When I was a child, I thought that mistaking fools gold for real gold would be a bigger problem than it actually is.

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<hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>SucculentGoatMeat: <pre><p>My childhood dreams of becoming a 19th century gold prospector also went unfulfilled.</p></pre>ChuckTestarossa: <pre><p>Me too, although I managed to nail the bedraggled appearance and social isolation.</p></pre>Gandalfs_wizbiz: <pre><p>Lol same.</p></pre>toferdelachris: <pre><p>me too thanks</p></pre>beagann: <pre><p><a href="/r/2meirl4meirl" rel="nofollow">r/2meirl4meirl</a></p></pre>uniqueguy263: <pre><p>And Reddit gold</p></pre>novemsexagintuple: <pre><p>I wouldn&#39;t be too sure about that, since you also seem to have found yourself some gold</p></pre>yellochoco44: <pre><p>The closest I got to that was getting dysentery.</p></pre>ratherscootthansmoke: <pre><p>Closet I&#39;ve been to dysentery is while playing Oregon Trail</p></pre>alexdoes: <pre><p>Closest I&#39;ve gotten to the Oregon trail was on my computer.</p></pre>Swanny_: <pre><p>I would never dream of dissing Terry.</p></pre>theraidparade: <pre><p>But there&#39;s gold in them thar hills, I tell ya! Goooold! Yehehehehe! </p></pre>TooShiftyForYou: <pre><p>Stinky Pete the prospector from Toy Story 2 killed off that dream for me.</p></pre>ace_dangerfield187: <pre><p>If you dream it, you can achieve it!!! My dreams of being an angry loner are moving along as planned</p></pre>Gandalfs_wizbiz: <pre><p>My dream is to die alone and unloved working out so far.</p></pre>ace_dangerfield187: <pre><p>stay the course, worse that can happen is if someone confesses their love while you&#39;re on your deathbed...</p></pre>FightingOreo: <pre><p>I plan to live forever. If I fail, I won&#39;t even care anymore.</p></pre>ace_dangerfield187: <pre><p>you can do it!!!! </p></pre>42ndstgod: <pre><p>honestly im addicted to buying gold and reselling it. </p> <p>i buy 1 gram bars all the time off ebay. i buy 2 per paycheck. </p> <p>it only costs like 100 bucks or so. and when i get to an ounce im gunna keep my eye on gold prices till it goes up 3 or 4 hundred bucks then cash out. </p></pre>willfordbrimly: <pre><p>Me too, consarnit.</p></pre>coolfusis: <pre><p>I actually did this as a teen. There&#39;s a camp in Nome, Alaska that you can go to and live in cabins on the tundra, prospecting for gold. It&#39;s fun if you&#39;re outdoorsy.</p> <p>It actually got me on the outdoor channel ages ago.</p></pre>Nyjets42347: <pre><p>Mine was just to inherit a plot of land and find it contained some highly valuable artifact, that if sell and be contrillionaire, spent way too much time planning what id do with that money</p></pre>Austin12321: <pre><p>My dad spray painted a piece of wood gold as a kid and placed it in the yard for me to stumble upon. Haven&#39;t been the same since. </p></pre>moak0: <pre><p>How could you tell? Did you bite it? You&#39;re supposed to bite it.</p></pre>Tequ: <pre><p>lmao</p></pre>Putinshighheels: <pre><p>For me, it was being tied to train tracks by a man with a handlebar mustache. </p></pre>ninjarapter4444: <pre><p>I thought that &#39;stop drop and roll&#39; would be much more crucial and frequently needed information than it turned out to be</p></pre>entreri22: <pre><p>Tell that to my raver friends. </p></pre>KommanderKrebs: <pre><p>Stop, drop, and roll describes my drug habits too.</p></pre>Domn94: <pre><p>Heard that the raves in Oakland get pretty hot </p></pre>WillTheGrimreaper: <pre><p>It is in battlefield 1</p></pre>Captain_Saftey: <pre><p>Yet every time I see someone on fire in a video they never seem to remember the first grade lessons</p></pre>Conorrr: <pre><p>I expected getting stuck in quick sand would be much more common than it is</p></pre>nzalog: <pre><p>I know a guy if you&#39;re into that sort of thing, he could use some new clients.</p></pre>shadowedges: <pre><p>Ladies and gents, in this exhibit, you will witness the birth of a new era of fetishes!!!!</p></pre>Andy_B_Goode: <pre><p>Honestly, getting tied up in general seemed like it would be a common problem in life, but it doesn&#39;t really happen to anyone as an adult.</p> <p>Unless you&#39;re into that, I guess.</p></pre>ceribus_peribus: <pre><p>And you know who that villain guy was in the old silent movies? A banker. Always some kind of evil banker. Script writers really knew their stuff back in the 20s. </p></pre>MercurysOverbite: <pre><p>Also, as a rock hound, I would be absolutely over the moon to find fools gold. </p></pre>SalvioMassCalzoney: <pre><p>I live near the Kennecott pit mine in Utah. Kids tour the place in elementary school and watch a video about how the mining company (Rio Tinto) is going to make the gaping hole into a pretty hillside once the mining is done. </p> <p>Well what if we wanted a mountain there assholes? </p> <p>Back to the point. </p> <p>They would let kids dig in a sand box full of iron pyrite to get em all excited because they pull tons of that shit out of the mine.</p></pre>crashdaddy: <pre><p>We used to find a lot of it living outside Mesa...at about the right age to fall for it, too!</p></pre>francis2559: <pre><p>Seriously? Used to find it all the time as a kid. Is it that rare?</p></pre>Lithobreaking: <pre><p>I&#39;ve never seen any. I live in Oregon, where are you?</p></pre>mewdejour: <pre><p>So-Cal here and I never found a lick. </p></pre>BigSloppySunshine: <pre><p>Just look for surface quartz. Bring a hammer and pan and smash it out. Look for gold in it. Pyrite is probably nearby too. </p></pre>AwkwardRainbow: <pre><p>How do you find surface quartz? IMO it looks all the same rocks and actual quartz a stones</p></pre>cypperino: <pre><p>Yeah 8 y/o California me would have exploded if I found natural pyrite. I also never understood why it was mistaken for gold having seen tons of real gold and pyrite at shows but I still thought it was really cool</p></pre>SheSaysSheWaslvl18: <pre><p>Probably because flecks of pyrite looks the same as gold in water.</p></pre>Who_GNU: <pre><p>I see it all the time, but I live in California&#39;s gold country. The stuff we have seems to be done kind of mica, so it flakes up and floats around in the water.</p></pre>Fosfate: <pre><p>I work on an oil rig and you wouldn&#39;t believe how much pyrite I see every day. Especially when doing geothermal wells, you get to see perfect cubes of the stuff which still blows my mind</p></pre>TheSmith777: <pre><p>Metaphorically speaking, I&#39;m sure you&#39;ve made that exact mistake many times. I know I have</p></pre>JesusFrick: <pre><p>That and quicksand. I thought that&#39;d be way more of an issue when I was a kid.</p></pre>SaraBinks: <pre><p>Just don&#39;t struggle - it&#39;ll make you sink faster.</p></pre>-gant: <pre><p>First you just reach in and grab your legs out, then you pull your arms out with your face.</p></pre>Type_DXL: <pre><p>I remember seeing a video how you just have to constantly be having your feet move around on the surface. Like very quick stepping.</p></pre>Alarid: <pre><p><em>struggles harder</em></p></pre>francis2559: <pre><p>IRL: just float. Quicksand can&#39;t be less dense than water alone, and you float in water.</p> <p>Mud is a bit different, because your struggling can work you underneath it, I imagine.</p></pre>Ddiaboloer: <pre><p>I don&#39;t think quicksand and water can be compared</p></pre>50-50: <pre><p>Sure it can.</p> <p>Quicksand can&#39;t be less dense than water alone, and you float in water.</p></pre>spungebawbswegpants: <pre><p>I don&#39;t think quicksand and water can be compared</p></pre>W1D0WM4K3R: <pre><p>Quicksand is denser, and I&#39;ve heard you just need to float</p></pre>MachoNacho007: <pre><p>Looks like regular sand, but then you&#39;re gonna start to sink into it.</p></pre>silentpat530: <pre><p>Take I-90, I-95 has some quick sand in the middle!</p></pre>shotpun: <pre><p>as someone who lives in connecticut, this is the truth. but instead of real quicksand it&#39;s an endless pit of nyc/connecticut/boston drivers (the 3 worst drivers there are) that just drags you down forever</p></pre>KWISAH: <pre><p>You mustn&#39;t have seen New Jersey drivers</p></pre>IM_MISTER_MEESEEKS: <pre><p>Says someone who clearly lives far away from Florida.</p></pre>Icky_Peter: <pre><p>I too have heard John Mulaney&#39;s stand up. </p></pre>KittyGray: <pre><p>I read this in his voice. Good job. </p></pre>shirtless_bacon: <pre><p>OP totally ripped this off John mulaney just changed it to fools gold. Actually I feel like I see more and more showerthoughts posts that are just straight from fairly famous stand up routines</p></pre>coneballs15: <pre><p>Your not gonna find yourself in quicksand anyway in you lifetime</p></pre>fortsackville: <pre><p>yes it only happens once in every 1000 years. it happened in the 90s, they actually captured footage, and used it in the lvee action jungle book</p></pre>Emjp4: <pre><p>I watched a lot of Scooby-Doo that gave me those feels, too.</p></pre>Pizza_Delivery_Dog: <pre><p>and carnivorous plants</p></pre>aechxavior: <pre><p>Me too thanks </p></pre>Kylearean: <pre><p>First, remove all of the fool&#39;s gold from your pockets, that&#39;s making you sink faster.</p></pre>warmpuppy404: <pre><p>I use to think volcanoes would appear spontaneously, and that the earth was just a ticking time bomb - everyone was in mortal danger, all the time…</p> <p>Edit: after reading the comments… welp, fuck.</p></pre>ARedditingPugmo: <pre><p>Yellowstone</p></pre>mewdejour: <pre><p>Mt St Helens</p></pre>RadioGuyRob: <pre><p>And my axe. </p></pre>danethegreat24: <pre><p>Read &#34;And my arse&#34;... totally different joke</p></pre>cypperino: <pre><p>According to the scientists that study and monitor Yellowstone it&#39;s not a real problem in the foreseeable future, but news outlets hyped it up for a story.</p></pre>SomecallmeMichelle: <pre><p>I mean, we have documented cases of volcanoes appearing spontaneously, well, I mean, like grow in a week or something, <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Par%C3%ADcutin" rel="nofollow">Obligatory Wikipedia Link</a></p> <p>It did take time to grow though.</p> <p>(I&#39;m assuming you mean spontaneously as in out of nowhere, not as in instantaneous).</p> <p>And, correct me if I&#39;m wrong, but magma does cover the entirety of earth (deep underground), so it can pop anywhere, 2012 style. I&#39;m assuming, not sure.</p> <p>Sweet dreams!</p></pre>crux-of-the-biscuit: <pre><p>The Earth is kind of a ticking time bomb. There are at least a couple &#34;super volcanoes&#34; that I know of, one of which is in Yellowstone Park. </p></pre>cameronlcowan: <pre><p>I live in Seattle, that is rather a reality here....</p></pre>1980srobot: <pre><p>Reminds me if putting rocks under my pillow as fake teeth to the trick the tooth fairy along with a note explaining why my teeth may look slightly like rocks but not to worry because they 100% are teeth.</p></pre>Wyatt1313: <pre><p>We&#39;re talking about a magical being that sneaks into your house at night. Takes shit from under your pillow all while you sleep. And your idea is to steal from them? Good luck.</p></pre>Taxonomyoftaxes: <pre><p>Some people just want to watch teeth decay</p></pre>FightingOreo: <pre><p>The problem with your reference is I feel like I could take the tooth fairy in a fight (unless it&#39;s a tooth fairy played by Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson). </p> <p>I could not possibly take Batman in a fight (especially if it&#39;s a Batman played by Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson).</p></pre>Frozen_Fire2478: <pre><p>Lmao cheeky cunt</p></pre>10gauge: <pre><p>I haven&#39;t been fooled one time yet. </p></pre>Rizenshine: <pre><p>That you know of...</p></pre>Zahkta: <pre><p>And you&#39;re rich, right?</p></pre>badRLplayer: <pre><p>Wasn&#39;t this posted just a little while ago?</p></pre>laodaron: <pre><p>Here at Showerthoughts, you just just think of a movie from when you were a kid, and extrapolate that plot to being &#34;far more of a problem than it really is&#34;</p> <pre><code>Disney&#39;s Blank Check Heavy Weights Camp Nowhere The Mighty Ducks I, II, and III Little Big League Rookie of the Year </code></pre> <p>All of these movies have plots that could be extrapolated here.</p> <p>Examples:</p> <p>When I was a kid, I thought that the possibility of getting a blank check handed to me by a mob boss would be a more frequent experience than it really is.</p> <p>When I was a kid, I thought that having mishaps and crazy plots at summer camp would be more regular than it really is.</p> <p>When I was a kid, I thought that kids ice hockey leagues would be more important than they really are.</p> <p>When I was a kid, I thought that the chances of being a part of a major league baseball team would be more likely than it really was.</p></pre>aaj213: <pre><p><a href="http://www.clickhole.com/article/awesome-disney-world-opening-brand-new-park-people-6037" rel="nofollow">Related</a></p></pre>KittyGray: <pre><p>I&#39;ve never been to summer camp before but, if I had, I would have been really disappointed if I didn&#39;t discover there&#39;s a little girl in a huge mansion that looks exactly like me to switch places with. </p></pre>FightingOreo: <pre><p>One Lindsay Lohan got a far better deal from that exchange than the other. If I was formerly-rich Lohan, I&#39;d be supremely pissed.</p></pre>SweetSweetGoose: <pre><p>So true! Why did we even obsess over that shit? Kept mine in a box that was buried in my closet, guarded by a three-headed dog on top of a trapdoor. </p></pre>The_Mighty_Memelord: <pre><p>Did he like music?</p></pre>Billionairez: <pre><p>My dad once told me when I was very young that I couldn&#39;t come to work with him because there was a lot of machines and it was dangerous. I immediately pictured an NES side scroller situation walking on conveyor belts, needing to jump over and duck under obstacles, jumping from platform to platform, probably some flying robots that you have to eliminate. It was a big disappointment later on to realize that working at a newspaper wasn&#39;t really all that dangerous or exciting.</p></pre>Kangar: <pre><p>This is true unless you&#39;re prospecting for gold.</p></pre>IHaveNowhereElseToGo: <pre><p>I use to collect rocks (sometimes dirt clogs) as a child and bring them to my science teacher convinced they were meteorites.</p></pre>rainyman94: <pre><p>HAHAH, I can just imagine your teacher being like &#34;Oh fuck, not again Johnny.&#34;</p></pre>IM_MISTER_MEESEEKS: <pre><p>Your science teacher was just dickering over semantics. Every rock on Earth came from space in one form or another. Some got here so early that people think they were born here but no, they all came from space, every grain and fleck.</p></pre>FergusKahn: <pre><p>When I was a child, I never thought that mistaking a re-post for a real post would be as big a problem as it actually is. </p></pre>WideEyedWand3rer: <pre><p>Haha, I know how you feel. In an unrelated note, I&#39;ve got these beautiful gold nuggets I&#39;m trying to sell for a competitive price, would you perhaps be interested?</p></pre>qvantamon: <pre><p>Well, just bite the coins!</p></pre>SuprSaiyanTurry: <pre><p>For me, like the old meme says; I thought I&#39;d be at risk for being on fire a lot more.</p></pre>zirus1701: <pre><p>I found some when I was a kid :( </p> <p>I dug some up in my sand box, which really wasn&#39;t a &#34;sand box&#34; as much as a spot in the yard my dad let me dig. Thought I struck it rich. Showed my mom, and that&#39;s when I learned about &#34;Fool&#39;s Gold&#34;. Life has never been the same since. </p></pre>iAesc: <pre><p>Did your mum take the fool&#39;s gold away from you, to dispose of it properly? Did she then suddenly seem to own many more expensive things than previously?</p></pre>Liamonreddit12: <pre><p>This reminds me of a bit from John Mulaney, where he talks about how quicksand has been a much smaller problem than he expected as a kid.</p></pre>shirtless_bacon: <pre><p>What a coincidence.........</p></pre>DangerMacAwesome: <pre><p>And it&#39;s frankly surprising how little I&#39;ve had to stop, drop and roll</p></pre>AegonTheBest: <pre><p>Same with quicksand! haha</p></pre>daggers4: <pre><p>I thought the same thing about quicksand</p></pre>Burb1409: <pre><p>LPT : Copy a good showerthought but wait two weeks to repost it. Enjoy.</p></pre>AcesAgainstKings: <pre><p>I haven&#39;t seen that shower thought anyway. I was listening to fools gold - stone roses ealrlier and it occurred to me. I don&#39;t actually frequent this sub that often.</p></pre>Xuliman: <pre><p>As long as you bite it to check you&#39;ll be fine. </p></pre>jeremyRockit: <pre><p>Turns out, I&#39;m FAR too poor for it to ever matter. </p></pre>Camster9000: <pre><p><a href="https://youtu.be/m1I0rBwx4Aw" rel="nofollow">https://youtu.be/m1I0rBwx4Aw</a></p></pre>clintmemo: <pre><p>As a literal, yes.</p> <p>As a metaphor, no.</p></pre>nerf_herd: <pre><p>it is a metaphor. </p></pre>assblaster69ontime: <pre><p>and the funny thing is if finding both even was a common occurence, foolds gold looks nothing like real gold.</p> <p><a href="http://www.analyticalsci.com/uploads/6/4/4/6/64467329/s270904456481439361_p415_i1_w885.jpeg" rel="nofollow">http://www.analyticalsci.com/uploads/6/4/4/6/64467329/s270904456481439361_p415_i1_w885.jpeg</a></p> <p><a href="https://pristineauction.s3.amazonaws.com/21/216957/main_3-Natural-Gold-Ore-Gold-Nugget-Specimen-904-Grams-PristineAuction.com.jpg" rel="nofollow">https://pristineauction.s3.amazonaws.com/21/216957/main_3-Natural-Gold-Ore-Gold-Nugget-Specimen-904-Grams-PristineAuction.com.jpg</a></p></pre>laodaron: <pre><p>Except they&#39;re both gold...the defining characteristic of each item.</p></pre>assblaster69ontime: <pre><p>But that&#39;s why its called fools gold only a fool couldnt tell the difference</p></pre>cbessette: <pre><p>I pity the fool! </p></pre>PalebloodSky: <pre><p>Except kids back couldn&#39;t do a simple google search to see that.</p></pre>Denkiri_the_Catalyst: <pre><p>For All you know, it is...</p></pre>Icarusthegypsy: <pre><p>You and me both. </p></pre>PalebloodSky: <pre><p>A cataclysmic world ending meteorite can collide with the planet at any time.</p></pre>davehaslanded: <pre><p>I&#39;ve found the situation translates well to finding a good women. I&#39;ve been left with fools gold a couple of times. </p></pre>N_buck: <pre><p>The media tricked us! I figured all high school fights started with a guy snapping his fingers, and his gang would come from around the corner. Kinda sad I never go to see this in real life...</p></pre>PrettyPettyThief: <pre><p>The Stone Roses and Spandau Ballet sound completely different, I don&#39;t see a problem?</p></pre>Muirlimgan: <pre><p>I thought quicksand would be a huge issue later in life tbh. And sharks </p></pre>Norski_MT: <pre><p>My buddy and I were bear hunting in the rocky mountains when we crossed a back country creek. While we were crossing we noticed the banks of the creek sparkled in the sunlight. We marked the area on the GPS, went back to town, bought gold panning equipment, and spent several hours watching YouTube videos on how to pan for gold.</p> <p>After a $40 investment, we hiked back into the creek and tried our hand at panning.</p> <p>It was fool&#39;s gold.</p> <p>Moral of the story: this is a real problem.</p></pre>TheAnonymous227: <pre><p>How about some reddit gold though</p></pre>bupereira: <pre><p>If it happens once in your lifetime, you&#39;re probably fucked.</p></pre>Praxibetel_Ix: <pre><p>I just went gold panning for the first time last week... let me tell you fools gold is convincing and frustrating.</p></pre>redsthename: <pre><p>Couldn&#39;t even wait a month to repost?</p></pre>happy_guy23: <pre><p>When I was a kid I had a piece of fool&#39;s gold. I took it to school one day, put it in the playing field on lunchtime and waited for someone to find it and think it was gold so I could jump out and shout &#34;No you fool! It&#39;s just fool&#39;s gold, haha you&#39;re such a fool!&#34;</p> <p>Unfortunately, a kid a few years older than me picked it up and pocketed it without making a fuss or shouting his excitement at finding gold, didn&#39;t believe it was mine when I confronted him, wouldn&#39;t give it back, and punched me in the stomach for trying to steal his gold.</p> <p>Guess I was the fool all along</p></pre>AxTheAxMan: <pre><p>I was so scared I would grow up and be a fool.</p></pre>Maxicorne: <pre><p>As a geologist in gold exploration, I&#39;d say the exact opposite. </p></pre>JellybeanEyes: <pre><p>Me too!!!</p></pre>mycorevolution: <pre><p>A friend of mine is into prospecting. Lots of hard work but he has a nice collection. </p> <p><a href="https://i.imgur.com/DDOG28P.jpg" rel="nofollow">Here</a> is a sample of what he finds. </p></pre>General_Urist: <pre><p>Because in the modern world, we no longer make out living by digging rocks from the ground with shovels.</p></pre>ImOnlyHereForKarma: <pre><p>As with the floor being lava ... However recently this childhood fear has become more relevant </p></pre>Adnan_Targaryen: <pre><p>I hate gold. </p></pre>Oznog99: <pre><p>It&#39;s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets errywhur</p></pre>captaincupcake234: <pre><p>Better to be pyrite than pywrong! </p> <p>Sincerely,</p> <p>A geologist.</p></pre>averagejoegreen: <pre><p>The fuck it&#39;s fools gold?</p></pre>nondece: <pre><p>Pyrite. One way to tell is if it leaves a black mark on white material, it&#39;s not real gold. </p></pre>averagejoegreen: <pre><p>I&#39;m a little lost, why is there a term for pyrite related to gold </p></pre>gangleeoso: <pre><p>Cause it looks like this: <a href="https://taxfreegold.co.uk/images/foolsgold400.jpg" rel="nofollow">https://taxfreegold.co.uk/images/foolsgold400.jpg</a> </p> <p>In other words people that don&#39;t know a lot about gold could easily mistake it for gold. </p></pre>nondece: <pre><p>Pyrite is sometimes called fool&#39;s gold.</p></pre>AthleticsSharts: <pre><p>Or if it looks like iron pyrite. It&#39;s pretty distinctive. </p></pre>
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