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## FEATURED [Six Years of Go](http://blog.golang.org/6years?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Just 6 years ago this week, Go was released as an open source project. Andrew Gerrand briefly reflects on the progress Go has made in this time. [testing/quick: Go's Little-Known Blackbox Test Harness](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7EzIJZljhY&utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) A tidy 40 minute Google Tech Talk overview of testing/quick, a handy package for doing blackbox testing in Go. If you’d rather read than watch, the speaker has a blog post too. [My Go IDE in a Container](https://medium.com/google-cloud/my-ide-in-a-container-49d4f177de?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Ray was getting his vim-based Go development setup going but was concerned of the effort involved if he had to redo it from scratch, so he built it as a Docker container instead. [http2 in Go 1.6](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1TXVAtW7zzmmCZ8e1mL2y5e8OUudma1BtZlDbNqRxWIE/view?pli=1&utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email#slide=id.g9c758ab0f_0_0) The slidedeck of Brad Fitzpatrick’s dotGo talk about Go 1.6’s native support for HTTP/2. Video likely to be available soon if you’d rather wait. [Which Language Has The Brighest Future in Replacing C: D, Go, or Rust?](https://www.quora.com/Which-language-has-the-brightest-future-in-replacement-of-C-between-D-Go-and-Rust-And-Why/answer/Andrei-Alexandrescu?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Andrei Alexandrescu, co-creator of the D language, gave some good insights here. Spoiler: he’s not a huge Go fan. [Gauge: A Cross-Platform Test Automation Tool](http://getgauge.io/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) A solid looking project from ThoughtWorks. Curiously. while it’s entirely written in Go itself, it only supports Java, Ruby and C# for the underlying test code. [shortuuid: A Generator of Short, Unambiguous URL-Safe UUIDs](https://github.com/renstrom/shortuuid?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Based on and compatible with the Python library of the same name. Example: shortuuid.UUID() may return "ajLWxEodc6CmQLHADuKVwD" ## IN BRIEF [Go Generate Your Database Code](http://willowtreeapps.com/blog/go-generate-your-database-code/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Use go:generate to quickly build domain methods on top of sqlx. [Turning GoLang Code into an npm Module with GopherJS](https://github.com/mdp/bluemonday-js/blob/master/README.md?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email#turning-golang-code-into-an-npm-module-with-gopherjs) [Doing Image Analysis in Golang](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_miFP9N-w0&utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Go's Error Handling is Elegant](http://davidnix.io/post/error-handling-in-go/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Tools for Working with Go Code](https://speakerdeck.com/farslan/tools-for-working-with-go-code?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [golongpoll: An HTTP Long-Polling Library That Makes Web Pub-Sub Easy](https://github.com/jcuga/golongpoll?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [noti: Display A Notification After A Terminal Process Finishes on OS X](https://github.com/variadico/noti?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Xig: A Globally Unique ID Generator](https://github.com/rs/xid?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) It uses Mongo’s object ID algorithm. [minio-go: Go Library for Amazon S3-Compatible Cloud Storage](https://github.com/minio/minio-go?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Evo: A Framework for Evolutionary Algorithms in Go](https://github.com/cbarrick/evo?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [features: Handy Tool to Deal with Feature Toggling in Go](https://github.com/albertoleal/features?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [goxpath: An XPath implementation in Go](https://github.com/ChrisTrenkamp/goxpath?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Still at an early stage though.


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