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FEATURED [Stupid Gopher Tricks](http://talks.golang.org/2015/tricks.slide) The intro slide says it all: “This talk is about things you might not know about Go. Some of this stuff you can add to your Go vocabulary. Other things are probably best left for special occasions.” [Profiling and Optimizing in Go](https://github.com/bradfitz/talk-yapc-asia-2015/blob/master/talk.md) Extensive notes and code from a talk given by Brad Fitzpatrick at YAPC::Asia. [Roger: A Library to Access 'R' from Go](http://www.senseye.io/announcing-roger-a-library-providing-simple-access-to-r-from-go/) Roger is a Go-based RServe client which allows R code to be integrated with Go apps. If you’re not familiar with R, it’s very popular in the graphical statistics field. [Calling Go Shared Libraries From Firefox Addons](http://id-rsa.pub/post/go15-calling-go-shared-libs-from-firefox-addon/) Go 1.5 can build shared libraries that can be called using the C ABI. This looks at how you can call such Go-built libraries from Firefox. [Build Native Libraries in Go to Use From Ruby with FFI](http://c7.se/go-and-ruby-ffi/) Go 1.5 can produce shared libraries that can be used directly from Ruby using FFI. This gives Rubyists another language with which to build native libraries. [Dkron: A Distributed, Fault Tolerant Job Scheduling System](http://dkron.io/) A service that runs scheduled jobs at given intervals or times, a la cron but can be distributed across a cluster. Open source and written in Go. ## IN BRIEF [The New Go 1.5 Vendor Handling](http://engineeredweb.com/blog/2015/go-1.5-vendor-handling/) [Unexpected String to Byte Casting Behavior Found in 1.5](https://github.com/golang/go/issues/12226) [Publish Your Go Binaries on GitHub with CircleCI](https://medium.com/@jgautheron/publish-your-golang-binaries-in-github-with-circleci-e0b64cb21bf8) [Cross Compilation with Go 1.5](http://dave.cheney.net/2015/08/22/cross-compilation-with-go-1-5) Some pointers on cross compiling with Go 1.5. [Working with Files in Go](http://devdungeon.com/content/working-files-go) [The Business Benefits of Building Your Next Project With Go](https://medium.com/@shift8creative/the-business-benefits-of-building-your-next-project-with-go-ebed4bbc3ed7) [gopy: Generate CPython Extension Modules From A Go Package](https://github.com/go-python/gopy) [gb 0.1.0 Released: The Alternative Build Tool for Go](http://getgb.io/news/gb-version-0.1.0-released/) “The headline feature of the 0.1 series is support for cross compilation.” [Sublime Text 3 for Go Docker Container](https://github.com/jgautheron/dockerfiles/tree/master/sublime-text-go) Get started quickly with this Docker container of Sublime Text 3 prepared for Go development. [Cloud-Scale Performance Monitoring Made Easy](http://dtdg.co/1UaT3Wa) Submit custom metrics from your Go applications using the ExpVars library. Begin your Datadog trial today. [MailSlurper 1.6 Released: SMTP Mail Server for Local/App Dev Use](http://mailslurper.com/) [gomr: MapReduce in Go using etcd and S3](https://github.com/turbobytes/gomr) etcd is a distributed consistent key-value store for shared configuration and service discovery. [bongo: Elegant Static Site Generation with Go](https://github.com/gernest/bongo) [Go Starter Kit: Isomorphic React App Boilerplate](https://github.com/olebedev/go-starter-kit) A quick starter kit for building single page apps with React and a Go-based server side API and rendering.


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