and thankfully she agreed.</p> <p>I called, and eventually got onto the same officer I was originally assigned. She had since been promoted, but remembered my case, and the fact that it was still pending. I did get a reprimand for contacting the mans Ex Wife directly, but nothing overly serious. The police woman came out to the house that afternoon. She reviewed the computer, (all with consent of the wife of course). She requested to take the laptop into evidence, to which the wife agreed. </p> <p>Eventually, the audio from my video diary (which I still had as police at the time recommended I keep it) was date stamped to the images of the three guys on top of me. The two items together was enough to change my case from pending to Active. Eventually, they brought in Dick #3, showed him the evidence, played some clever Cop processes, and he confessed under police interview. Dick #1 and Dick #2 were both arrested shortly thereafter, as under Australian Law, Serious Sexual Offences doesn’t fall under the Crime Limitations (I’m pretty sure, though not a lawyer). Both subsequently confessed as well.</p> <p>During the process, the Ex Wife used the situation with her family lawyer to change custody agreements with her two kids, citing his criminal trial. </p> <p>All three were sentenced, and are serving prison terms. Not sure how long they got though, sorry. Following this outcome, I emailed Dick #2’s university faculty the court information, notified them that Dick #2 would not be returning any time soon, and they have since cancelled his enrolment.</p> <p>Happy ending eventually, I feel complete again. I put the saga behind me, went back to my new Home City, madly in love with my girlfriend and planning to propose as soon as Australia changes their backwards Gay Marriage laws. And if any of the guys from the other thread who didn’t believe me, or anyone on here who thinks it’s all made up. I honestly don’t care. I put this up for the positive people from the AskReddit thread :)</p> <p>TLDR – Got drugged and raped by 3 arseholes. Got said arseholes back eventually :) Really sorry it turned out to be so long!</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>Plebstralian: <pre><p>This happened in Australia? But you said dick #2 is doing premed? Do you mean an undergraduate degree unrelated to medicine with the hope of transferring into medicine as a postgraduate (GAMSAT entry)? There&#39;s no such thing as premed in Australian tertiary education institutions. Also I really don&#39;t think your &#34;intern&#34; partner would be able to access his University academia through &#34;professors&#34; and &#34;colleagues&#34;. I want to believe you but I find it hard with little inconsistencies like this. </p></pre>botsects: <pre><p>other dubious story points:</p> <p>1</p> <blockquote> <p>Using knowledge I had from her facebook, and waiting for helpful photos I found the hens night. <strong>I pretended I was an old school friend from her primary school she just didn’t recognise. Eventually I was invited to join them.</strong></p> </blockquote> <p>2</p> <blockquote> <p>Apparently, he liked taking photos of himself with various ladies. After telling her that it was not consensual, <strong>she agreed to get the laptop and let me go through the pictures</strong> and videos if it helped bring me justice. <strong>Well what do you know. Load the big folder full of sex pics to sort by date, and there I am. 8 pictures, me obviously drugged.</strong></p> </blockquote> <p>3</p> <blockquote> <p>And if any of the guys from the other thread who didn’t believe me, or anyone on here who thinks it’s all made up. <strong>I honestly don’t care. I put this up for the positive people from the AskReddit thread :)</strong></p> </blockquote></pre>pixeldustnz: <pre><p>4.</p> <blockquote> <p>All three were sentenced, and are serving prison terms. <strong>Not sure how long they got though, sorry</strong>. </p> </blockquote> <p>Yep, because after I have Facebook stalked three people and put in all this effort to destroy them, I&#39;ll just assume they got what they deserved because that is where my interest ends.</p> <p>5.</p> <blockquote> <p>Eventually, the audio from my video diary (<strong>which I still had as police at the time recommended I keep it</strong>) was date stamped to the images of the three guys on top of me. </p> </blockquote> <p>Because they didn&#39;t take it as evidence at the time despite it being their best lead.</p></pre>kitthekat: <pre><p>Not to mention the VICTIM of a rape would absolutely be privy to sentencing information for safety reasons via a state advocate</p></pre>Pomeranianwithrabies: <pre><p>6 Nearly all laptops have their microphone located near the camera or next to the keyboard, which is blocked when you close the lid. Unless she had an external Camera/Microphone. But if that was the case why would shutting the lid stop the video feed but not the audio? This story is 100% bullshit.</p></pre>lionbarz: <pre><p>4 is the biggest one. I knew a woman who was assaulted and she was constantly counting how many days she had before the attacker was released and could possibly hurt her again.</p></pre>TheNotorious23: <pre><p>What guy would leave an accessible laptop laying around with things like that in it. Good call.</p></pre>LarryDavidsBallsack: <pre><p>You say that but the Canadian serial rapist/killer Russell Williams kept pictures of his victims taken during the crimes in folders on his desktop titled by their names. He shared the laptop with his wife. A lot of people think she knew what was going on because of this, she was no idiot and ran the Canadian Heart and Stroke foundation. Strange situation, I don&#39;t see how someone can be that blase about serious evidence of crime just floating around on a computer...I mean I even hide my fairly vanilla porn folder on a computer that only I use. </p></pre>FerricNitrate: <pre><p>To be fair, that&#39;s relatively believable. What&#39;s really unbelievable is how careless people can be with their information security (hack the person not the computer and all that).</p> <p>Still weird that she&#39;d be allowed to go through the pictures and all that though...</p></pre>FuckUYouFuckingFuck_: <pre><p>CMIIW, but the term &#34;pre med&#34; is just a general term referring to a student that is taking coursework required to apply to medical school.. I don&#39;t think any universities in any country offer a degree called &#34;pre med&#34;</p></pre>VidiotGamer: <pre><p>Live in Australia - cousin is a doctor here, wife is a nurse, there is literally no concept of &#34;pre-med&#34;. That&#39;s a very American term.</p> <p>I&#39;d be dubious if someone called a tim-tam a cookie instead of a biscuit, this is on that same level.</p></pre>SirMildredPierce: <pre><p>It would be on the same level if she was in medicine, but she&#39;s not. Whether she is lying or not she obviously has a laymans understanding if the field. Maybe she just described it as such because she heard it Scrubs. Or are we doubting she is Australian, too?</p></pre>THIS_BOT: <pre><p>You don&#39;t think she would have a better understanding of what the field is called given her partner graduated from it?</p> <p>Also does Australia have states, or provinces? Because OP mentions dick 2 being a state away</p></pre>BTechUnited: <pre><p>We actually do have states (and 2 territories)!</p></pre>VidiotGamer: <pre><p>No, anyone would know this - there is literally no concept of &#34;pre-med&#34; in Australia.</p> <p>You have two common paths to becoming a doctor here. First one is that you already have some sort of bachelors of science, like nursing or pharmacology or even occupational therapy and then you start your doctor of medicine. Depending on a lot of factors, it&#39;s possible to even start your medical degree having a bachelors of art (music) or even engineering. The second way is to start a dual degree right out of high school, some sort of bachelors and then your doctor of medicine. This is rare. Spots are limited and you need really fantastic scores.</p> <p>I mean, I know what both pre-med is in the USA (my father is a doctor of osteopathy medicine there and I was an adult when he started taking pre-med) and conceptually, it&#39;s just entirely different over here. Like technically, you can&#39;t even be &#34;pre-med&#34; as most people would need to establish a credential in some sort of field before you can apply for your doctors of medicine and no one would ever refer to themselves as &#34;taking pre-med&#34;.</p> <p>I don&#39;t know. Maybe this person is not Australian. Maybe they are but they are just dumb. Supposedly someone said in her post history she claimed to be a &#34;Junior Medical Officer&#34; here. I highly doubt that anyone in medicine or a medicine related field would use the term &#34;pre-med&#34;. Like I said, conceptually it just doesn&#39;t exist.</p></pre>Plebstralian: <pre><p>It&#39;s more that in Australia we don&#39;t use the term premed at all. We specifically say &#34;I plan to do med postgrad&#34; or &#34;I got into undergrad med&#34; - just makes me highly suspicious of how genuine this is. Also going back through her post history and she described how her intern partner &#34;consults&#34; patients, something rarely done alone at the level of a Junior Medical Officer (intern) in Australia. If it smells like a duck and looks like a duck...</p></pre>aborted_foetus: <pre><p>Yeah, iirc Aus has the same system as UK, which is 5 years of med school directly after A levels - unless OP meant that the guy was doing some sort of post grad degree in medicine following a Bsc in something.</p> <p>Also - the vast majority of journals are published in English regardless of the country of origin. While some researchers do publish their research in their own language, it&#39;s really pretty damn uncommon these days because you&#39;d be limiting your audience. </p> <p>To OP: I desperately want to believe this sort of poetic justice, but I can&#39;t look past the gaping holes in the story.</p></pre>gdayaz: <pre><p>That&#39;s just such a strange accusation to make with zero indication of it being true. I mean most people speak two languages, right? Why would anyone assume someone has plagiarized their work just because they speak a second language? Who in &#34;the faculty&#34; did she email? If she emailed anonymously, how the fuck would she know his enrollment had been suspended? </p></pre>aborted_foetus: <pre><p>Fraud and plagiarism in academia is pretty rampant but I&#39;m inclined towards doubting this &#34;translation&#34; angle. You&#39;d be surprised at the amount of petty drama people submit to the faculty in order to try to create trouble for someone - if I received an email claiming that one of my students translated a foreign paper, I&#39;d want further evidence rather than language proficiency to even give it some thought.</p> <p>I know of a woman who e-mailed the department where his ex was doing his PhD to inform them that she caught him cheating. Everyone was like: ok????</p> <p>Source: works in academia</p></pre>THIS_BOT: <pre><p>No, clearly the professors went and acquired every piece of German medical literature ever written and read through it to find the paper, and clearly they shared that the applicant&#39;s application was suspended to the anonymous source, without even asking for more information from the source so that they could get the case settled quickly.</p> <p>Oh and most reasonably of all, of course you can get yourself invited to a bachelorette party as a total Facebook stranger by pretending to be someone the bride-to-be doesn&#39;t even remember. </p></pre>theunnoanprojec: <pre><p>Also, she, some random person who has nothing to do with dick #2, emailed the university to say he was dropping enrollment. And that was enough for them to kick him out</p></pre>alpastortacos: <pre><p>Also the term would be &#34;resident&#34; not &#34;intern&#34;. New doctors dont have internships, they call it residency. </p></pre>holythesea: <pre><p>At least in the US, the first year of your residency is your intern year, and you are called an intern.</p></pre>asdfghjklid: <pre><p>Exactly. OP is using the words premed and intern which are exclusively used in the United States. Yet, OP claims to be from Australia. </p> <p>Also, she supposedly went through all this effort to plot revenge, but never followed up on how much prison time they got? Bullshit to the max. </p></pre>prednisolone: <pre><p>All doctors in Australia do internship after completing medical school. Residency is after internship.</p></pre>FuckUYouFuckingFuck_: <pre><p>yea I agree, it sounds like bs to me too</p></pre>KingBongoBong: <pre><p>Yeah, but in Australia you can go into med school immediately after high school so people don&#39;t really say they are in &#34;pre med&#34; because you don&#39;t need to take any undergraduate pre req&#39;s to get in.</p></pre>SpinningDespina: <pre><p>I quite often americanise details in posts knowing that it will make it easier for the majority readers on reddit to understand. Every aussie will understand what pre-med means, but not every american will understand our system. </p></pre>Plebstralian: <pre><p>Premed does not equal undergraduate non-medicine degree. If this was the only little detail out of line I might chalk it up to a contextual difference in vocabulary sure, but her story is riddled with inconsistencies so I sadly don&#39;t believe a word of it. </p></pre>SirMildredPierce: <pre><p>Could it be that she just isn&#39;t all that clear on the specifics of what he did in medicine since she herself isn&#39;t in the discipline. Her describing him as being in premed sounds like a laymans explanation. She really wouldn&#39;t need to know all that much about his job to fuck it up. </p></pre>_YouMadeMeDoItReddit: <pre><p>Her partner is in medicine though so a better understanding than most.</p> <p>Most Americans aren&#39;t going into medicine but know premed is a thing, same with other countries, you tend to just know these things from films tv, friends doing it, slight interest yourself etc. </p></pre>nokillings: <pre><p>Saw this on the AskReddit thread, just had to read the whole thing. Revenge was served well.</p></pre>LtChestnut: <pre><p>anyone wondering <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/6f9mqu/nsfw_what_is_something_youd_admit_on_reddit_which/?sort=top">https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/6f9mqu/nsfw_what_is_something_youd_admit_on_reddit_which/?sort=top</a></p></pre>Vinsanity9: <pre><p>Legend</p></pre>satellite11c: <pre><p>I believe he&#39;s a lieutenant not a legend. </p></pre>EWW3: <pre><p>I would not trade a lieutenant for a legend. </p></pre>AlecHunt: <pre><p>This didn&#39;t happen</p></pre>nokillings: <pre><p>I figured that out by reading the rest of comments after I posted. Thank you.</p></pre>asdfghjklid: <pre><p>Except that it wasn&#39;t served at all because this entire scenario is clearly fake based on the plethora of evidence in this thread. </p></pre>Rikkochet: <pre><p>That&#39;s how I found this sub and this full story made my evening.</p> <p>Vengeance with a side of fuck you.</p></pre>Choice77777: <pre><p>It&#39;s all made up bullshit cause the police would have done the whole &#34;look at these here photos&#34; by tracking everyone at the party and would have made a list of photos of every guy there. </p></pre>Minusaur: <pre><p>This feels... fishy? Like I&#39;m all for justice and I really wanna believe this story but why would you let your partner have drinks / make out with a known rapist who drugged your drink in the past? That seems incredibly dangerous. Also it feels like an over-elaborate plan to lure his wife back to your hotel room (what if she hadn&#39;t come?) just so she can catch him kissing another woman– like why not just take pictures of him cheating and/or tell his wife about him attacking you?</p> <p><del>Not calling bullshit, just genuinely curious how you settled on that plan.</del></p> <p>EDIT: seems like this is hardly the only inconsistency in OP&#39;s account; lots more evidence below this comment.</p> <p><strong><em>BULLSHIT OFFICIALLY CALLED</em></strong></p> <p>maybe next time dont lie about being raped for karma</p></pre>asdfghjklid: <pre><p>She forgot the part where the whole police station clapped. </p> <p>Also, almost all laptops shut down when you close the screen unless you change the setting, which almost nobody does. On top of that, most laptops have a microphone next to the webcam or next to the keyboard. Both of which wouldn&#39;t be able to pick up any discernable sound if the lid was closed. </p> <p>No way this story is real. </p></pre>azns123: <pre><p>The case with dick #3 was the real head scratcher. Even though he&#39;s divorced, he shares a laptop with his ex who hasn&#39;t deleted a folder full of pictures of her husband cheating on her. Oh also he saves potentially incriminating evidence on a shared laptop that his wife apparently has readily available access to, who has also conveniently never used to gain the upper hand in her custody battle over their children. </p></pre>Moonwrecker: <pre><p>Yeah the first parts were written like a 90&#39;s horror flick, like this whole story was written after a first viewing of Scream minus the murdering.. Or maybe a Lifetime Original. Too many convenient events, but the laptop part sold it for me. Like the guy just absentmindedly left a laptop full of rape conquests that his wife presumably has a password and access to, but also if it was a big ol folder full of sex pics, that&#39;s borderline insinuating that she&#39;s not the only victim. Something like that would be newsworthy, which would answer questions about length of jail time, and other details. </p> <p>And.... Like there wasn&#39;t any pictures taken at this supposed party, to help identify the three guys. The only evidence is an audio recording because the laptop cam was again, conveniently closed before bed. Come on.</p></pre>asdfghjklid: <pre><p>Not to mention the convenience of this laptop showing up right at the conclusion after she&#39;d already got revenge on the other two. </p></pre>GambleResponsibly: <pre><p>This one is the biggest head scratcher for me. Pleasant story to read either way though</p></pre>cunninglinguist81: <pre><p>Yup, fishy as hell. I mean don&#39;t get me wrong, I 100% believe people do stupid things when they don&#39;t believe or have forgotten they did anything wrong.</p> <p>But there&#39;s like eighteen little dumb things done by everyone involved in this story that all add up to something pretty hard to believe.</p> <p>And I mean, how exactly does your gf dress sexy, bring a man back to the hotel room you&#39;ve brought the entire group of women to, you &#34;go to the other room&#34;, all hell breaks loose - and you <em>don&#39;t</em> have to come completely clean with your entrapment? What kind of magical smokescreen made <em>that</em> happen?</p></pre>theunnoanprojec: <pre><p>Not to mention, what would have happened if OP hadn&#39;t somehow magically convinced the wife to come back with her. Somehow OP is an amazing actress who was able to convince this person who knew her?</p> <p>Also... She sent her GF to make out with a guy who she knew raped her? like... What??</p> <p>Also also, how was her laptop still recording audio when it was shut?</p></pre>JanssonsFrestelse: <pre><p>Yep its all way too much</p></pre>MrDrAbe: <pre><p>Or the consistent and obvious coincidences. Such as, the girlfriend just happens to have recently finished studying medicine, which is what dick #2 happens to currently be enrolled in</p></pre>palerthanrice: <pre><p>We also are never told what the charges were and how long they were sentenced, even though she was obviously involved in the trial. I guess the author doesn&#39;t have enough legal knowledge to know what the conviction or sentence would be in a case like this. </p> <p>I had fun reading this, but of course it&#39;s not true. </p></pre>indoloks: <pre><p>Yeah this seems like such a linear plot. I mean maybe it is because she tried to not make it so long as she put in her tl;dr apologizing that it was longer than expected but I am not sure just doesn&#39;t seem real. Reddit loves these kinds of stories though and usually doesn&#39;t ask the kind of questions you have. </p></pre>Plebstralian: <pre><p>Exactly this. If you were triggered during some rough play with your partner how are you not triggered when you see one of your rapists hooking up with her? Calling bullshit.</p></pre>wtfbbc: <pre><p>And then easily worming her way into the hens night, and the random shot-in-the-dark plagiarism thing that turned out to be true? Even if we chock that up to chance, the ex-wife still has all the nudes her husband took while cheating on her? Seriously?</p></pre>itsnotnews92: <pre><p>The hens night is where I said, &#34;Huh...?&#34;</p> <p>She Facebook stalks the wife and then conveniently uses this information to find where this get-together is? And then she just writes off the woman&#39;s obvious confusion as, &#34;Oh, I&#39;m just an old classmate from primary school!&#34;</p> <p>If I&#39;m out with my friends at a bachelor party, I don&#39;t invite an &#34;old school classmate&#34; I wasn&#39;t even good enough friends with to remember in the first place to join us, and that&#39;s no matter how many drinks they offer to buy. I&#39;d bet that 95% of people would feel the same way, and the natural end of it would be, &#34;Hey, well nice to see you, but I&#39;m out with friends right now for Christine&#39;s bachelorette party, so we&#39;ll have to catch up another time.&#34;</p> <p>That the story continues past that point makes this pretty unbelievable. </p></pre>r_stockamp: <pre><p>Wouldn&#39;t something like this make the news? Even without the revenge seems like a fairly big story.</p></pre>-Kablamoplasty-: <pre><p>Because this is fake nonsense. </p></pre>itsnotnews92: <pre><p>I&#39;m usually one to be skeptical of hasty <a href="/r/thathappened">/r/thathappened</a> allegations, but most plot elements are just too conveniently timed/work out a <em>bit</em> too well. </p> <p>She just happened to come across a photo with all three assailants in it? And she remembered them enough to make a good ID: (1) several years after the rape; (2) after being drugged with a substance that very likely impaired her memory of the attack. </p> <p>And then the men themselves: one married, one divorced with kids, one about to start med school. Three different types of revenge, how convenient!</p> <p>It all lines up too well. Once OP&#39;s girlfriend gets in the mix, the revenge portion of the story writes way too easily. Really no major hurdles. Boom! Marriage over. Custody of kids goes to mom. Med school kicks out student. </p> <p>And the girlfriend? &#34;Here, go seduce my rapist as part of my revenge plot!&#34; Who would assent to that? How was OP able to acquaint herself with the guy&#39;s wife and her friends so easily?</p> <p>This just reeks of fiction. </p></pre>yurieu: <pre><p>I never seen such a fake post before in my life.</p></pre>ok_but: <pre><p>Boy, have I got a Jenny for you...</p></pre>indoloks: <pre><p>These are the kind of stories redditors love to read and hear. </p></pre>Clutter: <pre><p>Because they are kissless virgin teenagers. </p></pre>TheAlmightyRedditor: <pre><blockquote> <p>Doesn&#39;t know sentence lengths</p> </blockquote> <p>Yeah uh if you went through all the trouble to get these guys into jail, very very elaborately at the least, you would 100% look into the time they were served for pure satisfaction and confirmation of your revenge. </p> <p>I&#39;m calling bullshit.</p> <p>OP is a melon.</p></pre>fiftyseven: <pre><p>I was on board until the point where our shy retiring protagonist talked an entire hen do into being her best pal and coming back to her house. C&#39;mon</p></pre>asdfghjklid: <pre><p>Of all the things that didn&#39;t happen in the world, this didn&#39;t happen the most. </p></pre>throwawayplusanumber: <pre><p>Very obviously fake. Clearly written by an Australian that has been to uni (or is at uni), but has no idea about how medicine courses or a whole bunch of other stuff work in Australia. My guess is that OP is an undergraduate student and this is a prank or a project.</p></pre>dar343: <pre><p>This and the guy having pictures from 8 years ago seems too convenient. </p></pre>faptimussprime: <pre><p>The whole story read like fanfiction. </p></pre>Divine2012: <pre><p>Or wishful thinking. </p></pre>SlatheredButtCheeks: <pre><p>8 year old rape pictures on a laptop shared with a wife you&#39;re not in a good place with</p></pre>lennoxonnell: <pre><p>I don&#39;t even keep pictures from 3 months ago. If I change phones or computers, i NEVER transfer the photos. I don&#39;t get attached to pictures, especially not the ones of women i&#39;ve raped. (I&#39;ve raped 0 women)</p></pre>DownInTheGrotto: <pre><p>I have 365 gbs of pictures on my external. Just xfered about 30 from my phone tonight. </p></pre>hungfun: <pre><p>That part seems plausible to me. I collect pictures of my... deeds. </p> <p>Mine are legal. </p></pre>AllMenMustBlergh: <pre><p>It sounds like a tv plot BUT this story isn&#39;t told well enough for it to be fiction worth posting. OP is not a writer, for sure. </p> <p>I don&#39;t get the German part- did OP completely fabricate the part where he plagiarized things? Seems really strange to go after someone&#39;s professional/academic contacts even if you were raped. I know this is prorevenge but that just seems like a strange avenue. </p></pre>gdayaz: <pre><p>She presents it as a total shot in the dark that somehow ended up being completely accurate, which is incredibly fucking improbable. Why the fuck would she think she could get someone kicked out of university with nothing more than evidence that he had taken a German class? How did she find out his enrollment was suspended if she contacted &#34;the faculty&#34; (whatever that means) anonymously?</p></pre>AllMenMustBlergh: <pre><p>I feel like a university wouldn&#39;t give out someone&#39;s enrollment information to just anybody but I don&#39;t know about that. The whole part concerning #2 seems weird. But like I said, it doesn&#39;t seem like OP is focusing on a creative writing exercise here because it&#39;s not well written at all.</p></pre>OMGROTFLMAO: <pre><blockquote> <p>Not calling bullshit...</p> </blockquote> <p>You should, because it is.</p></pre>Coptek91: <pre><p>Every time I read something on this sub, I just treat is as fiction and have my expectations really low about it actually being real. It seems that almost every other post in this sub are just revenge fantasies.</p></pre>BlueBelted: <pre><p>As much as I love a good revenge story and am willing to suspend belief a bit for that... yeahhhh gonna have to agree.</p> <p>This is a heaping pile of bullshit.</p> <p>If this was a criminal investigation, gimme some news articles.</p></pre>AdamantiumLaced: <pre><p>I kind of agree. Someone also posted there isn&#39;t even premed in Australia. </p></pre>faptimussprime: <pre><p>But that sweet, sweet karma.</p></pre>AdamantiumLaced: <pre><p>Exactly!</p></pre>cammibis: <pre><p>I do want to believe I do, but it also sounds vaguely like the secondary plot of the movie iBoy</p></pre>TeargasAndPlateglass: <pre><p>You may not be calling bullshit, but a lot of us are. I actually assume some or even most of your story is true, but it doesn&#39;t all jive together, which is what makes me (and I assume the others calling BS) not believe it 100%. And if it&#39;s not ALL believable, then the whole thing is suspect.</p> <p>If OP went through any of this, my mistake. But I&#39;m just not buying it at face value.</p></pre>Infra-Oh: <pre><p>Me too. I stopped reading at Dick #1. It&#39;s hard to call bullshit on a story like this bc you&#39;re <em>really</em> pulling for the protagonist. But this honestly sounds like a plot to a TV show. Not saying it&#39;s impossible, but I&#39;m calling bullshit.</p> <p>And OP, if this is real, why would you encourage the love of your life make out with a rapist? There are so many other ways...secretly record a conversation where he agrees to it. Post it to his FB network. Done.</p> <p>How much PTO did this all take?</p></pre>iflylikewilma: <pre><p>Like someone that wished they were Hanna Baker or something. That&#39;s exactly how this reads. Like if Hanna Baker had a happy ending.</p></pre>musclenugget92: <pre><p>It just writes way too cleanly, so much shit went off without a hitch. This is fake as fuck.</p></pre>wastesHisTimeSober: <pre><p>I had a few doubts, but I&#39;m in the same camp. Not quite sure enough to call complete bullshit. Maybe OP will respond and help us make up our minds.</p></pre>PreservedKillick: <pre><p>I think the right word is confabulation. Maybe some parts are true, but it feels inconsistent and dreamy and false. </p> <p>It&#39;s also an excellent case study in the difficulty of timeline-based writing. A credible writer could do it in a third of the words. Classic modern western female youth blabber style. Just terrible. </p></pre>trunic: <pre><p>I to feel the same way. I smell bullshit. </p></pre>dorkmax: <pre><p>Also, why not just call the police? Hi, I can identify the men who sexually assaulted me a couple years ago.</p></pre>_Pm_Me_Please_: <pre><p>She&#39;s been a redditor for 12 days too</p></pre>The_Tenth_Crusader: <pre><p>It&#39;s reddit fiction dude. </p></pre>SlatheredButtCheeks: <pre><p>No way in hell this is real</p></pre>indoloks: <pre><p>This is just really so hard to believe a few inconsistencies. How do you have SOOO much information and you learn so much about their families and lives down to the classes they take in school and talking to the wife and getting photos of you drugged up but yet you don&#39;t know how much time they did in prison? Especially if you emailed the court information to one of their schools. This seriously sounds like bullshit.</p></pre>torik0: <pre><p>Especially because public court cases go on public record. </p></pre>pontoumporcento: <pre><p>There&#39;ll probably be an edit fixing the plot holes soon can&#39;t wait for season 2 though </p></pre>GambleResponsibly: <pre><p>14 reason why I needed to Edit?</p></pre>Physical_removal: <pre><p>So a guy drugs you and gang rapes you and your response is to have &#34;the love of your life&#34; make out with him with his pants half off? Yeah I fucking believe that. Goddamn this is some dumb shit. </p></pre>VdubGolf: <pre><p>I felt like I was taking crazy pills when I saw how highly this was rated. So dumb.</p></pre>Physical_removal: <pre><p>Circle jerk over fantasy revenge porn. I really doubt OP is a woman, it is, I seriously doubt she&#39;s ever experienced sexual violence. I know that people respond in a lot of ways to trauma, but this is just nonsense. </p></pre>GambleResponsibly: <pre><p>Common, it&#39;ll make a great flick though... can see the add now...</p> <p><em>from the director that brought you Enough and the producer that brought you Sleeping with the Enemy comes a new summer thriller that is sure to make you whisper ... Justice Served</em></p></pre>DowntownJohnBrown: <pre><p>Yeah wtf was up with that? That sounds like some doofy sitcom revenge plot. I can&#39;t believe people are actually believing this.</p></pre>weakling778: <pre><p>Wait what. You didnt just call the cops and identify them? And let them get raped in prison? </p> <p>Actually sent your friend to be alone with a dude you knew was a violent rapist? </p></pre>GroundhogExpert: <pre><p>Nah, it&#39;s all fiction. It&#39;s some tumblrina&#39;s fantasy revenge story, but to actually have a revenge story would require leaving her house long enough to become a victim. </p></pre>THIS_BOT: <pre><p>The whole premise is absurd -- house-watching an occupied house that is currently having a party? Why is she being asked to house watch when clearly there are people there?</p></pre>TheEnzo: <pre><p>The party was at the neighbour&#39;s house. But I agree the story seems very far fetched. </p></pre>demfuzzypickles: <pre><p>The story says she&#39;s house watching the house next door to the party house, and was persuaded to go next door.</p></pre>NewLineCinema: <pre><p>Your account is only 12 days old. </p> <p>The first thing you posted was about some rape revenge movie scenario.</p> <p>This follow up in this thread/post explaining it seems very fake.</p> <p>This is fake.</p></pre>yurieu: <pre><p>This is coming from a guy that avoids being sceptic on reddit, but this is by far the most flat out fake post I have ever read.</p> <p>It reads off as fiction, it even has little plotholes just like many fictions do.</p> <p>Plus the fact that OP brings out the fact that ppl call it bullshit, twice. </p> <p>Ughhhh, for real. Come on guys, this didn&#39;t happen, at all, it confuses me why someone would waste their time trying to pass this shit out as an actual story.</p> <p>This whole shit sounded like season 5 of dexter or some other random shit.</p></pre>acdcfanboy: <pre><p>Dexter season 5 was more plausible</p></pre>thesarcasmic: <pre><p>Who upvotes this crap?</p></pre>ipaqmaster: <pre><p>Stay home redditors who need some spice in their life </p></pre>nexlux: <pre><p>Either Fake, Mostly Fake, or completely 100% fake</p></pre>Orc-Peon: <pre><p>8 day old account - complete bullshit.</p></pre>FILCO_FRIDAYS: <pre><p>Cool story bro</p></pre>chevy_followclosely: <pre><p>Who the fuck is upvoting this obvious bullshit?</p></pre>GlarbImADinosaur: <pre><p>That rapists name, Albert Einstein</p></pre>: <pre><p>[removed]</p></pre>Wowitsaduck: <pre><p>If people believe this garbage then I have a dragon I can sell you. </p></pre>jellicents: <pre><p>Seems kind of fishy that you essentially brought them to court with all of your &#34;evidence&#34; and then &#34;didn&#39;t&#34; know their prison sentences. Like, how/why would you not know that, but you know all of their other family matters and also the names/contacts of specific faculty members? This seems very fabricated.</p></pre>ajburt1998: <pre><p>Your girlfriend made out with the guy who raped you? Wtf?</p></pre>OdinSQL: <pre><p><a href="/r/thathappened">/r/thathappened</a></p></pre>tyronedhc8: <pre><p>I didn&#39;t get past #1. Did it get more believable after?</p></pre>chevy_followclosely: <pre><p>No. It definitely did not</p></pre>TheSaint7: <pre><p>Nah they somehow pulled off an overly elaborate plan without anything going wrong. Then they had a happy ending ever after. </p></pre>Sanquich: <pre><p>Lol same here.</p></pre>the_glass_is_full: <pre><p>.......and then everyone slow clapped <a href="/r/thathappened">/r/thathappened</a></p></pre>CyBrAd: <pre><p>nice fake story. </p></pre>trunic: <pre><p>I think to be honest is elaborate fake story.</p></pre>Kyotoshi: <pre><p>I don&#39;t fucking believe this even a little bit. Reported.</p></pre>FreshPack: <pre><p>Dang OP is gonna get sent to reposting jail with that evidence you have</p> <p>Justice. Served.</p> <p>OP is fat.</p></pre>imagine_slashS_AtEnd: <pre><p>holy shit reddit is so dumb. that is one of those epic fake stories where all part of it is bullshit. either get trolled by a guy, or a very ugly girl who is writing down her sexual fantasy because she wasn&#39;t touched since forever, or someone who has just so immense disdain for humanity that s/he is just making fun of your stupid asses.</p> <p>how dumb can you be to believe this story bleeding from all holes. but i guess half the world is religious which is the same as believing in santa claus so whatever, what did i expect.</p></pre>ManOfDiscovery: <pre><p>Upvoted thousands of times and gilded twice over. Pathetic. </p></pre>AmicableArmadillo: <pre><p><a href="/r/thathappened">/r/thathappened</a> </p></pre>Chris_Robin: <pre><p>It&#39;s awesome to hear that rapists actually CAN receive justice sometimes. Thanks for sharing your story with us.</p></pre>asdfghjklid: <pre><p>Nobody received justice because this story is obviously fake. </p></pre>Pm_me_your__eyes_: <pre><p>I love going through this post and pointing out how full of shit this post is. </p> <p>The story is so fucking stupid, I&#39;m forever dubious of anything I read on Reddit.</p></pre>Adnan_Targaryen: <pre><p>It&#39;s kinda sad that seeing obvious justice being served is a rare occasion for us now. </p> <p>May this be an example and we see more. </p></pre>Sgtoconner: <pre><p>To be fair, I&#39;d think that most &#34;justice served&#34; cases would be hushed so as to save the victim from unwanted publicity. </p></pre>Adnan_Targaryen: <pre><p>Huh, you are right. That&#39;s good know. </p></pre>PlushSandyoso: <pre><p>Also, rape/sexual assault cases aren&#39;t always the kind where someone is drugged and used.</p> <p>They can be far more innocuous-seeming. To the point that people don&#39;t immediately acknowledge/realise they were sexually assaulted.</p></pre>itsnotsad: <pre><p>Unfortunately, I doubt it. </p> <p>There was just so much dumb luck in each scenario that led to the plan going anywhere that it&#39;s incredibly unlikely that this should work. (I&#39;m incredibly happy it did, but most people aren&#39;t so lucky)</p> <p>She had connections that led her to the correct med school, conveniently left her video diary taping, the whole plan #1 could have gone horribly wrong at any step (including putting Ally in harm&#39;s way too...), and on #3 it&#39;s incredible that she was able to track down the ex wife and get her to talk about it and believe her, as some people may just be in denial over things like that. And of course the icing on he cake is that he happened to take photos of the victims, kept the ones with OP in them, and also had pictures clearly showing him and the others (which anyone who weren&#39;t careless would destroy)</p> <p>This isn&#39;t normal and by countless strokes of luck things went well. But justice for these kinds of things is pretty rare, even when reported. But if anyone here decides to seek your own justice be careful. People like these might have vengeful friends, or you might just end up being targeted by the same people again as a result if they catch you/figure out that something is up. </p> <p>I&#39;m just glad this story had a good ending. </p></pre>LeftyMode: <pre><p>I can see why some would think this story wasn&#39;t true... </p></pre>ZeroLimitz: <pre><p>I feel bad for the people that wasted gold on this $100% true story....smh.</p></pre>beanfilledwhackbonk: <pre><p>Damn, that sure wrapped up nice &#39;n tidy! Sounds too good to be true, but it ought to be easy to corroborate. I mean, startling new evidence comes to light that solves a cold case involving gang rape of a drugged victim - that&#39;d be all over the news, right?</p></pre>Harregarre: <pre><p>Seems too perfect to be true. Nice story though.</p></pre>age_of_cage: <pre><p>I want revenge for you raping me with this fake as fuck story.</p></pre>merrickhalp: <pre><blockquote> <p>I did a Sexual Assault Kit with a female officer.</p> <p>I found a school picture, with all three Dick-noses standing side by side with goofy fucking grins. Holy shit. I still can’t believe that bullshit idea worked. Suddenly I had their names.</p> </blockquote> <p>Wait, so you&#39;re telling me that after you found their names and had DNA evidence of the crime, you went to the trouble of stalking them one by one and put yourself and your life partner at risk?</p> <p>Fake and gay.</p></pre>: <pre><p>[removed]</p></pre>copper_claws: <pre><p>This story doesn&#39;t make a whole lot of sense... Plus OP would have had to testify at the criminal trial, and so she would know what the sentences of the rapists were.</p></pre>humuluslupulus2017: <pre><p>Fake</p></pre>Sanquich: <pre><p>And homosexual </p></pre>Teh1tank: <pre><p>Karma whoring is hard work eh? </p> <p>At least you put in the effort to make up a semi decent story. Too many plotholes in it though for it to make sense. </p></pre>NewLineCinema: <pre><p>lol</p> <p>You got gold for this story???</p> <p>I&#39;m a Nigerian Prince. If you give me reddit gold I&#39;ll give you 1 billion us dollars.</p></pre>Bikinii: <pre><p>I guess dick #1,2,3 didn&#39;t change much.</p></pre>trapper2530: <pre><p>Who would have thought rapists aren&#39;t great people. </p></pre>BiteYourOwnTongue: <pre><p>Ha. True.</p> <p>This was such a satisfying story to read.</p></pre>the_time_quest: <pre><p>Probably because it&#39;s exactly that a story, it sounded fake and people from Australia have mentioned that premed doesn&#39;t even exist there and no one uses that terminology.</p></pre>GlarbImADinosaur: <pre><p>Too bad it&#39;s fake</p></pre>asdfghjklid: <pre><p>OP isn&#39;t capable of developing complex personalities in his/her fiction. This post is obviously fake based on the evidence everywhere in this thread. </p></pre>AlexTundra: <pre><p>[Spoiler] This story is fake</p></pre>Alienmade: <pre><p>Redditor for 12 days. RED ALERT RED ALERT </p></pre>Gray_Fawx: <pre><p><a href="/u/TheJackal8" rel="nofollow">u/TheJackal8</a> could you remove this post </p></pre>pupunoob: <pre><p>You fucking realise rape is no joke right? This story is sounds so fake and is full of holes. Please do not trivialise rape like this you disgusting person. I&#39;ve known rape survivors and that shit is hard to deal with and you&#39;re just using it for some stupid fantasy story. Fuck off.</p></pre>Der_Bar_Jew: <pre><p><a href="/r/writingprompts" rel="nofollow">r/writingprompts</a> is leaking. Downvote and move on</p></pre>Nick700: <pre><p>Are people upvoting this for the writing alone? I can&#39;t believe the majority of people voting on this post actually think this happened</p></pre>fatasslarry7: <pre><p>The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was a stupid book and so is this story</p></pre>ikilledtupac: <pre><p>Bullshit. </p></pre>nazahaki: <pre><p>How anyone thinks this is a good story is beyond me. Seems more like a sick fantasy. </p></pre>coltsmetsfan614: <pre><p>This is the second-fakest story I&#39;ve read on this site. (I&#39;m not sure anything will ever top Jenny.)</p></pre>thebluepool: <pre><p>Obviously fake revenge porn fantasy. </p></pre>CaptainCommanderFag: <pre><p>What a read</p></pre>chevy_followclosely: <pre><p>Yes. /R/fanfiction</p></pre>CaptainCommanderFag: <pre><p>lmfao true</p></pre>realworldeditor: <pre><p>Sounds like a movie.</p></pre>: <pre><p>[removed]</p></pre>FreshPack: <pre><p>no dude her and her badass girlfriend kick white male republican rapists in the face all day! It&#39;s just like that show on MTV that came out where tuff grlss beat up (white male) rapists all day!! </p></pre>FreshPack: <pre><p>i believe this happened for sure </p></pre>bleedingjim: <pre><p>Inaccurate and homosexual.</p></pre>Oliver_Clubb154: <pre><p><em>watches kill Bill once</em></p></pre>Certain_Bounce: <pre><p>Most of the bullshit has been called out but I&#39;ll just add - How could a police investigation fail to identify a group of 3 guys the day after a party but all you had to do was talk to people from the area even though it was years later.</p> <p>This is obviously fake but it&#39;s something people want to believe. I don&#39;t know how else you could fall for it. Wasn&#39;t even written well.</p></pre>cabsfornabs: <pre><p>Fake as fuck. Nice try to grab some karma. I&#39;ve read this story two years ago.</p></pre>Duck_Feet: <pre><p>This is the fakest thing i&#39;ve read in a while</p></pre>Flamebrand02: <pre><p>4900 upvotes and counting...Damn, I&#39;ve got to talk to some of you gullible folks about a fantastic real estate opportunity I have for sale. Oceanfront property in Kansas. I&#39;m sure y&#39;all will gobble it right up.</p></pre>LancerAdagio: <pre><p>Guys Report, downvote, and leave. </p></pre>FlyThai: <pre><p>Lol @ people falling for this blatant bullshit </p></pre>Theige: <pre><p>This is the least real story I have ever read on reddit. </p></pre>Hatchery: <pre><p>If you&#39;re gonna make up a fake story why don&#39;t you just use your own country so you don&#39;t say something retarded like &#39;premed in Australia&#39;</p></pre>jdebo86: <pre><p>Damn. That is some Pro Revenge, alright. </p></pre>Rs1000000: <pre><p>It&#39;s more likely pro bullshit. I don&#39;t know why OP would waste time typing that up.</p></pre>Ahtrum: <pre><p>How the fuck did they get into your house?</p></pre>christinasays: <pre><p>This is amazing. </p></pre>Afalau: <pre><blockquote> <p>This is <del>amazing</del> fake</p> </blockquote> <p>FTFY</p></pre>ipaqmaster: <pre><p>The more wowed you are the more fake it likely is</p></pre>DowntownJohnBrown: <pre><p>In a way, this thread is kind of amazing as it&#39;s an intriguing testament to how far people are willing to suspend their disbelief in order to convince themselves that something good happened despite the entire scenario being obviously fabricated.</p></pre>
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