Golang 最新资料汇总(四)

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这是一个创建于 的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。

## FEATURED ## [Package Names](http://blog.golang.org/package-names) A look at the guidelines behind naming packages and other names in Go, including a look at the practices used in the standard library. [Go Kit: Go in The Modern Enterprise](http://peter.bourgon.org/go-kit/) A quick writeup of the ideas behind a talk given at FOSDEM, particularly on how Go can easily fit into a service-oriented world but what it needs to make it even better for modern enterprise use. [Operation Go: A Routine Mission - An Online Golang Game](http://gocode.io/) Essentially a series of ‘missions’ that you have to tweak a Go program to pass. Warning: Music autoplays. [AWS Elastic Beanstalk Now Supports Go](http://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2015/02/06/aws-elastic-beanstalk-supports-go/) Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk makes it easier to deploy, manage and scale apps and now includes Go 1.3 and 1.4 support. [Go Concurrency Is Not Parallelism: Real World Lessons with Monte Carlo Simulations](http://www.soroushjp.com/2015/02/07/go-concurrency-is-not-parallelism-real-world-lessons-with-monte-carlo-simulations/) ## READING ## [Go Patterns: Timers and Debouncers](https://www.new-bamboo.co.uk/blog/2015/02/10/go-patterns-timers-and-debouncers/) Patterns for dealing with delayed code execution in Go. [Notes About Building and Packaging a Go Executable for the Mac App Store](http://gazed.github.io/notesOnBuildScripts.html) [Mocking Command Line Flags and stdin in Go](http://thoughtsfromplac.es/mocking-command-line-flags-and-stdin-in-go/) [Loose Coupling in Go](http://blog.8thlight.com/javier-saldana/2015/02/06/loose-coupling-in-go-lang.html) A look at a couple of Go features that help in implementing loose coupling: interfaces and higher-order functions. [Build An IRC Bot in Go with RethinkDB Changefeeds](http://rethinkdb.com/blog/go-irc-bot/) [Building CLIs with Go (Part 1)](http://jen20.com/2015/01/31/clis-with-go-part-1.html) [Fault Tolerance in Go](http://thediscoblog.com/blog/2015/02/07/fault-tolerance-in-go/) ## CODE, LIBRARIES AND TOOLS ## [gosms: A Local SMS Gateway Built in Go](http://haxpax.github.io/gosms/) Interacts with GSM modems. [gawp: A Simple, Configurable, File Watching, Job Execution Tool Implemented in Go](https://github.com/martingallagher/gawp) [struc: Better Binary Packing for Go](https://github.com/lunixbochs/struc) Pack and unpack C-style structures from bytes as used in binary files and network protocols. [geo-golang: GeoService in Go](https://github.com/codingsince1985/geo-golang) A geocoding service developed in an idiomatically Go-style way. Works with Google Maps, MapQuest, OpenCage and HERE out of the box. [Lime Text Editor](http://limetext.org/) Editor primarily developed in Go that aims to be an open-source successor to Sublime Text with API compatibility. Very much a work in progress. [vim-go: Go Development Plugin for Vim](https://github.com/fatih/vim-go) [gopong: An HTML5 Pong Implementation in Go](https://github.com/dimiro1/gopong) Uses gopherjs to compile it down.


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