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使用 Go 构建一个解释型语言

I’m currently working on a larger project of mine, Alloy. Alloy is a compiled programming language. One of my favourite hobbies currently in the field of computers and programming is programming languages. In fact, I think every programmer should have a basic understanding of how programming languages work, and that’s why I’m writing this series. T...阅读全文

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使用 Go 语言来提升 Ruby 应用的性能

In the last few years, Go has gained quite some traction. While it remains highly different from Ruby, its advantages such as the cheap and easy concurrency made some of us look for ways to use it in our current stack. In this article, I will look at the reasons that can lead you to using Go inside your existing Ruby applications. Then will dive in...阅读全文

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Go 语言的手工内存管理

Intro Note: This post might rustle some feathers and please let me know if I get something horribly wrong - I don’t profess to be an expert at this. We collect performance statistics from a lot of go users by nature of what we do at deferpanic. Unlike other APM/error logging companies, our main focus is not telling you that there is a problem but w...阅读全文

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[翻译]Go 的调度器

[[翻译]Go 的调度器][1] Go 1.1 重要特性之一就是由 Dmitry Vyukov 贡献的新调度器。无需对程序进行任何调整,新的调度器就可以为 Go 程序带来令人兴奋的性能提升。因此我觉得有必要就此写点什么。 在本博文所述的大多数内容都已经在原始的设计文档中有所介绍。那是一篇相当全面的文档,同时也相当专业。 你想要了解的关于新的调度器的一切都能在那篇文档里找到,而这篇博文描绘了整体情况,所以优略得所。 [1]: http://www.mikespook.com/2013/07/%E7%BF%BB%E8%AF%91go-%E7%9A%84%E8%B0%83%E5%BA%A6%E5%99%A8...阅读全文

Go GC:Go 1.5 将会解决延迟问题 【未翻译】

Richard L. Hudson (Rick) is best known for his work in memory management including the invention of the Train, Sapphire, and Mississippi Delta algorithms as well as GC stack maps which enabled garbage collection in statically typed languages like Java, C#, and Go. He has published papers on language runtimes, memory management, concurrency, synchro...阅读全文


UTRAN (Ubuntu Translator) 是一个开源的,用GO语言编写的,简单实用的,翻译小助手。 由于工作原因,作者经常需要在Linux下阅读英文文档,查看英文网页,不认识的单词或短语成为我理解文意最大的障碍,甚至有这这样的情况,句子中的每个单词明明都认识,却也无法理解其意思。我希望能找到一个工具,帮我解决查词、查短语、翻译语句的难题。 我希望UTRAN有以下功能: 1、能查词、查短语、翻译语句。 2、支持发音。 3、支持鼠标取词。 4、支持列句。 5、可以快速响应。 6、安装配置简单。 7、在没有网络的时候正常工作。 8、简洁的界面,清晰易读的结果展示,让人一目了然。 9、简单...阅读全文

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直接不翻译了 The Go compilation environment can be customized by environment variables. None is required by the build, but you may wish to set some to override the defaults. $GOROOT The root of the Go tree, often $HOME/go. Its value is built into the tree when it is compiled, and defaults to the parent of the directory where all.bash was run. There is no...阅读全文

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`fy`是一个命令行下的翻译工具。 ![](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xwjdsh/fy/master/screenshot/fy.gif) ## 安装 ### Homebrew ``` brew tap xwjdsh/tap brew install xwjdsh/tap/fy ``` ### Go ``` go get -u github.com/xwjdsh/fy/cmd/fy ``` ### Docker ``` alias fy='docker run -t --rm wendellsun/fy' ``` ### Manual 从 [releases](https://github.com/xwjdsh...阅读全文

从 Java 到 Go,再到 Java 【未翻译】

Introduction: fitness landscapes, Cassandra, and making things worse In Lisp, you don’t just write your program down toward the language, you also build the language up toward your program. As you’re writing a program you may think “I wish Lisp had such-and-such an operator.” So you go and write it. Afterward you realize that using the new operator...阅读全文

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