In about 10 years, Fidget Spinners will be part of "Only 2000s Kids Will Remember" posts.

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<hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>Jashua_JH: <pre><p>You mean 2010s kids.</p></pre>hogger85: <pre><p>probably those born between 2002 and 2013 will be generation fidget spinner.</p></pre>ithrewakidinthewell: <pre><p>Can confirm, was born in 2000. Anyone in my year who owns one has been shamed out of using them. Meanwhile, the guys three years below me continue to use them whenever, during class, assembly, you name it.</p></pre>Blueberryflapjacks: <pre><p>that&#39;s pretty hilarious. As i&#39;m in my twenties and I fidget spin without any shaming from anyone.</p></pre>ithrewakidinthewell: <pre><p>High school is a brutal place to be honest, although its not the spinners themselves that are bad, it was just the sheer volume of people using them in completely inappropriate situations. For example, I remember a few weeks ago we were honouring the victims of WWII with a minutes silence. Then suddenly....FSCHHHHHH. </p></pre>punktual: <pre><p>Different people deal with grief in different ways...</p> <p>Some just gotta spin it out.</p></pre>iEatCrayons_v2: <pre><p>Spin the pain away</p></pre>Napalmradio: <pre><p>Ah yes, the teaches of peaches.</p></pre>gibsonsg87: <pre><p>Huh? What?</p></pre>mimibrightzola: <pre><p>Let it rip</p></pre>wardroomcaramel: <pre><p><a href="">Fidget Spinners</a></p></pre>AmarusKh: <pre><p>His finger just slipped from F to E.</p></pre>Kareleos: <pre><p>As someone in high school right now, can confirm, my friend has a spinner and is extremely hypocritical about it, his is louder than mine and sometimes uses it during exams tests, it doesn&#39;t bother Mez but when I use mine for a minute he says &#34;dude stop it&#39;s annoying&#34;</p></pre>Scientolojesus: <pre><p>Can I ask what the hell is the point of them? I thought it was specifically for people with autism? Doesn&#39;t it just spin? Are there that many kids out there that can&#39;t stay still for more than a few seconds? I need answers please!</p></pre>Kareleos: <pre><p>My entire life at school I would fidget with pens or stuff like that. Basically when you spin it, it creates like a centrifugal force, so when you move it around in your fingers you kind of feel resistance. It&#39;s not just for autistic kids but people that need to fidget in order to concentrate or have ADD/ADHD</p></pre>thebombchu: <pre><p>Stop using them, you&#39;re in your twenties! </p> <p>Better?</p></pre>Real_megamike_64: <pre><p>Let he/she/xe/it do whatever he/she/xe/it wants, he&#39;s/she&#39;s/xe&#39;s/it&#39;s a free man/woman/transsexual/homosexual/whatever he wants to be called.</p></pre>okizc: <pre><blockquote> <p>whatever <em>he</em> wants to be called. </p> </blockquote> <p>Did you just assume someone&#39;s gender?</p> <p><strong>Triggered.</strong></p></pre>toeofcamell: <pre><p>In my day we just called that masturbating </p></pre>Fen_: <pre><blockquote> <p>without any shaming from anyone</p> </blockquote> <p>Just because no one does it to your face doesn&#39;t mean it isn&#39;t happening.</p></pre>deckartcain: <pre><p>As we get older we tend to stop actively going after weird behaviour and just ignore those who do it.</p></pre>Kebro_85: <pre><p>In my thirties, dad of two. Got myself a fidget spinner and a fidget cube. Zero fucks given or received. </p></pre>riodoro1: <pre><p>Why would anyone shame you for autism?</p></pre>mjl11230: <pre><p>Next time someone makes fun of me for spinning i will tell them that i have autism and make them feel like shit</p></pre>Systepup: <pre><p>For the foreigners, what&#39;s &#39;assembly?&#39;</p></pre>innocentxiv: <pre><p>A gathering of asses.</p></pre>400_lux: <pre><p>He&#39;s not wrong.</p></pre>ithrewakidinthewell: <pre><p>Never knew that this was only an Australian thing, but assembly (at least in our school) is where, once a week, one year group or section of the school all gets together for about 30 minutes to hear some notices, see some presentations, and stuff like that. </p></pre>Cyan-Eyed452: <pre><p>We also call it assembly here in the UK.</p></pre>Zevbra: <pre><p>In US too </p></pre>Stalwart-Lover: <pre><p>In the rest of the world too!</p></pre>toeofcamell: <pre><p>No we call that target practice </p></pre>70astralaxe: <pre><p>same in India.</p></pre>mateokross: <pre><p>Same in argentina</p></pre>CaesarsEssence: <pre><p>Same in Ireland!</p></pre>MindFuckedByTheVoid: <pre><p>Our school used to have everyone stood up packed in the main hall. There would always be at least 1 person passing out and they still refused to let people sit down. </p></pre>ajt1296: <pre><p>Lock your knees and stare at the sun </p></pre>katanablade99: <pre><p>Daily or weekly event where all the students gather in one place for various reasons such as speech by the principal or awards or prayer etc. It varies from country to country.</p></pre>rein1122: <pre><p>Im born in 2002 same in my year</p></pre>cheerylowercaselad: <pre><p>as someone from 2001- the only real consistency with people who use them around here is people who solely prefer ironic memery to anything else</p> <p>an understandable cure to existential depression admittedly</p></pre>0100011001001011: <pre><p>2000 brother as well. They have actually started taking off in my year, more as a way to piss of teachers. Weren&#39;t popular at all, until some dumb kids started using em, who were semi-popular. They have them at all year levels at my school now, cause some kid started selling them. He is making BANK! I&#39;m not touching that fidget spinners though. Fuck them.</p> <p>They only started taking off in the last 2 weeks at my school though though (Melbourne Australia)</p></pre>Steer534: <pre><p>Hello fellow 2000 baby</p></pre>MarchyMarshy: <pre><p>As an 02&#39; child I am ashamed of everyone my age every time I see a fucking spinner.</p></pre>Shalevdragon: <pre><p>Can confirm, was born in 2002. Everyone in my class plays with this thing. </p></pre>toeofcamell: <pre><p>He plays with this thing in class? My teacher would have smacked my hand and sent me to the principals office </p></pre>BlackFalls831: <pre><p>I destroyed mine by spinning it really fast with an industrial air compressor </p></pre>Ootman23: <pre><p>Ugh, I wish this was the case. 2001, still know way too many people using them.</p></pre>LiveLongDieHappy: <pre><p>its just people enjoying a simple thing, aint nothing wrong with it</p></pre>Stewbodies: <pre><p>99 here. Like 1999, not 99 years old. The neighborhood kids tend to leave stuff in my yard, usually trash but now I&#39;m the owner of a Fidget Spinner. People diss them but I love mine. </p></pre>josephbeadles: <pre><p>My sister was born in 2000 and everyone in her grade uses those things</p></pre>sheesh0re: <pre><p>Was born in 2002.</p> <p>I don&#39;t understand them.</p></pre>hogger85: <pre><p>too early for fidget spinners, too late to know pre 9/11 poor you</p></pre>sheesh0re: <pre><p>My world is meaningless.</p></pre>igotthisone: <pre><p>You joke, but that&#39;s really what the rest of us think of your generation. </p></pre>sheesh0re: <pre><p>Hey, I think my generation is full of idiots as well.</p></pre>BezniaAtWork: <pre><blockquote> <p><em>You kids just don&#39;t know how easy you have it...</em></p> <p>- someone not even 5 years older than you</p> </blockquote></pre>palmtreevibes: <pre><p>Uh oh, Reddit doesn&#39;t like hearing that. I guess I&#39;ll just get it over with.</p> <p><a href="/r/lewronggeneration">/r/lewronggeneration</a></p></pre>NematodeArthritis: <pre><p>Every generation is full of idiots.</p></pre>sheesh0re: <pre><p>You&#39;re not wrong.</p> <p>But we have fidget spinners. </p></pre>Stewbodies: <pre><p>Yeah but they&#39;re fun. </p></pre>Saotome84: <pre><p>I graduated from high school in 2002.</p> <p>Get off my lawn <em>shakes walker</em></p></pre>Legodude293: <pre><p>Was born in 2001 </p> <p>I understand them. </p></pre>Disgruntled__Goat: <pre><p>Yes, which makes them 2010s kids. Someone born in 1999 isn&#39;t a &#34;90s kid&#34;.</p></pre>Rebel_Scum83: <pre><p>You hit right on the dot, 2001 and below thinks they&#39;re quite stupid. They&#39;re all over my high school and it annoys the shit out of us.</p></pre>10111101111000110001: <pre><p>2000s are not kids anymore</p></pre>wallmoj: <pre><p>Can confirm I am only 16, not 18 so am still kid who was born in 2000.</p></pre>jerrygergichsmith: <pre><p>Thankfully they&#39;re still teenagers, but that&#39;s still a scary thought. Fuck I&#39;m old.</p></pre>salmonmoose: <pre><p>I was born in 1978, and am still a kid. Fuck you and your standards.</p></pre>thed3al: <pre><p>The real shower thought is in the comments</p></pre>DwizKhalifa: <pre><p>I know OP admitted it was a mistake, but I wouldn&#39;t be surprised if it <em>does</em> get labeled as an &#34;Only 2000s&#34; thing. About half of the stuff I see in those &#34;Only 90&#39;s kids&#34; things are things I grew up with in the late 2000s, so the timeframe usually isn&#39;t so accurate.</p></pre>epicsaving: <pre><p>nostalgia periods are getting much shorter. It will be next year!</p></pre>dynasty8913: <pre><p>Yep, cause nostalgia sells. </p></pre>4skinlicker: <pre><p>Only June 2017 kids will remember this</p></pre>ihate_heckin_ketchup: <pre><p>More like March 2017 kids, and some out of touch slowpokes that caught up in June.</p></pre>AcidicOpulence: <pre><p>I was reading this in July and I remember!!1!</p></pre>Totllynotadinosaur: <pre><p>Fidget spinners were more of an april/may thing but they&#39;re still sort of relevant now tbh</p></pre>fuckwatergivemewine: <pre><p>But who&#39;s buying?</p></pre>Disgruntled__Goat: <pre><p>Only July 2016 kids will remember Pokemon Go!</p></pre>white_android: <pre><p>I&#39;m already annoyed by the thought of my nephew posting this</p></pre>DrinkerofJuice: <pre><p>Remember fidget spinners?</p></pre>NWJK: <pre><p>This is them now. Feel old yet?</p></pre>ErosR29: <pre><p>(Eolic turbines)</p></pre>Poonchichi: <pre><p>I was born in 1995 and when I see only 90s kids will remember this, I recognize some but not all. So does this make me a 90s kid or a 2000s kid?</p></pre>hiding_honesty: <pre><p>Seems normal to me. I was born in the mid 80s and I only remember some 80s references. </p></pre>2000liftedcummins: <pre><p>Ive always considered 90s kids to be born from about 85-90 basicly when most of your child hood was in the 90s where if you are born in say 93 you get to about 96 or 97 before they even start to really remember things. </p></pre>LiterallySarcasm: <pre><p>On top of that I was born in 2000 and I remember some of the damn things I see in those &#34;only 90&#39;s kids will remember this&#34; posts.</p></pre>Tidusx145: <pre><p>Well I&#39;d say it has to do with trends that last longer, like Pokémon and certain cartoons like Hey Arnold and cat dog. Furbies were made in the nineties I&#39;m pretty sure, and yet they just relaunched them again recently. I stand by what the other person said, being born up until 1990-91 makes you a nineties kid. </p> <p>But honestly the whole thing is rather silly once you begin to pick it apart.</p></pre>zxpp: <pre><p>How about 92</p></pre>NateTehGreat: <pre><p>Get out. 91 master race. </p></pre>Nmilne23: <pre><p>Yeah see I was born in 93, brother born in 90, so I got to grow up on the exact same things he did. I&#39;m as much of a 90s kid as my brother ever has been, and I started developing memory at 2/3, so I got a good half decade in there. Also it&#39;s not like any of the content from 1990-1993 wasn&#39;t completely 100% accessible, I was able to watch and enjoy all the same shit as my brother. I personally feel like the cutoff for 90s kids is being born in 95, at that point you&#39;ll have perhaps 2-3 years of memories from the 90s, more than enough time for a young child to experience the glory of the 90s. Obviously being born in 1990 or sooner is the absolute ideal perfect positioning for being a 90s kid, because you got to be a little older than just a toddler or young child and experience a little more. But I feel as a 93 kid I am 100% 90s kid. Fundamental part of my existence, you can&#39;t ever forget about the 1990s</p></pre>DJShamykins: <pre><p>Im pretty sure you don&#39;t really come out of that childhood dream state until 6 or 7.</p></pre>kikirik08: <pre><p>Also something that I&#39;ve realized is that it differs from country to country. There are many &#34;90s kids stuff&#34; that came to where I live (Turkey) just around 2003-2004 so I have lived my childhood with those, being born in 2000. </p> <p>Since about 2007-2008, though, everything arrives here faster than it used to, so it is not a continuing trend. </p></pre>Nomad2k3: <pre><p>I was born in &#39;77 and class myself as an 80&#39;s-90&#39;s kid as I remember the most memorable parts of my childhood being around &#39;85-&#39;93</p></pre>Im_Wiz_Kalista: <pre><p>Isn&#39;t 22-29 outside of the &#34;childhood&#34; range?</p> <p>edit: Holy shit that stoned math. Not even going to delete.</p></pre>MetaGazon: <pre><p>born a bit later but,Yeah, I always considered XX&#39;s kids to be the years between like 6 and 17..before 6 I have no super clear memories of stuff and very clear memories from the 90&#39;s</p></pre>Black-Fedora: <pre><p>I think of it as the opposite. Most of the &#34;90&#39;s kids&#34; things that I see are from the late 90&#39;s-2005ish era -- things that individuals who were born in between 1990 and 1999 would remember from their childhood, most of which would have been spent on the early 2000&#39;s. </p></pre>HelloYesThisIsDuck: <pre><p>Meanwhile, I can&#39;t remember what I&#39;ve had for breakfast two hours ago...</p></pre>octopussandwich: <pre><p>Probably some bread.</p></pre>PineappleStickers: <pre><p>This is true. Born 94 and earliest (non fractured) memories are from 98-ish..... maybe late 97</p></pre>dogcmp6: <pre><p><a href="" rel="nofollow">I got your 80&#39;s reference right here</a></p></pre>legaladult: <pre><p>Same here, but I think I remember <em>some</em> older 90&#39;s stuff because my parents were cheap and didn&#39;t splurge on new stuff when I was little. Most stuff I had was already a little behind.</p> <p>Got the Gameboy Advance when that was still &#34;new&#34; though. That was sweet.</p></pre>Aurora_Fatalis: <pre><p>Oh boi.</p> <p>I just realized that I have the same experience with color handhelds that my parents had with color television.</p> <p>One day my kids will ask me what it was like when the world suddenly gained color.</p></pre>WouldSextantBex: <pre><p>makes you a filthy hybrid and you belong NO WHERE</p></pre>Fixedmind: <pre><p>I was born in 81, I lived from 9 to 19 in the 90s. I would say people of my age range (born 80 to 85)are what should be considered &#34;90s kids.&#34; Our formative years, the transitions from childhood to preteen to teenagers, all occurred in the decade of discussion. All trends, music, movies, and other various forms of media that are thought of as defining the 90s also created the social setting of our lives. This is of course my opinion. </p></pre>Vexal: <pre><p>Wow you&#39;re almost 40. </p></pre>hohohoohno: <pre><p><a href="/r/theydidthemath">/r/theydidthemath</a></p></pre>AcidicOpulence: <pre><p>If you are lucky, it will happen to you as well.</p></pre>wilhelm_topf: <pre><p>I think he/she is well aware of that. </p></pre>ShibuRigged: <pre><p>This is something people often ignore. Two decades of childhood is a fucking long period of time.</p> <p>People only make these shitty meme pages based on relatively short spans of time and it does not begin to cover the extent childhood. Especially with how things have advanced in the last 20 years.</p></pre>Coffin11: <pre><p>Born 1990, recognize all 90&#39;s memes, do not familiarize with 00&#39;s themes. Brother was born 1983 though Purple and red Raptors ski jacket handy down</p></pre>RothbardsGhost: <pre><p>90s kids were born in the 80s generally. If you&#39;re born in the 90s, you&#39;re an aughts kid.</p></pre>ConstantReader76: <pre><p>I was born in 1976 and consider myself an 80s kid and a 90s teen. So, I&#39;d call you a 2000s kid and a 2010s teen.</p></pre>ihate_heckin_ketchup: <pre><p>It makes you a 2000s kid. When people say 90s kid, they&#39;re saying that most of their schooling happened in the 90s. For instance, I was born in 86, so I went to school from 1990-2004. Every childhood memory with my friends is from the 90s. If someone says &#34;only a 90s kid will remember this&#34;, and you were 3 years old at the time, you probably don&#39;t remember it.</p></pre>Djtitties: <pre><p>You are a noughties kid.</p></pre>crashdaddy: <pre><p>Oxfords not Brogues. </p></pre>hoboturtles: <pre><p>You&#39;re more of a 2000&#39;s kid. I was born in 1986 so I was only 4 at the end of the 80&#39;s. I was into ninja turtles and played Nintendo NES at that age, but I&#39;d say it&#39;s around 83, 93, 2003 that you could say that you were a kid during that decade.</p></pre>Ragnars_Fav_Skull: <pre><p>2010&#39;s kids, most likely. Since it happened in the 2010&#39;s.</p></pre>Tasgall: <pre><p>Most &#34;2010&#39;s kids&#34; probably won&#39;t remember, considering the oldest ones are 7, and some haven&#39;t been born yet.</p></pre>harrymuana: <pre><p>The &#34;2010&#39;s kids&#34; refers to them being teens in the 2010s, just like 90s kids refers to people being teens in the 90s.</p></pre>kiasyn: <pre><p>Then why is it 90s kids, not 90s teens?! </p></pre>elushinz: <pre><p>Geeeit off my lawn!</p></pre>fkdsla: <pre><p>Really? Were 90s teens watching 90s cartoons, or were 90s kids doing so?</p></pre>frgrber: <pre><p>And they will be full of comments saying things like &#34;I was born in 2012 and I also remember them!&#34;</p></pre>billybobjimmyjoe: <pre><p>I see comments on two-year-old music videos: &#34;The nostalgia!&#34;</p></pre>TeamAquaGrunt: <pre><p>I&#39;ve seen &#34;they just don&#39;t make great music like this anymore&#34; on Green day songs</p></pre>Liam429: <pre><p><a href="/r/lewronggeneration">r/lewronggeneration</a></p></pre>RITO_I_AM: <pre><p>To be fair just cause something is nostalgic to you doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s old. Im feeling nostalgia hearing Drake&#39;s one dance which was hot last summer</p></pre>PhilipK_Dick: <pre><p>Haven&#39;t fidget spinners been around for a few months? Whast makes you think they will have staying power to become part of the collective psyche?</p></pre>FlyOnTheWall4: <pre><p>Time will only tell. The fads don&#39;t generally last that long, I think these will have enough staying power to become a thing.</p></pre>Baygo22: <pre><p>According to google trends, they&#39;re already past peak.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=";q=fidget%20spinners">;q=fidget%20spinners</a></p></pre>Fahrowshus: <pre><p>Well, that <a href="">escalated</a> quickly</p></pre>BezniaAtWork: <pre><p>That deescalated slowly.</p></pre>TeamAquaGrunt: <pre><p>I wonder how much of that was just people trying to figure out what the hell a fidget spinner is</p></pre>gippered: <pre><p>That was my first thought. I probably contributed to an early Google, but now have no reason to Google it again. </p> <p>Then again, I will probably also never own a fidget spinner...</p></pre>FlyOnTheWall4: <pre><p>Interesting.</p></pre>Daedricbanana: <pre><p>well I mean most things posted in &#34;only 90&#39;s kids will rememmber&#34; didnt last long, thats kinda the point</p></pre>Metal-Marauder: <pre><p>Most 90s kids fads didn&#39;t last either but nostalgia is nostalgia and anything that can become as widespread as fidget spinners have become will be remembered in the future by people who used to have fidget spinners. </p></pre>Owyn_Merrilin: <pre><p>At least a year, actually. They were a fad in the EDC community for a while before it took off with everyone else.</p></pre>dustybizzle: <pre><p>I have one that I use at work to keep from tugging on my beard all day, and everyone thinks I&#39;m just following a trend. Meanwhile I&#39;ve known about them since last year and just wasn&#39;t able to easily get one until they got popular.</p></pre>dedicated2fitness: <pre><blockquote> <p>just wasn&#39;t able to easily get one until they got popular.</p> </blockquote> <p>you mean they weren&#39;t cheap. fidget spinners were available for stupidly expensive prices-like everything that is EDC approved- before the chinese factories got involved </p></pre>Tigerzebra: <pre><p>My daughter can put her fidget spinner in the same box as my pogs.</p></pre>climaterefugee: <pre><p>Pogs are coming back. I saw some dudes in rompers playing in Brooklyn. They had sick ass slammers. </p></pre>Eirwig: <pre><p>Alf pogs?</p></pre>hogger85: <pre><p>that is a 90s kid reference. (that episode was 1995 (22years ago!))</p></pre>spoopycheezy: <pre><p>you traded my soul for Alf pogs?!</p></pre>Tartuffe_wonderbread: <pre><p>Wait, you mean he&#39;s back? In pog form?? </p></pre>JawshD123: <pre><p>Remember <strong>Alf</strong>?He&#39;s back! In pog form</p></pre>iwatchsportsball: <pre><p>If we are playing for keeps, No metal slammers and no two finger slams. </p></pre>srtrigue: <pre><p>Do people actually wear those?</p></pre>orangesmartie92: <pre><p>What? No I don&#39;t want to see your pog collection!</p></pre>iwatchsportsball: <pre><p>Any self respecting pog owner stored their precious in lava cases. Basically they were giant versions of today&#39;s modern weed container.</p></pre>toeofcamell: <pre><p>I still have my slammers, my yoyo, my slap bracelets and my virginity </p></pre>cheetosnfritos: <pre><p>I hate all the hype and hate for these things. I want to buy one because I seriously believe it could help me. But now it&#39;s a &#34;mainstream toy&#34; that everyone hates. </p> <p>I have a nervous tick where I pick my fingers. I literally sat watching a movie and destroyed my fingers to the point of bleeding. Didn&#39;t not even notice till the movie was over. A fidget spinner could really help me but I&#39;m turned off to. Buying one because of the stigma. </p></pre>Miniaq: <pre><p>Try a fidget cube. They&#39;re not as trendy and they won&#39;t attract as much attention from other people. You can get them for pretty cheap on Amazon. </p></pre>dedicated2fitness: <pre><p>...what stops you from buying a stress ball or one of the numerous fad tools available before fidget spinners?<br/> also imo if you&#39;re picking your fingers to the point of bleeding you need therapy not quick fixes. </p></pre>blueterminal: <pre><p>From a 30-something, fuck what they think. If I could fix my essential tremors with a &#34;toy,&#34; I would do it in a heartbeat. Just have more faith in yourself and if anyone gives you a hard time, then realize they&#39;ll understand later. I know it&#39;s not the right answer right now, but you&#39;ll thank yourself later.</p></pre>Thatretroaussie: <pre><p>Except it&#39;s not a 2000&#39;s fad, it&#39;s a 2010 fad.</p></pre>climaterefugee: <pre><p>When are slap bracelets coming back?</p></pre>Zombywoolf: <pre><p>Whereever they sell bottled water and disco bikkies.</p></pre>tchrbrian: <pre><p>The Saturday Night Fever floor is up for sale again. </p></pre>ItzComicArmy: <pre><p>2010s*</p></pre>ReconX10: <pre><p>I think you meant to post this in <a href="/r/nosleep">r/nosleep</a></p></pre>Fahrowshus: <pre><p>Am I the only 90&#39;s kid that remembers The Red Green Show and Red Dwarf?</p></pre>CharmedL1fe: <pre><p>If you remember this, then you had an AWESOME childhood!!!!</p></pre>UnknownNames: <pre><p>2010s*</p></pre>fuckwatergivemewine: <pre><p>I thought the only place for the fidget spinner was that gif of a playful dog on <a href="/r/aww">/r/aww</a> </p></pre>atomicboner: <pre><p>Won&#39;t it be 2010&#39;s though or maybe just 10&#39;s since it&#39;s 2017 right now. </p></pre>UntouchableC: <pre><p>Because of the internet, &#34;only <em>x</em> kids will remember&#34; will die out, because the internet never forgets.</p> <p>For example; really only 80s kids should remember <a href="" rel="nofollow">this</a> but we all do. Also only 90s kids should remember <a href="" rel="nofollow">this</a>...but nothing will distract us from that fact. Fidget Spinners have emojis now, so it will be no different. </p></pre>MrJDouble: <pre><p>Fuck fidget spinners! Pogs ftw! </p></pre>LokiinFL: <pre><p>F that. Garbage Pail Kids all the way.</p></pre>Iphotoshopincats: <pre><p>This trend is going to be sad for me when it ends, not because I am in love with spinners but because I have a cuz that has ADHD and after hearing that there original purpose was to help kids with ADD concentrate I went out and brought him one. </p> <p>The difference was immediate and apparent and really seems to help, but now its become a fad and as all fads will soon become old if he wants to continue to use one he is going to have to be one of &#39;those guys&#39; that are seen with outdated fads and he already has enough social issues to start with without being looked down on for using something that helps.</p></pre>TechWalker: <pre><p>Get him a fidget cube. They make mini ones, too. They didn&#39;t attract as much negative attention because they were overtaken by the fidget spinners.</p></pre>bigjxn: <pre><p>Wouldn&#39;t it be 10&#39;s kids, or 2010&#39;s kids. What are theses kids gonna go by?</p></pre>Kyocus: <pre><p>2010* ftfy</p></pre>RandysBack: <pre><p>I&#39;ve still never even seen one.. </p></pre>MonkeykingZX: <pre><p>I still don&#39;t really understand what they&#39;re for....</p></pre>AcidicOpulence: <pre><p>They are tool to extract money from kids and kids parents. </p></pre>ouroborostwist: <pre><p>I remember pogs.</p></pre>spoopycheezy: <pre><p>fidget spinners.... back in my day anything was a fidget toy. spinning pen tricks. throwing stuff and catching it. spinning/flipping coins. we couldve had fidget spinners in the 90s but noooo we were too busy with pogs and snes. good times.</p></pre>Silvalogs: <pre><p>Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck</p></pre>iwatchsportsball: <pre><p>Funniest thing...fidget spinners are from 1991 I think and never got popular because we had tech decks, yoyos, and rubicks cube. </p> <p>*edit And raves...we also had raves.</p></pre>jeroenemans: <pre><p>That&#39;s what they said about house music in 91</p></pre>IranianTerrorist4Luv: <pre><p>2010s*</p></pre>BeBeBoomBox: <pre><p>Kids?</p> <p>Most of the videos YouTube is trying to shove down my throat are grown ass men.</p></pre>Baconlightning: <pre><p>2000&#39;s kids are all teens or adults now though...</p></pre>Yung_RE3eL: <pre><p>Only 90&#39;s kids hate</p></pre>Kartall_OS: <pre><p>Only 10s kids will remember</p></pre>khant89: <pre><p>And like 90s kids, most of them will be a decade off</p></pre>DrManhattan4297: <pre><p>More accurately 2010s kids </p></pre>Lowkey_Logan: <pre><p>It&#39;s weird that I remember things in those only 90s kids remember but I was born in 2001. anybody else?</p></pre>pheidippideeznutz: <pre><p>I think it keeps getting stretched further so more people can feel included. I was born in &#39;96 and I feel like most of the &#39;90s&#39; things I remember aren&#39;t 90s things at all</p></pre>FoxFluffFur: <pre><p>Well to be fair, the beginning of each decade is a culmination of the last. </p></pre>Poonchichi: <pre><p>I love a lot of 90s stuff like Spongebob, Hey Arnold and all the Nickelodeon shows plus games like Spyro and Crash. I guess I just didn&#39;t really care for a lot of other things. Around 2005 or 2006 my parents&#39; got rid of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and that was when I lost interest in television and a lot of things just passed me by. Other things I did not care for. </p> <p>Ned&#39;s Declassified was a great show.</p></pre>I_Miss_Lex: <pre><p>when are yoyo&#39;s coming back?</p></pre>AcidicOpulence: <pre><p>They&#39;ve been back and forth for decades, their popularity goes up and down.</p></pre>azyunomi: <pre><p>In 20 years, part of &#34;what is this thing?&#34;</p></pre>enzyme69: <pre><p>Start designing fidget spinner 2010</p></pre>
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