Golang 最新资料汇总(三)

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这是一个创建于 的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。

## FEATURED ## [Webseclab: Yahoo Open Sources a Security Testing Tool, Written in Go](https://github.com/yahoo/webseclab) [Amazon Web Services Gets with The Golang Program](https://gigaom.com/2015/01/30/aws-gets-with-the-golang-program/) More specifically, Amazon has taken over Stripe’s aws-go library. It’s great to see Go increasingly featured on mainstream tech news sites. [Monthly Go Challenge Starts 1st March 2015](https://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/2ua35m/monthly_go_challenge_starts_1st_march_2015/) [go-json-rest: A Quick and Easy Way to Setup A RESTful JSON API](https://github.com/ant0ine/go-json-rest) A thin layer on top of net/http that helps building RESTful JSON APIs. [The Gopher Gala 2015 Finalists](http://gophergala.com/blog/gopher/gala/2015/01/31/finalists/) [A Bug Bounty Program for the Go Ethereum Client](https://www.crowdcurity.com/ethereum) ## READING ## [Go and Rust: The Road Ahead for Two Young Programming Languages](http://www.infoworld.com/article/2877924/application-development/go-rust-road-ahead-young-programming-languages.html) [Channeling Failure](https://speakerdeck.com/mattheath/channeling-failure) A look at some common patterns from simple usage of channels to control and throttle concurrency to more complex patterns such as the CircuitBreaker which can be used to prevent cascading failures. [JSON, Interfaces, and go generate](http://talks.golang.org/2015/json.slide) Slides from a recent talk that look at various ways of deserializing JSON into a Go struct. [Context and Cancellation of Goroutines](http://dahernan.github.io/2015/02/04/context-and-cancellation-of-goroutines/) [Walking Trees Through Go's Concurrency](http://blog.tcardenas.me/walking-trees-through-go-concurrency/) [Introducing gocraft/dbr: Additions to database/sql for Faster Performance and Convenience](https://eng.uservoice.com/blog/2015/01/28/introducing-gocraft/dbr/) [Achieving Type Generic Functions in Go, without using Reflections](https://medium.com/@motemen/achieving-type-generic-functions-in-go-without-using-reflections-40bc06111970) ## CODE, LIBRARIES AND TOOLS ## [nitrogen: A Simple Dependency Manager for Go](https://github.com/lucachr/nitrogen) [Neo: A 'Blazing Fast' Go Web Framework](http://ivpusic.github.io/neo/) With a simple Sinatra-like API, it supports automatic reloading and recompilation. [crowbar: Tunnel TCP Over A Plain HTTP Session](https://github.com/q3k/crowbar) [iocontrol: Measure and Throttle The Rate At Which Data Is Transferred](https://github.com/q3k/crowbar) Offers io.Writer and io.Reader implementations that let you measure and throttle the data rate. [pgopher: A Static Binary to Run Postgres Commands](https://github.com/longnguyen11288/pgopher) Don’t want to have psql installed on a certain system? pgopher uses the pure Go Postgres driver to let you issue commands directly. [pt: A Path Tracer Written in Go](https://github.com/fogleman/pt) An intensive but beautiful way of rendering 3D scenes that have realistic lighting. [Bampf: A Simple 3D Arcade Style Game Built in Go](https://github.com/gazed/bampf) It’s also [on the Mac App Store](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bampf/id688787802?mt=12) and I’m encouraging the author to write up the process.


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