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## FEATURED [Go 1.5 Released: The Sixth Major Stable Release](https://blog.golang.org/go1.5) 1.5 makes some key steps forward with the compiler tool chain now entirely written in Go (no C remains), a completely redesigned GC, new ports (including ARM64), and dev tool improvements. The release notes feature a full writeup. [Packet Capture, Injection, and Analysis with Gopacket](http://devdungeon.com/content/packet-capture-injection-and-analysis-gopacket) The gopacket package provides a Go wrapper for libpcap which lets you capture network traffic live, analyse packets, and even send raw bytes via a network device. [Go 1.6 Garbage Collection Improvements](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kBx98ulj5V5M9Zdeamy7v6ofZXX3yPziAf0V27A64Mo/edit) 1.5 features a rewritten GC, but.. “for 1.6, our primary goal with the garbage collector is polish.” [What Editors / IDEs Are You Using with Go?](https://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/3hfq8i/what_editors_ides_are_you_using_while_programming/) vim (with vim-go) and Sublime Text seem to be the most popular options here. [main.main on Android](https://medium.com/@rakyll/main-main-on-android-9dc2f7b2f81e) A quick look at how the main function in a Go app is invoked on Android. ## IN BRIEF [Google's In-House Programming Language Now Runs on Phones](http://www.wired.com/2015/08/googles-house-programming-language-now-runs-phones/) [Don't Get Bitten by Pointer vs Non-Pointer Method Receivers](http://nathanleclaire.com/blog/2014/08/09/dont-get-bitten-by-pointer-vs-non-pointer-method-receivers-in-golang/) [Keysort: The Schwartzian Transform in Go](http://danverbraganza.com/writings/keysort-schwartzian-transform-go) [Conditional Compilation in Go](http://blog.ralch.com/tutorial/golang-conditional-compilation/) “When developing Go package or application that depends on specific features of the underlying platform or architecture it is often necessary to use a specialised implementation.” [Generate RESTful API Documentation From Annotations in Go code](https://engineroom.teamwork.com/generate-api-from-annotations-in-go/) [Billions of Requests Per Day, Meet Go 1.5](https://medium.com/@robin.verlangen/billions-of-request-per-day-meet-go-1-5-362bfefa0911) “Our 95 percentile garbage collection [time] went down by 96%.” [Graph Showing "Amazing GC pause time improvements in Go 1.5"](https://twitter.com/brianhatfield/status/634166123605331968) [go-buildall: A Tool Which Builds Go Packages for Every OS and Architecture](https://github.com/wwalexander/go-buildall) [LevelDB: The LevelDB Key-value Database in Go](https://github.com/golang/leveldb) Not yet ready for production. [messagediff: A Library for Doing Diffs of Arbitrary Structs](https://github.com/d4l3k/messagediff) [gotty: Share Your Terminal/CLI Tools As A Web Application](https://github.com/yudai/gotty) [multicache: Caching Library That Supports Multiple Keys and Various Replacement Algorithms](https://github.com/josephlewis42/multicache)


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