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Jupyter 笔记本的 Go 内核 gophernotes

### gophernotes - Go in Notebooks gophernotes is a Go kernel for Jupyter notebooks. Finally, we can have a reliable and maintained way to use Go interactively and code in the browser. Use gophernotes to create and share documents that contain live Go code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. These notebooks, with the live Go code, can...阅读全文

Centos 6.7安装docker-engine-1.7.1-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

在安装完成后执行 service docker start 任然没有启动,查看错误日志发现如下错误 cat /var/log/docker time="2019-03-20T06:48:53.939998118Z" level=warning msg="You are running linux kernel version 2.6.32-573.26.1.el6.x86_64, which might be unstable running docker. Please upgrade your kernel to 3.10.0." time="2019-03-20T06:48:53.960733120Z" level=info msg="Listening for HTTP on uni...阅读全文

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Wikipedia上微内核(Microkernel)的定义In computer science, a microkernel (also known as μ-kernel) is the near-minimum amount of software that can provide the mechanisms needed to implement an operating system (OS). These mechanisms include low-level address space management, thread management, and inter-process communication (IPC). If the hardware provides ...阅读全文

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性能提升40%: 腾讯 TKE 用 eBPF 绕过 conntrack 优化 K8s Service

Kubernetes Service 用于实现集群中业务之间的互相调用和负载均衡,目前社区的实现主要有userspace,iptables和IPVS三种模式。IPVS模式的性能最好,但依然有优化的空间。该模式利用IPVS内核模块实现DNAT,利用nf_conntrack/iptables实现SNAT。nf_conntrack是为通用目的设计的,其内部的状态和流程都比较复杂,带来很大的性能损耗。 腾讯云 TKE 团队 开发了新的IPVS-BPF模式,完全绕过nf_conntrack的处理逻辑,使用eBPF完成SNAT功能。对最常用的POD访问ClusterIP场景,短连接性能提升40%,p99时延降低31%;NodePort场景提升更多。详情见下表和性能测量章节。 一、容器网络现状 iptab...阅读全文

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