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## FEATURED [Periph: A Library for I/O with Peripherals and Boards](https://periph.io/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) A standalone library with no external dependencies for interfacing using GPIO, I2C, SPI, or 1-Wire. Think of it as a ‘lower level layer than Gobot’. [The Go-SCP Book: A Secure Coding Practices Guide for Go](http://studygolang.com/book/45) A Go-focused secure code practices guide inspired by the work of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). It’s available in PDF, Mobi or ePub formats too. [Kallax: A New Typesafe Postgres ORM](https://blog.sourced.tech/post/kallax/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Kallax uses code generation for both type safety and performance. This post also digs into why they felt a new ORM was needed. [Getting Plugged In with Go Plugins](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmfC8-lN_AA&utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Google’s Ian Lewis on Go 1.8’s plugin support with use cases and some Q&A. (30 minutes) [Kasper: A Kafka Stream Processing Library](https://movio.co/blog/Kasper-process-library/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Kasper offers similar functionality to, and is inspired by, Apache Samza. GitHub repo here. [Is Go 2 Actually Happening? If So, When Will Development Start?](https://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/65rqi6/is_go_2_actually_happening_if_so_when_will/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) In short, not exactly, and not any time soon. [c2go: A Tool for Converting C to Go](https://github.com/elliotchance/c2go?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) It’s young, but the goal is to go 1.0 once it can compile SQLite3 successfully. ## IN BRIEF [One Dev's Workflow for Writing CLI Applications with Go](https://carlosbecker.com/posts/golang-cli-apps/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Webhooks Made Easy](https://medium.com/statuscode/webhooks-made-easy-3dbcb7a585e7?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) A small app that accepts a release webhook from GitHub and tweets about it. [Multi-Valued Expressions in Go](https://medium.com/golangspec/multi-valued-expressions-in-go-bd28ddfe1b39) Examples of returning multiple values, passing multi-value functions around, and single- vs multi-value versions of the same function. [Writing Postgres Triggers in Go](https://www.opsdash.com/blog/postgresql-triggers-golang.html?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Uses a Go shared library with C bindings to create an insert/update trigger. [Memory and Address Alignment in Go](http://www.tapirgames.com/blog/golang-memory-alignment?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Jaeger: Microservice Tracing, Profiling and Instrumentation from Uber](http://jaeger.readthedocs.io/en/latest/news/?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Offers client libraries in Go, Python, Java, and Node. [plgo: Tooling to Easily Create Postgres Extensions in Go](https://github.com/microo8/plgo?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [update-golang: A Script to Fetch and Install New Go Releases](https://github.com/udhos/update-golang?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [Rooby: A Ruby-like Object Oriented Language Written in Go](https://github.com/rooby-lang/rooby?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [flux: A Simple CQRS Framework for Go](https://github.com/yehohanan7/flux?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) [secureoperator: A DNS Protocol Proxy for Google's DNS-over-HTTPS](https://github.com/fardog/secureoperator?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) So you can respond to DNS requests locally but request records over HTTPS. [DungeonFS: A FUSE Filesystem and Dungeon Crawling Adventure Game Engine](https://github.com/ChrisRx/dungeonfs?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) A bit of fun. Lets you play a text adventure via the filesystem. [Jennifer: A Code Generator for Go](https://github.com/dave/jennifer?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email) Ideal for programmatic Go code generation from Go itself. [go-linq: .NET LINQ-Like Query Methods for Go](https://github.com/ahmetb/go-linq?utm_source=studygolang&utm_medium=email)


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