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## FEATURED [Go Exposed: How Remote Import Paths Work](http://engineeredweb.com/blog/2016/go-exposed-remote-import-paths/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) How do the naming conventions tell Go how to get packages from the right remote locations and with the right protocols? [HTTP/2 and http2 in Go 1.6](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FARQMJndUn0&utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) A 25 minute talk from core team member Brad Fitzpatrick on the background and motivation for HTTP/2, the new version of HTTP, and how it’s supported in Go. [quicktemplate: A Fast, Easy-to-Use Template Engine](https://github.com/valyala/quicktemplate?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Optimized for speed with zero memory allocations in hot paths. Up to 20x better performance than html/template is claimed. [Calling Go Code from iOS Apps](https://goroutines.com/ios?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) `gomobile` lets you compile your Go code so that you can call it from an iOS app meaning you could share code between front and back end. [Advanced Testing with Go (slidedeck)](https://speakerdeck.com/mitchellh/advanced-testing-with-go?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Slides from a talk about testing practices picked up by the developer of Vagrant over years of Go use. [45% off Go Books at Manning](https://www.manning.com/books/go-in-action?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Just saw Brian Ketelsen mention this on Twitter. Use code go031716lt before March 24 on books like Go in Action, Go in Practice and Learn Go? ## IN BRIEF [Cambridge (UK) Gophers Meetup, Next Week (Weds, Mar 23)](http://www.meetup.com/Cambridge-Gophers/events/229338006/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [vim-go 1.5 Released: Go Development Plugin for Vim](https://github.com/fatih/vim-go/releases/tag/v1.5?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Includes an all-new way of moving around and navigating called motion. [Treating Go Types as Objects in Vim](https://medium.com/@farslan/treating-go-types-as-objects-in-vim-ed6b3fad9287?utm_source=golangweekly&utm_medium=email) A practical look at vim-go’s new motion functionality. [Building Web Services in Go](https://www.outlearn.com/learn/matryer/building-web-services-in-go?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) How to build a JSON API, decode and validate the inputs, write your own middleware, and more. [Replacing NAT with a Transparent SOCKS Proxy in Go](http://ymmt2005.hatenablog.com/entry/2016/03/13/Transparent_SOCKS_proxy_in_Go_to_replace_NAT?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [A Guide to Interfaces in Go](https://medium.com/@gianbiondi/interfaces-in-go-59c3dc9c2d98?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Unit Testing TCP Connections with Go](https://adampresley.com/2016/03/17/unit-testing-tcp-connections/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Go Debugging, Profiling and Optimization](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxDZuPEgbBU&utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) From YAPC::Asia Tokyo last year. [Rookie Go Mistakes We Made at Teamwork And How We Learned From Them](http://engineroom.teamwork.com/go-learn/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [18 Quick Go Best Practices](http://www.infoq.com/news/2016/03/go-patterns?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [The 3 Go 'Landmines'](https://gist.github.com/lavalamp/4bd23295a9f32706a48f?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) A tour of 3 easily made mistakes when using Go. [gotests: A Tool for Generating Table Driven Tests](https://github.com/cweill/gotests?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [gometalinter-linter: A Go Linter Package for the Atom Editor](https://atom.io/packages/gometalinter-linter?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [paradise_ftp: A Production Ready Native Go FTP Server](https://github.com/andrewarrow/paradise_ftp?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Iris: A Minimal Go Webapp Framework](https://github.com/kataras/iris?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [svg: An SVG Parsing Library](https://github.com/rustyoz/svg?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) No docs yet so YMMV. [Tile38: Geolocation Data Store, Spatial Index, and Realtime Geofence](https://github.com/tidwall/tile38?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) It supports a variety of object types including lat/lon points, bounding boxes, XYZ tiles, Geohashes, and GeoJSON. [APNS/2: HTTP/2 Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) Push from Go](https://github.com/sideshow/apns2?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Send push notifications to iOS, tvOS, and OS X apps, using the APNs HTTP/2 protocol.


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